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Can Goats and Pigs live Together?- Comparisons

Can a Potbelly Pig Live with a Goat

Can a Potbelly Pig Live with a Goat. Potbellied pigs,  better known as potbelly pigs are creatures that have diverse dynamics as well as characteristics,  which differentiates them from other mammals. They prefer to live in the company of other animals,  so if you are thinking about keeping it as a pet,  forget about keeping it alone,  since it will need the companionship of other animals.

Can Goats and Pigs live Together? / Pigs And Goats

Tip – Potbelly pigs are known as prey animals as they are carnivores that feed on other animals,  while goats are herbivores.

The two of them can get along very well if trained well. But it is advisable to keep the two of them under adult supervision since pigs prefer the company of other pigs as compared to other animals. Some people also said that their goats turned out to be nasty pets when they were accompanied by potbelly pigs. Can Goats and Pigs live Together?

can pot belly pigs live with goats

Similarities Between PP’s And goats

  • Both have friendly nature
  • Both of them feed on fruits
  • Both of them like to live in the company of other animals.

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Dissimilarities Between Potbelly Pigs and Goats

Goats are herbivores while pigs may also feed on animals.

Goats like to live in clean places, preferably in greenery while pigs like to cover themselves up in the mud.

Goats are comparably friendlier as compared to PP’s

Can Goats and Pigs live Together?- Comparisons 1
pot belly goat / pot belly pig

History Of Potbelly Pigs

The history of the wild boar (Sus scrofa Linnaeus 1758) goes back millions of years. Fossils reveal that about 48 million years ago, omnivorous mammals inhabited the forests and swamps in which coal was formed. These fossils, known as Entelodontidae, are considered the most remote antecedents of the animal that we know today.

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Nature Of Pigs  

They have a reputation for being dirty, smelly, and not very refined, but it is not true. Smart, sociable, and clean – yes, that’s right! Pigs are incredible animals, capable of learning complex tasks and elaborately communicating with each other.

Know some surprising facts about them:

Pigs Are Our Longtime Partners

Potbellied pigs are one of the oldest species of farm animals. They were domesticated by man even before cows, about six thousand years ago. Currently, there are one billion pigs in the world (approximately) and they can be found on all the continents.

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Although most pigs are concentrated in the countryside, they win the hearts of many people in the cities, where they are raised as pets. Max, the pet pig of the heartthrob George Clooney, lived for 18 years with the actor in his Hollywood mansion.

Can Goats and Pigs live Together?- Comparisons 2
baby pot belly pig / pot belly piglets

Pigs Are Very Sociable

They can form bonds with people and other animals and show affection.

Tip – They like to live in a group and sleep together, sometimes touching their nose to other animal’s noses. Touching their nose with the other being is their preferred way of greeting.

Pigs Are Good On A Fork

Since they are omnivorous animals, pigs eat almost anything – even small reptiles! But that does not mean that they do not know how to relish tempting food. They eat slowly and enjoy the food. Their favorite foods are grass, roots, fruits, and seeds, but they can adapt to the diet according to food availability.

Potbelly Pigs or PP’s are very eloquent

They communicate with each other all the time. There are more than 20 types of sounds, used in different situations. And they know how to make themselves heard: the grunt of an adult pig can reach 115 decibels – almost as loud as a car horn. Piglets can recognize their mothers’ voices by calling them to dinner, and while they suckle, they sing to calm their babies.

Are Potbelly Pigs Clean Animals?

They never use the place where they eat and sleep as a toilet. This only happens when there is not enough space. Pigs also love to bathe in water,  but why do they cover themselves in the mud? Pigs use wet soil for another reason: as they cannot perspire, the mud helps them to cool off on the hottest days and works as a sunscreen for their delicate skins.

When you hear the expression “sweating like a pig”, bear in mind that this is impossible. The vocalization of domestic pigs is similar to that of wild boars, and it does not present itself as the only form of communication. Endowed with nine glands that secrete odorous substances, these animals use them to identify individuals from the same group.

As they do not have sweat glands, when the temperature is around 25ºC or more, they go to burrows dug in the ground, or in the mud, to reduce the sensation of heat.

Can Goats and Pigs live Together?- Comparisons 3
adult pot belly pig

Pigs Love To Have Fun With Other Animals

Tip – Like children, pigs also love to play ball, tag, run, and other games. They transform cardboard boxes and other objects they find along the way into toys. And potbellied pigs are known to enjoy the company of goats to have a fun time around.

Nature Of PP’s

Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals, they are known to share amicability and space with other animals,  such as goats,  sheep, etc. According to scientific studies, pigs are more intelligent than dogs or a 3-year-old child.

Potbelly Pigs As Food

Pig farmers raise pigs to sell their meat for consumption. The fat extracted from this meat is called lard. With pigs’ skin, leather is made, and their hard fur serves as brush bristles.

Where Do They Live?

Domestic pigs live on all continents except Antarctica. Various types of potbelly pigs are found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and some regions of the Americas. PP’s live in forests and open fields. China has the world’s largest population of domestic pigs, followed by the United States.

Can Goats and Pigs live Together?- Comparisons 4
Can a Potbelly Pig Live with a Goat

History Of Goats

The origin of the goats is lost in time, contributing to archeology, with the study of fossil animal skeletons, to find its ancestors dating back to the Quaternary period of the Cenozoic era, that is, about 3 million years ago.

General Information about Goats

They are herbivores and ruminants; and, in the majority of cases, both males and females have beards and horns.

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Goat Bleating

Studies show that goats have an accent. Some types of goats have developed unique screams in their social group, so it is possible to distinguish them from others.

Goat – Synonymous To Intelligibility

Goat is not only a sweet and gentle pet but also a smart and useful companion for the people living with it. Man domesticated goats for a long time, in the Middle East, about 9,000 years ago. Since then, mankind has had an excellent opportunity to use the furs and feathers of these animals, to drink their milk, from which you can make butter, cheese, and.

Many people do not even suspect that a goat is a very intelligent animal, has a good memory and an excellent understanding of what and how to do it, it can be well inspected. It is one of the sweetest animals,  to be tamed by man.

Playful Nature

Thought – We can say that goats are amicable animals,  who love to socialize with other animals,  such as potbelly pigs. they like to hop around with them and love to be accompanied by them. And on a variety of occasions,  is known to share food with other animals as well. So,  we can say,  just like potbelly pigs,  goats find the company of other beings.

Simplifying PP’s And Goat’s Relationship

Potbelly pigs are very generous, respectable, sympathetic, generous, and beings. For most of it, they are ready to sacrifice their time and interests for the sake of loved ones. Pigs are charismatic, positive, and able to enjoy life. They are open themselves to the world and try to see positive moments even in difficulties.
In the field of friendship, pigs often succeed others surpassing others in terms of their diligence, accuracy, and scrupulousness. If they get down to business, then they give their best,  while the goat, on the other hand,  is known as a symbol and cynosure of loyalty,  that it tenders to its partner,  whether it is a goat or an animal belonging to other species. Goats are still visionaries,  dreamy, romantic, sensitive, and emotional. They live in their fantasy world and feel quite comfortable in it. They like to communicate, with other beings,  and cannot live in solitary confinement.

Can Goats and Pigs live Together?- Comparisons 5
Can a Potbelly Pig Live with a Goat

Can Pigs a n d Goats Live Together

If you’re considering keeping pigs and goats together, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully to ensure a harmonious and safe environment for both animals. Here’s a table to help guide you:

Space Efficiency: If you have limited space, housing goats and pigs together can be an effective use of the area.Dietary Differences: Goats and pigs have different dietary needs, and sharing the same feed can be problematic. Pigs might overeat food intended for goats.
Companionship: Both pigs and goats are social animals and may enjoy the company of another species, reducing feelings of loneliness or boredom.Aggression and Dominance: Both animals can be territorial. Goats may head-butt pigs, and pigs may become aggressive, leading to possible injuries.
Resource Sharing: Shelter, water, and some aspects of care (like fencing) could potentially be shared, which can be cost-efficient.Disease Transmission: Goats and pigs are susceptible to different diseases and parasites that could easily be transferred if they are living in close quarters.
Mixed Grazing Benefits: Goats usually browse leaves, shrubs, and weeds, while pigs root around the ground. This can lead to a more uniformly grazed area.Different Shelter Needs: Pigs prefer to wallow in mud and might make the area too dirty for goats, who prefer cleaner living conditions.
Enrichment: Interaction between different species can stimulate curiosity and reduce stress for both pigs and goats.Complex Care Regimen: Different species have distinct requirements for care, vaccinations, and parasite control, making herd/flock management more complicated.

Remember, each individual animal has its own temperament, so there are no guarantees when housing different species together. Always consult with veterinarians or animal husbandry experts for tailored advice.

The Other Side

Conversely speaking,  potbelly pigs are known to gulp down baby goats,  if they don’t find something to eat. So,  we can say that this jovial nature of the goat can turn out to be a defensive one when it has to protect itself or its children. So, we have found out that these two animals share a complex,  yet strong bond when placed together.

Farm / Miniture Pig Table 13 Breeds

Breed of PigMature Weight LifespanFeed Per DayCost
Yorkshire450 - 650 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Red Tamworth (Bacon Pigs)500 - 600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Duroc500 - 600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Berkshire600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Hampshire500 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Saddleback600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Potbelly pigs150 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
American Mini70 - 150 lb15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
Mulefoot - Mini60 - 110 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
Ossabaw Island Hog100 - 150 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
American Guinea Hog150 - 300 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
KuneKune Breed140 - 220 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
Meishan Breed150 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000

World Pig Breeder Associations

Pig AssociationLocationLink
National Swine RegistryUnited StatesNSR
American BerkshireIllinoisAB
Livestock ConservancyNorth CarolinaLC
American Mini Pig AssociationUnited StatesAMPA
Southern California Association of Pot Bellied PigsCaliforniaSCAPBP
British Pig AssociationUKBPA
National Pig AssociationUKNPA
Canadian Swine Breeders AssociationsCanadaCSBA
Australian Pig Breeders AssociationsAustraliaAPBA

Goat Breeder Associations

Goat AssociationLocationLink
American Goat Breeders AssociationUnited StatesAGF
English Goat Breeders AssociationUKEGBA
Canadian Meat Goat AssociationCanadaCMG
Minature Goat Breeders AssociationAustraliaMGBA
Boer GoatsSouth AfricaBGSA
American Boer Goat AssociationUnited StatesABGA
World Goat Breeders AssociationsListWGBA

Final Thoughts

Potbelly bears are known to share complex relationships with other animals,  particularly,  due to their non – resistance towards appetence. This is the reason,  why most of the farmers have complained about their animals being gulped up by these pigs.

We hope that you liked our article,  and may have found out the solutions on how to tackle the pig and goat relationship.


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