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Largest Goat Farms in the World (2024)

Largest Goat farm in the World

Largest goat farm in the world / Romania

The Largest Goat farm in the World is located In Romania, The Farm size is 3,700 Acres, and Has 3,100 Goat in Its Herd Size. Of that Massive Herd approximately are 2,600 Milking Goats. Producing 10 Tons of Milk Per day

The largest goat farm is present in Dobrogea, Romania at about 20 miles (35 km) from Constanta. The farm has a large open around 1500 ha (3700 Acres ) of pasture land. Goats are kept on a thick layer of straw and are given quite a lot of space to walk around.

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On the ruins of an unsuccessful cattle farm, sprung the Largest Goat Farming Project in Romania, and also the World.

There were rotating brushes installed in different areas of the farm for the goats to scratch.

Largest Goat Farms in the World (2024) 1
biggest goat farm in the world

This farm currently has 3,100 goats in the herd, of which 2,600 are lactating female goats and 7-11 months young.

The breeds of goats kept there are Alpine, and Saanen imported from France that have certificates of origin indicating that the average milk production after the second lactation will be more than 1000 liters. (260 Gallons) per lactating season.

Also, they are building two modern milk stations and a modern design area for another 5,000 goats.

largest goat farm in the world

Largest Goat farm in the United States

The Largest Goat farms in the United States are located in the State of Texas.

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Large Goat Farms in Texas – Texas Goat Industry is booming

largest meat goat farm in usa

Producers Livestock Company is the Largest Sheep and Goat Livestock Auction in the United States. Goat demand has increased so that now over 50% of their sales have been Goats.

3/4 of the Worlds Population eat Goat Meat

Demand is so great That 750,000 goats are imported into the United States each year. from countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Here is a List of The Goat Herds size in the United States

Largest Meat Goat farm in the United States

Meat Goats
% of Total% change from 2002
The U.S.2,500,000100129
North Carolina82,0003.3139

Largest Goat Farm in India

In India Goat Farming is one of the Country’s top Meat Producing Industries. The people in India use goats for meat, milk, and skin. They also produce high-quality Manure.

Jamnapari Goats are the most farmed in India, known for their hardiness and also Milk Production. Goats are used for grazing in pastures, keeping 2-4 Goats per acre, depending on the quality of the Land.

They also use goats for clearing of land and they can clear about 1 Acre per month by grazing.

Large Goat Farm New Zealand

The Goat population in New Zealand from 2017 numbers rank them approximately, 66,000 Saanen Goats from about 90 Farms. They are mostly raised for their giving of Milk.

The Largest farming Regions for Goats are the

  • Waikato – 47,000 Goats – 67 flocks
  • Manawatu – 6,000 – 5 flocks
Large Goat farm in New Zealand / Rotating Milking Stations / big goat farm

Large Goat Farm in Venezuela

Agroinversiones Isleños goat farm

The Agroinversiones Islenos Goat farm is the Largest in the Country of Venezuela. It encompasses approx 12 Hectare/ 30 Acres

The Goat Industry is thriving in Venezuela, There are approx 16,000 goat breeders. raising over 1,000,000 goats in the country.  Program for Goat and Sheep Development (PIDEL – Goat and Sheep), has opened for training and introducing advanced Herd Management Practices

Large Goat Farm in Ireland

Ireland has only one Large scale Goat Milk producing facility, the rest is by smaller farmers. They have many Large scale cheese producers.

To raise goats in Irland you must first register with the Department of Agriculture in Ireland as a Goat farmer.

Environmental Friendly Goats

Large Goat Farm in Ontario Canada

Ontario has a website devoted to the Countries Goat Farming Industry. Growing of Dairy Goats is a growing industry in Ontario

  • Gross Goat Farm Revenues – $41.7 million in 2016
  • Highest Grow Countrywide is seen in Ontario
  • Average of Canadian Goat Farmers was 40 Years old
  • 44 Farms with less than 200 Goats
  • 78 Farms that have 200 – 400 Goats
  • 58 Farms that Have 400 – 1000 Goats
  • 12 Farms that have 1000 + Goats
Dairy Goat Farm Industry / 72 Stall Rotary Milker

Large Goat Farming in China

The Largest Goat Dairy Farm in China is located in Longxian County in Shaanxi Province, China.

  • 116 Acre Dairy Goat farm
  • 14,000 dairy goats
  • 5 Tons of Milk Daily at full Production
  • 437 Families work there

The project covers 19 Hectares ( 47 Acres). Great Farms Projects

The Largest Ruminant Farm in the Caribbean / Trinidad / Tobago

Goat Farming in the Caribbean is traditional and is a greatly needed Food Source. Most of the Goat meat consumed is imported from other countries

  • Goat Feed is Used is shredded Corn/ leaves/stalk
  • Rice Bran when Avaiable
  • Coconut Meal when available
  • Husbandry Training for local Farmers – Feed Formulation, Hoof Trimming, Castration, Horn Trimming,
Largest Producer of Sheep and Goats

Large Goat Farm in Israel

In Israel, Goat Farming is through all Biblical History from several Thousand Years. Today Goat Farming is a combination of Old Tradition and Modern Goat farming Management.

  • 3 Million Gallons of Milk Annually
  • 2,400 Families Raising Goats or Sheep
  • Many of the smaller Flock are owned by  Bedouin farmers
  • TMR ( Total Mixed Ration) is used by Intensive Farming, Farmers
  • Supplemental Food is used to replace grazing
  • Ministry of Agriculture of Israel is maintaining hygienic standards
  •  Israeli Dairy Board has regulations that the Fat Content is 3.7% and Protein is 3.37%

How to become a Goat Farmer

Here will be a few Tips for anyone aspiring to start a Goat Farm. Many of the Methods Show are Very Advanced Intensive Farming Techniques. The Beginning Farmer will more than likely start small, and build up. But it is always wise to expand your vision by seeing some of the latest innovations in the Goat farming and husbandry Business

Starting of Goat Farming Business

If you want to start a goat farming business, try to learn as much as possible about starting a goat breeding business. Their method of breeding and training if you can learn, is very easy and more fun than other livestock animals.

Suitable Breeds

If you want to start a goat farm, decide what goat products you want to produce. Select and breed goats according to your local market.

It can produce meat, milk, fiber, or goatskin. The best breed of goat is the first step to a better business.

Training for Goat Farming

If there are any livestock breeding and training centers in your area, get the training from them. Training is essential for the successful operation of the goat breeding business.

By training, you will gain practical knowledge about the goat and its breeding methods. You can learn to do some basic goat grooming tasks like

Equipment of Goat Farm

The necessary equipment for the goat farm is a water pot, a food basket, medicines, etc. Before starting a goat farm, purchase all of these types of equipment, and before bringing in the goats, prepare all necessary equipment.

The things necessary to start the goat farming business are fencing, housing, separate stable for ranchers, bucks, bet, silage pit, suitable market, and potential customers.

Benefits of Rotary Milking Stations

Milking of animals is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. One Super Fast farmer spending 10 minutes per Goat = 6 goats per hour x 8 hours that is the only one able to milk 48 Goats. That is every day, no holidays, no sleeping in. You can see the challenges in milking large herds.

  • Milk a Goat – 20 Minutes
  • Milk a Sheep – 10 Minutes
  • Milk a Cow – 10 Minutes

So If You Compare Numbers One Farmer can Milk

  • 1 A farmer by hand 48 Goats a day
  • 1 Farmer with rotary milking machine 30 second load time = 120 goats per hour = x 8 Hours equals 960 Goats per day

In Milking by hand, the farmer milks one cow and then goes to next, on a rotary milking machine, he puts goat on table hooks up the goat to a milking machine, and the goat takes off to goes on a 20-minute ride, while the farmer leads the next goat on the table, hook her up, and sends her off.

Milking 1800 Goats / largest goat farm in usa

Barns / Shelter

It is difficult for goats to stay indoors because they like to roam freely. You must build a goat housing facility to keep them free and safe from predators.

The home can provide shelter in the winter season and rainy days. Goats adapt to all kinds of environments. They can live happily inside a pole, and they can also live with other livestock.

If you want to raise goats on a commercial basis, you need exclusive modern houses with individual modern facilities. Build a house facing southward.

Goats cannot tolerate bad weather. They cannot tolerate freezing temperatures and heavy rain. Do not allow snow and rainwater to enter goat housing facilities

A sufficient flow of fresh air, sunlight, and clean water is required for the farm. Make a proper drainage installation inside the house, so you can easily clean it.

Largest Goat Farms in the World (2024) 2
Largest Goat Farms / biggest farm in the world

Pasture Lands

Pasture is necessary for your goats because they like to graze. Grazing will also lower the cost of food and keep the goats healthy. You can grow pasture and protect it by fencing with wire or netting.

Bucks for breeding

For a successful breeding program, try to buy good quality, disease-free, and healthy bucks. High reproductive performance is directly related to good quality bucks. If you are not knowledgeable about bucks, ask for help from an experienced person.

One buck can be used for various doses. Never use a single buck for breeding all of your young does. Take special care with the buck to be used for breeding. Provide them with high-quality foods enriched with all kinds of nutritional ingredients.

Breeding Does

Take good care of does in the breeding season. When the goats go in to, keep them in quarters until they mate. The average gestation period for the deer is between 145 to 155 days.

Feeding requirements

The goats’ feed is mainly made up of hay. Hay is the primary source of nutrients in the winter. Hay can be grass or a legume, such as a clover or alfalfa.

A healthy goat needs two to four pounds of hay per day, except grass. Hay can be freely fed twice a day.

Alfalfa hay is a popular source for feeding goats. It has more protein, vitamins, calcium, and minerals than grass.

Grain feed or pelleted feed can also be used. It has extra protein, vitamins, and minerals. Most farmers supplement their goats with multiple kids in the winter season.

Vaccination program

Goat vaccination is aimed at disease prevention. Each goat farm must do the clostridium preferences C&D vaccine along with tetanus.

Does must be vaccinated 30 days before the birth of children. This will provide protection for children with milk. Children should be vaccinated at 5 to 6 weeks of age and then receive a booster three to four weeks later.

Breeding stock, yearlings, and other adults should receive annual boosters 30 days before the breeding season or when others in the herd receive booster shots.

Largest Breed Goat in the World

The Typical Goat is not a tremendously large animal, some of the smallest being 40 lbs – 200lbs, with a lifespan. The Largest Breed of Goats in the world is the “Markhor”  Wild Breed that is throughout central and Northern Asia

Wild Markhor Goat

Largest Goat Horn Span – Guiness Word records

Final Thoughts

If you want to become a successful goat farmer, try to keep your goats healthy and fit. Feed them fresh and nutritious goat food. Avoid foods that affect milk production and taste.

Always keep the goat within the fenced area to protect them from predators. Repair holes in the fence so children cannot get out.

Keep the housing area, milking area clean and dry. Always remain in contact with the veterinarian of your area.  


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