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Can Pigs and Chickens Live Together (2024)? **HAM+EGGS**

Can Pigs Live with Chickens? Pro's & Con's

Can Pigs Live with Chickens? Pigs are known to form unusual bonds with other animals of different species,  such as chickens,  goats,  horses, etc. They are known to live together in the company of other animals,  and cannot bear the idea of solitary confinement. But can they get along with chickens? Can both of them be good friends?

Can Pigs and Chickens Live Together?

As a general rule Pigs do not do well with chickens. They can live together and even enjoy each other company but when the pig runs low on food the chicken can become his meal. Chickens pose no danger to pigs but pigs are voracious eaters. It can work but might work out in the long run. Can Pigs and Chickens Live Together?

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Can Pigs Live with Chickens – They can enjoy each other’s company,  without posing many problems for either their owner or for each other. However, in certain instances,  pigs are known to have attacked chickens,  and even enjoying them as their food.

Pigs Living With Chickens

Bartolomeau’s Story

The pet pig of the student Bárbara Luciana Ferreira de Godoy, 19, resident of Piracicaba (SP), gained a companion, but not of the same species. Bartolomeu’s,  (a pig) new friend, who likes to walk on a leash in the street, is a chicken of just over a month old. According to the student, since she arrived at the residence, the chicken has followed the pig everywhere and the two eat and even sleep together.

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Can Pigs Live with Chickens? Pro’s & Con’s

“The chicken is afraid of us. So, when we get close, it runs and hides behind Bartolomeu. It’s like a protective shield,” said Barbara. The piglet is 10 months and 40 kilos. The hen, which has yet to be named, arrived at the family’s home by chance.

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According to the student, the bird was to be given to her uncle, who rejected the gift. Since then, it has become the new mascot of the house and the main companion of the pig. “It’s impressive. The hen walks around the house behind Bartolomeu and the dogs don’t even fight with her. It became the new ‘xodó’ of the family, “said Bárbara.

Chicken And Bacon Combo

The animal’s behavioral response to different foods provides elements of appreciation of preferences or palatability of these foods. There are several examples of how a chicken and a pig can go along with their friendship. However, one such example comes in the form of food.

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Yes,  we are right! You might have heard about the ham and egg combo,  which is traditionally served for breakfast. Most of the people enjoy their meal. But ironically speaking,  we can say that pigs sacrifice their lives while on the other hand,  a chicken sacrifices merely an egg

Pig And Chicken Relationship

Most of you might be confused at how a 200 lb+ animal would react over having its first date with a chicken,  and you might end up thinking like “ That’s going to be disastrous”. But this is not the cast most of the time,  because they may seem indifferent to one another.

Pigs don’t mind having chickens,  pecking around them,  and they may react as if there is no one. You might even notice a chicken resting on a pig,  which signifies its level of trust and confidence in the “Big Guy.” A lot of people have even witnessed a pig chasing out a chicken,  but most of the potbellies,  take it as a way to amuse themselves. ironically,  they take pride in chasing a fearful chicken.

But there are also a couple of instances when a pig got serious with the poor guy, let’s look at those cases that when a pig can turn their friendship into a dishy one:

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Can Pigs Live with Chickens? Pro’s & Con’s

Pigs are known to eat chickens,  and turning poor guys out on their menu,  would seem a good idea to them. It attacks chicken when it is hungry and doesn’t find something to eat. So,  a pig can make a very good excuse “ You see I’m hungry,  pigs sacrifice most of the time,  now it’s your turn.”

Domesticated pigs may idealize as well as idolize wild boars, in eating poor guys,  and may follow the footsteps of their so-called mentors,  by eating them.

They might be constrained in one place,  which makes it difficult to move to another place,  hence causing aggression. So,  they vent out their anger over poor chickens,  by having them for their menu. Another lame excuse!!!

They may not be well trained on how to handle animals of another breed and species.

If the pig is of the aggressive and wild breed.

If the female pig is pregnant,  then she needs a double amount of food to satisfy her hunger and may feed on chickens,  striding near them,  not a lame excuse,  she might be hungry,  trust her!!!

If the pig is sick or suffering from any mental ailment,  then it may attack poor chicken.

In regards to the above-mentioned analysis,  we have prepared pros and cons regarding keeping a chicken and pig together,  let’s find out:

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Can Pigs Live with Chickens? Pro’s & Con’s


Social – As we have said,  that both, chickens and pigs cannot live in solitary confinement,  and need someone as their friend. So,  keeping the two of them together,  would yield a lasting friendship, also bringing an improvement in pig’s mental health at a faster pace.

Pigs often suffer from itchy backs,  and of course,  they cant use their hands to ease them out,  so here, the chicken comes to the rescue of an itchy back.

Chickens sometimes ride on pig’s back to search for their food more quickly, hence the piggy guy acts as chicky’s car.

Pigs are sociable animals,  and they need the company of small animals to ease their boredom,  and chickens act as good companions.

Chickens need the company of big guys to protect their interests i.e to save them from potential pretenders.

Chickens have a playful nature,  and they enjoy piggie’s company to alleviate them during loneliness.

You will only need to clean up one pen/paddock since it saves an incredible amount of space and effort.

Letting the two of them together will result in effective pasture utilization. Since hens peck on little grains of food, pigs prefer rooting,  hence rolling out everything that comes their way.


Pigs are known to eat their waste as well as the excretory product of other animals,  hence causing several diseases.

Chickens can transmit several diseases to pigs.

Pigs may satisfy their hunger by eating chicken.

Pigs may transmit several diseases to chickens.

Pigs should be kept away from chicken eggs because they won’t mind having their eggs for lunch.

Chickens can also get sick when they eat anything that contains pigs’ saliva.

Chickens can also get aggressive and are known to blind piggies out,  by directly attacking and pecking their eyes.

Having both of them at the same place can attract big predators such as foxes,  lions,  wolves, etc.

Chickens may eat pig’s food and sometimes don’t hesitate even to steal it,  hence acting as a catalyst to make pigs more aggressive.

It also happens that a pig may also attack chicken’s food,  leaving the poor pal to roam around helplessly.

Similarities Between Chicken and Pig

There are a couple of similarities between these two animals which are:

Both are predator’s choice awards,  i.e both are prey animals,  and the predators like to attack them for food

Both need the company of another animal.

Both can get aggressive and;

Both the animals can manifest their defensive side and can turn from amicable to wet and wild.

Can Pigs and Chickens Live Together (2024)? **HAM+EGGS** 4
Can Pigs Live with Chickens? Pro’s & Con’s

Tips To Be Noted When Raising them Together


You need to consider the fence around the area and keep the two species in separate paddocks,  and let them get acquainted with each other slowly since hastiness will ruin your game. Some people use electronic fencing,  but you wouldn’t like to spike around your animal,  so the secondary fence is opted for by most pet owners.

Feed Them Separately

You don’t want your chicken to feed on pig’s food, since it may make it feel sick,  so keep them in adjacent paddocks,  so they may get used to each other.

Counter Aggression

By keeping them in separate,  but adjacent paddocks,  you may help both the species to counter aggression,  effectively and without the expense of others.

We hope you liked our article,  and it answered your questions


There are many Homestead Farming Operations that have Pigs and Chickens Sharing the same Pens. The Benefits include Saving Space, Developing bonding of the Livestock animals. Better utilization of Pastures and feed.

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