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Can You Overfeed a Pig?

Can You Overfeed a Pig?

Can You Overfeed a Pig? No, you don’t overfeed the pig or they don’t overeat if you provide available feed. The pig eats enough to satisfy and then walks away from the pen. If the feed available in the pen all the time but they will not overeat. Sometimes they stop after only a few bites and then they eat again after some walk. But the pig stops eating when they are satisfied.

A pig belongs to the genus Sus and family Suidae.They are omnivores in nature they consume both plants and animals. They eat primarily root, leaves, and flowers; Besides, they also eat some insects and fish. They eat Soybean and Corn meals as livestock. And, mixtures of vitamins and minerals in the diet.

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Traditionally they are raised in dairy farms due to excessive milk production as well as whey, farm of butter, and cheese making combined with pasture. Any Excess productions they can feed taht Dairy excess to the swine.

How to Feed Pigs

Can You Overfeed a Pig / Pigs Digestive System

A pig’s digestive system is very interesting. They eat garbage and they can filter the toxins out and they will store toxins and other harmful substances into the layers of body fat.

When they are consuming too many toxins their hooves can excrete out of their body, but this doesn’t mean they eat everything. A pig only overfeeds when its owner overfeeds it. To ensure your pig happy and healthy to give a proper and balanced diet and know that what’s good for the pig and what’s not.

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It is better if You offer pigs a lot of little meals daily is better than unlimited feed. This will rely on your working schedule; but if conceivable, split their daily food distribution into three equal bits and spread the feeding over the day.

A decent routine is you offer one-portion of the pellets in the morning, a new vegetable salad for lunch, and the other portion of the pig chow at dinner time. if two meals suit your schedule better, then feed half of the pellets before work and the other half at your typical dining time.

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This will vary depending upon the kind of food that you are feeding the pig. Pigs would not overeat. They are also more brilliant omnivores than humans in these ways!

Programmed grain feeders are opportunities for pigs since they will just eat what they need. I have seen this with one pig as well. We don’t utilize a programmed feeder, but you will put the remains from an effective chasing trip in the pigpen. The pigs will eat every bit of it, however not immediately.

One Farmer fed Geese Corpses to his swine herd. The geese corpses sat for two days before they were completely gone. The Pigs fed as they wanted food.

Making a natively constructed pig feeder is another method to feed the pigs. Putting it close to the fence line can assist you with conveying feed without going into the pen, with the pigs. Making it easier for farmers to feed their pigs.

You also know that how much can a pig eat. so, you have an idea about the overfeeding. A pig initially feeds on its mother just like other animals. It will eat around 6-8 lbs. average every day. After weaning their feed consumption increases.

A full-grown pig will eat around 700-900 lbs. feed every day. Feed consumption also depends on the breed, age, sex, and pregnant swine. An owner also admits that their pig vomit when they overfeed the pig. So, always concern with a veterinarian about feeding.

Pig Digestion Systems

The factor that affects the feeding

Age and Body Weight

The amount of feed and type depends on the body weight and age. A larger and older pig eat more as compared to the smaller one. The main differences in the nutritional requirements of the pig. A young pig requires more protein in the diet as compared to an older pig because they are still grown. They are also more active and require more energy in the diet.

Genetics and Breed

The nutritional requirement also varies with the breed and genetics. Some breed grows faster as compared to others depends on genetics. So, they require more energy and protein in their diet for faster growth. Some fast-growing breeds are large white, Landrace, and Duroc requires more diet as compared to smaller breeds like Kunekune pig or the Juliana pig.


 The temperature and climate also affect feeding. In winter require more feed to produce their own body heat. Provide proper feed according to the temperature.

Overall health

The health condition of the animal also affects feeding. If animals sick any diseases and their body condition is poor so concerned with the veterinarian. They recommended a different diet according to body condition. A pregnant pig also requires more protein and energy in their diet to maintain pregnancy and nourish their baby.

What You can Feed your Pig?

Since pigs are omnivores, they eat both plants and animals. They are primarily eaten mixed grains like soybean, wheat, corn, barley, and oats. They also eat meat that is a rich source of protein, but farmers did not offer meat commonly because of the chance of diseases in the herd increase.

So, for protein, protein supplements added in the feed to fulfill their requirement and they are easily available in the store. Calcium supplements also added in the feed for the growth of bones. You can also feed your pig different vegetables but not stick with single vegetables because they do not fulfill all the nutritional requirements.

Some Feeding Tips for Pig

  • To ensure proper intake of nutrition.
  • To ensure clean feed troughs daily.
  • Provide enough feeder space, so that every pig can eat properly what it wishes daily.
  • On many farms feed wastage is 15% or more, but it should be avoided as much possible. 
  • Pigs must also be fed on time.
  • Supply fresh water
  • Install an automatic feeder to ensure that your pig gets proper nutrients and minimum wastage.
  • Use dried whey as pig nutrition supplements.
  • Provide palleted feed to improve digestibility.
  • Calcium supplement provides
  • Phase feeding to ensure animal get proper nutrition
  • Split sex feeding also essential
  • Provide an alternate source of protein.

It is entirely acceptable for you to feed your pig her total part at the assigned meal times, but for treats and additional items, abide by the no free food rule. For families who tend to feed their pets too many extra items, put aside the total day’s proportion of treats in a bowl, away from the pig.

As the day progress, the family members may utilize this food to prepare their pig. At the point when the goodies are gone — that is it. Be reasonable and don’t let your pig train you to feed her at all her impulses. All things considered, you are not a human vending machine, much to your pig’s disappointment. You are, however, the person who makes the guidelines, you know – not the pig-a-rooter

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Farm / Miniture Pig Table 13 Breeds

Breed of PigMature Weight LifespanFeed Per DayCost
Yorkshire450 - 650 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Red Tamworth (Bacon Pigs)500 - 600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Duroc500 - 600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Berkshire600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Hampshire500 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Saddleback600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Potbelly pigs150 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
American Mini70 - 150 lb15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
Mulefoot - Mini60 - 110 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
Ossabaw Island Hog100 - 150 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
American Guinea Hog150 - 300 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
KuneKune Breed140 - 220 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
Meishan Breed150 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000