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Windswept Legs in Horses

Windswept Foals in Horses

Guide for Windswept Foals in Horses Windswept Foals in Horses – Horses are very active and sharp creatures. Due to their activeness and excessive physical activities, they are more prone to limb and joint deformities/problems. Here we will discuss windswept legs in horses with reasons… Read More »Windswept Foals in Horses

How do Wild Horses Trim Their Hooves - Their hooves stay trimmed by the amount of travel they endure on a daily basis. According to, "horses living in the wild tend to have the healthiest hooves because they are constantly on the move, covering great distances over varied terrain." This constant movement forces the horses' hooves to spread apart and wear down evenly. In contrast, domestic horses often have less-than-ideal hoof health because they are typically confined to stalls or paddocks and don't get enough exercise. As a result, their hooves become misshapen and can develop problems like cracks, chips, and abscesses. While it's important to provide domestic horses with regular hoof care, remember that nothing can replace the benefits of a good workout. So get out there and give your horse a chance to stretch his legs (and trim his hooves)!

How do Wild Horses Trim Hooves | PDF | Horse | Hoof | Horses | Trimming | Natural (Updated 2022)

How do Wild Horses Trim Hooves – As a general rule wild horses travel many miles every day. They traverse rough surfaces that naturally wear done (trims) their hooves. Wild horses are always out on the run. Wild horses cover long distances every day on tough… Read More »How do Wild Horses Trim Hooves | PDF | Horse | Hoof | Horses | Trimming | Natural (Updated 2022)