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Goats with Horses – Are Goats Good Companions for Horses

Are Goats Good Companions for Horses

Are Goats good companions for Horses? Horses can make great friends with all kinds of creatures and for many different reasons, they enjoy the company of other animals. They are very social Creatures and very often form bonds with Horses and other Barnyard Animals

There are many cases in which horses have kicked and injured goats, but most farmers have no problem with them staying together.

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Goats with Horses – Are Goats Good Companions

But there are a couple of things to be noted before getting along with them:

If a horse has never seen a goat, he can respond in a state of panic. Never just put a goat and a horse together,  in their first meeting. Since damage to any one of them is quite possible. Goats with Horses – Are Goats Good Companions

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Instead, keep the goat at a nearby place,  adjacent to the horse’s stable,  for a few days as this may help both of them to get acquainted with each other. Keep them close enough so that they may smell and feel each other.

Goats with Horses - Are Goats Good Companions for Horses 1
Goats are Good Companions for Horses

After the horse is relaxed with a goat in the neighborhood, allow the horse to contact by sniffing its next-door neighbor. Put the horse on the lead shank if he tries to be aggressive. If this is alright,  you can put both of them together in a paddock,  but watch them for a while to make sure the horse does not get spooky or aggressive.

This is one of the toughest parts but hope and calmness are the two key factors that you can rely on. While it is rare that a horse may be aggressive or dislikes the new companion,  many of them are very well acclimated.

Goats as Companions

Female goats are one of the best pets and companions. Bucks, as well as castrated males, can be a peril to not only the animal’s life, but to human beings too.

Need to Feed Goats & Horses Seperately

Goats shouldn’t be allowed to feed on commercial horse feeds since their feed can be rich in copper, though general livestock. When keeping Goats with horses. Keep them from copper toxicity by feeding your horse grains seperately.

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Goats are herbivores that prefer eating shrubs,  herbs,   over the pasture. When you are keeping both of them together,  make sure to keep the food of the goat within the paddock.

For keeping the goat in a paddock,  line it with some mesh or chain,  to ensure its safety.

Goats with Horses - Are Goats Good Companions for Horses 2
Goats are Good Companions for Horses

Goats Hay

• Goats can go well on the same quality hay that you feed your horse. Large feed companies make goat specific mineral mixtures, usually blending salt and minerals. If the hay quality is too low, a small amount of goat feed or 75:25 mixed corn and soybean meal may be mixed in.

The goat is not only one of the first animals domesticated by humans, but also the most unpretentious of all domestic animals.

Goats can live in any climatic condition, eat everything that nature and man will provide and also spend the night,  outdoors, in the rain and snow, and travel many miles in search of food and water. Of course, all of the above concerns most wild goats, while domestic goats need good care, nutrition, and proper maintenance.

Care for goats should be divided into two periods – winter and summer. In winter, goats should be kept in warm, well-heated rooms, where the temperature should not drop below 6 to 8 degrees Celsius. 

The goat room must be well ventilated, but everything, even the smallest holes, must be sealed, as the goats do not tolerate airflow well. To simplify the stable ventilation system, even during its construction, several small windows must be made, but if it is impossible due to a small area, it is possible to make such a window on the door of the room.

To prove our point,  we have shared some successive stories,  that farm owners have experienced :

Goats as Race Horse Companions

Horse Companionship Examples

Are Goats Good Companions for Horses – Sea Biscuit

If you saw the popular film Seabiscuit, remember that the famous American racehorse was difficult to deal with, until it was joined by another animal as its friend that started to accompany it everywhere, calming his temper and making it easier for his coaches to work with him.

You may be surprised to learn that many horses have pets for various reasons. Some, like Seabiscuit, are happier when in the company of other creatures.

Goats with Horses - Are Goats Good Companions for Horses 3
Goats are Good Companions for Horses

After all, horses are herd animals, they are born to ride in packs. Just as happy people do their jobs better, happy horses will also do better and accept the activities and tasks that will be scheduled for them.

While goats are friendly animals and can befriend any other animal very easily,  we can say that they can be a very good companion for horses as well,  which in turn are also amiable beings Goats often seek protection and hide behind horses when they feel threatened. 

Hasfirtina’s Story

The English horse ‘Hasfirtina’ was born on March 15, 2016. He was trained very magnificently by its owners. He was brought to the Sirinyer Racecourse in September 2018, but could not get used to the barn. He kicked the walls and hurt himself. Barn owners tried every type of remedy that could cure him,  but all proved in vain.

The English foal did not win any single race out of 11. His owners were devastated,  thinking about betting on a foul player,  but then,  things changed completely, not just for Hasfirtina,  but its owners as well. In October 2019, a goat named ‘Taner’ was brought to the barn of Hasfırtına. ‘Taner’ helped Hasfirtina to calm down and started living in the same barn with it. Hasfirtına, which was taken to the city races together with Taner, won 4 of the last 6 races. Stating that the link between Hasfırtına and Taner is a remedy for them, Coach Serdar Seren Görgü said, “Hasfırtına was an aggressive horse at first.

We made several trials but we couldn’t find a cure,  but then,  Hasfirtina spent time with Taner and we were able to keep him calm.

Cupcake’s Story

The friendship between animals is such a bond that leaves many onlookers with their mouths open at the surprising loyalty and affection that exists between them. It is such amiability that is full of values and affection,  regardless of their size, species, or the race to which they belong.

The story of Cupcake, a beautiful adolescent Haflinger breed horse and his funny friendship with a goat transmits tenderness and joy to those who know them.

Cupcake arrived at Betsy Saul’s North Carolina farm a couple of months ago, after being auctioned off. Upon arriving at the farm he made a lasting friendship with a goat, which has overflowed in demonstrations of kindness and love.

During the summer, a friend of Saul, co-founder of Petfinder and 911 Foster Pets, contacted her to inform her about the auction of this horse who would be transported to the United States, Mexico, and Canada, along with other horses to be slaughtered and to sell their meat.

Goats with Horses - Are Goats Good Companions for Horses 4
Goats are Good Companions for Horses

Saul had work commitments that day to fulfill and could not attend the auction, however, she asked a friend to buy the horse on her behalf. A short time later, she received a text message confirming that she was the new owner of a Haflinger horse.

Saul’s farmhouses about 40 rescued animals, most of which are elderly animals including goats, cows, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and even turtle. This noblewoman considered that the arrival of these adorable animals would not represent a problem for the farm, but rather a great help for her.

Saul’s husband Ed had passed away a few months ago after a long battle with brain cancer. This unfortunate death left her world upside down and a very large void. She confesses that she had to learn to live without him.

Cupcake and Sylvester represented a couple of new “souls” that made her feel rejuvenated in some way. “They are the sweetest and kindest animals I’ve ever known, ”says their owner,  who enjoys their friendship a lot.

Horse and Goat are Friends

BB’s( Black Caviar Horse and Billy)

It may seem like a strange match, but racehorses and goats have been friends with each other for centuries. Whatever the reason, goats have a rather calming effect on racehorses, which are often extremely temperamental. Even Australia’s best horse Black Caviar has a goat friend,  which is known as “Billy”. Coach Peter Clarke said the bond as “instrumental”.

So we can say,  that horses and goats share a lasting bond and in most cases,  they have helped each other through thick and thin.


To conclude,  we can say that, each animal is like a human being i.e everyone has different characters and preferences. Therefore, if some goats can be friends with a horse, others may prefer to be friends with chickens. Or maybe even fall in love with humans, who knows?

Companionship is important in herd animals. They enjoy social enviornment that is best in a group setting. It can be with other horses or goats but it is important. We once owned a Black Angus Calf. We kept him by himself and any opportunity he found he got out of our fence and headed to the Cattle farm next door.