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31 Foods: What Do Pigs Eat Anything and Everything? (2024)

What do Pigs Eat with Minimal Spending

As a General Rule, a pig will eat anything, which means it eats unsavory things such as dead animals, rotting garbage, and even human feces. Even though pigs are capable of eating pretty much anything, you should avoid relying on the garbage and rotting compost as their source of food. . Other foods that pigs can consume include vegetables such as sweet potatoes or cabbage. In addition to this, pigs also need protein from animal sources such as eggs or meat scraps which can be mixed with their feed.

What Do Pigs Eat Anything

Pigs are omnivores and have a varied diet, but what do pigs eat? Pigs can eat many different types of food, but they should always be given a grain-based diet. The best grains for a pig’s diet include corn, soybean meal, barley, and oats. 31 Foods: What Do Pigs Eat

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31 Foods: Why Do Pigs Eat

This is because these grains provide the most nutrients for your pig. Other foods that pigs can consume include vegetables such as sweet potatoes or cabbage. In addition to this, pigs also need protein from animal sources such as eggs or meat scraps which can be mixed with their feed.

  • Scraps
  • Food Garbage
  • Decomposing food
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Tree Roots
  • Will Clean the woods of Undergrowth
  • Broccoli,
  • Roasted potatoes,
  • Dark green lettuce,
  • Beets,
  • Grapes,
  • Oranges,
  • Grapefruit,
  • Melons,
  • Pitted peaches.
  • Apart from that they like pitted cherries,
  • Pitted apricots,
  • all Squashes,
  • Pumpkins,
  • Yams,
  • Tomatoes,
  • Chard,
  • Carrots,
  • Apples,
  • Zucchini,
  • Kale,
  • Snow peas,
  • Cucumbers,
  • Spinach
  • All Meats

What do Pigs Eat? / What to Feed Pigs?

What do Pigs Eat? – Pigs are becoming more favorite pets these days. Many people are willing to keep pigs as a pet because of the optimistic feedback they are getting as an alternative domesticated animal. Before you think of confidence and getting a pig, the initial step is to educate yourself about pigs.

31 Foods: Why Do Pigs Eat

What Do Pigs Eat Naturally?

Usually, pigs eat fruits and vegetables, and everything and they are omnivores after all. They will eat all kinds of stuff including fruits and vegetables, along with junk, scrap food, garbage, decomposing food, ruined food, and even eat decaying dead bodies of other animals. Pigs are not particular eaters and will accept everything that will be offered to them.

The pig’s dietary requirement is relatively easy to accommodate with a good 16% protein pig feed and good hay. Pigs like to eat grass and forages which can help them to reduce the amount of supplemental feed required.

Homesteading Pigs – corn or soybean meal – feed pigs – farm animals

This eating everything is the opportunistic behavior of the pigs. As long as they will think it is edible, they will consume it. The bodies of pigs are made in such a way that they can handle almost all kinds of food that goes into their system.

Mostly, pigs have a preference for food. Even though they consume everything doesn’t mean they like it all. They just certainly think that they should not be demanding with foodstuff.

Most pigs love to have fruits and vegetables,  cooked broccoli, roasted potatoes, dark green lettuce, beets, grapes, oranges, grapefruit, melons, and pitted peaches. Apart from that they like pitted cherries, pitted apricots, all squashes, pumpkins, yams, tomatoes, chard, carrots, apples, zucchini, kale, snow peas, cucumbers, and spinach.

As pigs have their food preference, they will each have their likes, dislikes, and hated food too. There are specific points to remember about particular food in consideration of the age of the pig first before feeding them with it.

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Every pig has a different taste. Therefore, if the pig is not getting too excited over a treat that you presented, you can try again with another option. 

31 Foods: Why Do Pigs Eat

Eating is an active part of any living being’s daily life, and it’s significant to prioritize a healthy diet. There is a particular food that may be unhealthy for your pig and must be avoided as much as possible.

Free-Range Pigs and Chickens – pig farmers – feeding pigs solid food

What do I feed My Pig – Feeding Pigs ( Feed Food Scraps)

Like humans, pigs do need a balanced and healthy diet to stay fit. This point is an essential reminder for the pig’s owners as obesity is becoming one of the primary concerns of pet pigs.

The ideal choice for the pig feed is a real pig pellet that is carried from poultry supply stocks, pet stores, and via the internet.

The pig pellets contained the right vitamins and nutrients needed by an average pig.

Feeding the right amount of pellets to the pigs will provide them with a balanced diet.

Pigs Eat Grass, Roots, and Insects

Usually, pigs like to graze on the grass, dig the ground to search for edible roots, and hunt for non-poisonous insects. Pigs have the idea of what is dangerous for them to eat like poisonous mushrooms and will decide to avoid such things. Therefore, letting pigs graze their own on fresh, natural soil is entirely safe if there are no chemicals on the grass.

Pigs will like to tear up the ground after the worms, grubs, insects, etc. when introduced into a new paddock, pasture. After that, they will usually let the land heal and allow the pasture to regrow and will graze more than they will root.

Having a sound rotational grazing system in the area will help pigs a lot with the pasture regrowth as well as contribute to breaking the intestinal parasite cycle which can reduce the requirement for using chemical worming medications.

31 Foods: Why Do Pigs Eat

Water and drinking Requirements

The normal pig will consume 5-10 liters, ( 1.5 – 3 Gallons) of water daily, depending on the season. It is therefore also crucial to know the importance of providing them with water. Pregnant pigs may consume twice the amount of water standard pig drinks. This double consumption will help the female pig to fulfill the nutrients for the piglets as well as enough milk.

Pigs don’t have the ability of sweating, but they do have sweat glands that are not adequately functional.  They don’t have enough hair that can help them with adjusting the temperature. Therefore, providing them with ample water will help to keep the pig healthy.

Pigs need mud to regulate their body temperature in warmer months. They do like to have kiddie pools, but the pools don’t tend to last long due to long pointy hooves poking holes in it.

What Not to Feed My Pig (  Prohibited Pig Feed )

Pigs cannot digest cellulose so it is important to avoid giving them any type of hay or straw in their diets.

Being a non-picky animal is a disadvantage of its own. Since the pig doesn’t mind what it eats, it might be unconsciously consuming unhealthy food.

Avoid Feeding Meat to Farm Pigs

Pigs are omnivores, even though there are some restrictions for the pigs on what not to eat. Pigs should not eat meat. It is not advisable, and the caretaker should avoid feeding meat to the pigs.

It is not just limited to meat only. However, it includes meat products and all the food that had contact with flesh. The list consists of bakery waste, food scraps, restaurants waste, untreated cooking oils, and fats,

Avoid Leftovers or any Spoiled Food

Even pigs are known to have a stomach of steel, i.e., they can consume everything without getting ill. It is still safer to adhere to proper food. Try to avoid relying on their ability to tolerate any type of food.

Whatever pigs eat, affects their growth, health, behavior, reproduction, and entire life. Try not to provide pigs with any leftovers or spoiled food to the pigs, especially the young ones.

Avoid Feeding Piglets with Seedy Fruits / Foods

For mature pigs, eating any kind of fruit is safe and won’t be a threat. However, young ones might be at risk when they swallow seeds. The seeds may not cause a critical condition, but it is still better to be safe than sorry.

Avoiding Mushrooms for Farm Pigs

Mostly, pigs have the idea instinctively if a food poisonous or not. They will avoid harmful foods, but when the food is handed to them by their owners or caretaker, the story is different.

Since they are comfortable with anything their owners offer, they might not even think twice when eating the food that is in front of them. It is not a good idea to offer pigs some mushrooms. Therefore, try to prevent any mushrooms in their feed.

The Importance of Proper Feeding

As long as you provide proper care to the pigs, the pigs will enjoy a good healthy life. This proper care will also help you to be away from the risks of getting infected by a disease. It is a win-win situation for everyone. The pigs will enjoy a healthy life, their caretaker will stay safe and healthy, and people around their owners will also remain happy.

One fault could cause a chain reaction, that is why we deeply discussed what to feed and not to feed to the pigs. One pig kept well-fed that is capable of producing the right amount of piglets, and if raised as livestock will surely fetch a reasonable price.

World Pig Breeder Associations

Pig AssociationLocationLink
National Swine RegistryUnited StatesNSR
American BerkshireIllinoisAB
Livestock ConservancyNorth CarolinaLC
American Mini Pig AssociationUnited StatesAMPA
Southern California Association of Pot Bellied PigsCaliforniaSCAPBP
British Pig AssociationUKBPA
National Pig AssociationUKNPA
Canadian Swine Breeders AssociationsCanadaCSBA
Australian Pig Breeders AssociationsAustraliaAPBA

What Do Pigs Eat?

Pigs eat all kinds of things, but mostly plants and meat. Pigs also like to eat human food and snacks. The best food for pigs is plants and vegetables like carrots, corn, peas, broccoli, and many other types of fruits and vegetables.

They can also eat things such as bread & toast with jam or honey or even chocolate! They can even eat meat, but be careful what kind! Pigs cannot eat spicy or hot things because it will hurt them & they can get really sick. They also have to have a lot of water for the food to go down their throat.

What Can Pigs not Eat?

Pigs are not supposed to eat chocolate because it’s bad for them, just like dogs. If you ever have a pig then you should stay away from chocolate in case they eat it.

People in the past used to feed pigs all kinds of things that aren’t good for them. Pigs can also eat really bad foods like old food, garbage & even dead animals because people would just throw their meat in the pigpen!

Spoiled or rotten foods can also be really bad for pigs because their stomach has to be perfect. If the food is too damaged then it will kill them, so you should never feed your pig that kind of stuff.

Why do Pigs eat Anything?

Pigs eat anything and everything that they can find. This is what pigs do, and it is one of the reasons why people raise them as livestock.

The problem with this behavior is that pigs will often come across things such as rocks or sticks in their food. These items can be hard to digest and may cause a pig to become sick. This is why it is important for anyone who raises pigs to make sure that their feeders are kept clean and free from debris.

The fact that a pig will eat anything also means that a pig may try eating things such as trash, food waste, or even non-edible items such as rocks. This means that pet pigs need to be kept away from outdoor trash cans or anything that has the potential to be eaten or chewed on.

Pigs are also naturally curious which is why they often try to eat things like rocks, sticks, and other items they find outside of their food source.

It is important for anyone who raises pigs to make sure that their feeders are kept free from debris. Pigs are also naturally curious which is why they often try to eat things like rocks, sticks, and other items they find outside of their food source.

This means that pet pigs need to be kept away from outdoor trash cans or anything that has the potential to be eaten or chewed on.

Final Thoughts – Do Pigs Eat Anything

Pigs are naturally very messy creatures, not only when it comes to their food but also with their outdoor living area. If a pig does not have an adequate place to “mud” they will often create one by digging holes in the ground or creating mud puddles.

Pigs, much like cows, are ruminants which means that they have four stomach compartments. The first stomach compartment is the rumen which stores food. The other three compartments are much like a human stomach in that they break down food until it can be digested properly.


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