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Pigs as Pets vs Dogs (with Videos)

Pigs as Pets vs Dogs (with Videos)

Pigs as Pets vs Dogs

Pigs as Pets vs Dogs -Pigs and dogs make great pets for several reasons. Many of the ideas overlap with each other. Both pigs and dogs are caring, adorable, loving, entertaining, and curious. However, there are a few evident personality and lifestyle differences between these two pets. One animal is not objectively better than the other, but it is essential to know the difference when deciding if the piglet or the puppy is right for you.

Like dogs, pigs are opportunistic omnivores, who are mainly motivated by food and treats. Just like dogs, pigs when ignored or get bored, become stressed, depressed, and destructive inside the home.

However, unlike dogs, which have a range of life expectancies based on the breed, and size, pigs tend to be especially hearty, and long-lived.

If appropriately cared for, pigs can live up to 20 years.

The Main Difference is Pigs as a pet are quite different from dogs. They tend to do as they please, and though affectionate and personable beasts, their trust must be fostered and developed. but once formed, it can be incredibly strong as compared to puppies.   

Humans and Piglets Bond

Dogs usually develop a rapid bond with humans, and most love and trust quickly. Piglets, on the other hand, take some time to establish a relationship with humans, but once formed, it can be incredibly strong as compared to puppies.   

Pigs are Calmer than Dogs

Dogs have a ton of energy, and they are playful and love toys, fetch, and other games. Pigs are less energetic as compared to dogs and less playful, which means that they are calmer than dogs. In general, pigs make different movements than a dog; however, they are slower but calculated. With close attention, you can anticipate what is the pig thinking next.

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Pigs are Less Destructive Than Dogs

Pigs are less destructive than dogs. They don’t demolition projects like most often dogs do. However, once the pigs get bigger, they can be more harmful as compared to the dogs.

 Pigs Shed Less Hair

Usually, pigs shed less hair as compared to the dogs. Pet hair in the house makes house dirtier. Therefore, with less shedding by the pigs, they keep the house more cleaner than the dogs.

Pigs as Pets vs Dogs (with Videos) 1

Pigs are Squeaky Clean / Ultra Clean

We are always linking pigs with dark places. However, that doesn’t mean they are not clean animals. No doubt, pigs like to roll in the mud to keep themselves fresh on a hot day as they cannot sweat. But if you keep them in a temperature-controlled cool place, they will not get into anything messy.

Pigs usually don’t bring any weird thing homes from outside, and when appropriately cared for, they are free of any funky smells. There is a common misconception that pigs are dirty animals.

Pigs are usually spotless animals, so clean they can live indoors like dogs and cats as companion animals. Given the opportunity to roam and sufficient space, pigs will not defecate near their eating or sleeping areas.

How to Potty Train a Minature Pig

Potty Training a Baby Pig
  • Litter Box
  • Use Wood Chips
  • Any Accidents move the poop to the Litter Box – Little guy will follow the scent

Pigs are Intelligent / Tricks

One of the most critical characteristics of pigs is that they can learn things quickly like dogs. Pigs are a lot of similar dogs in that they are easy to train to obey the commands.

The intelligence of pigs ranked among dolphins which is one of the smartest animals on the earth.

Pigs can learn to roll over and many other tricks.

Pigs as Pets vs Dogs (with Videos) 2

Pigs are Curious

Pigs are usually to the ground with their nose, and that is because they are always checking out the environment. Just like dogs, pigs are still smelling everything around them.

Pigs depend on their sense of smell to map out their surroundings and what is below them. Pigs can smell items 25 feet underground. Once they have gotten all their sniffs out, pigs can run around, and they are without hitting a wall or bump, even if they are not looking.

Pigs wont Make You Sneeze

Pigs are not soft pets like cats, because they don’t have fur, they have little hair. The hair of pigs feels a little scratchy, but that is a good thing for all who are allergic to lots of animals. The bristly hair of pig is hypoallergenic, which means that it is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions, and it doesn’t shed, so you will not be cleaning it up or accidentally breathing it in.

Pigs like to Cuddle

Pigs are pack animals like a human, so they crave attention and time with their loved ones. Having serious communication between them indicates that the pig wants a scratch or some snuggles. The connection can be in the form of cough, bark, squeal, and even laugh. If there is a bond between you and pig, they will greet you with a happy howl right before they roll on their back for a tummy rub.

Pigs as Pets vs Dogs (with Videos) 3

Pigs Have Great Memories

Pigs have great memories, and several types of research conducted that show that pigs are quite good at recalling where their food is stored. The pigs in her study were able to choose their food stash from the middle of eight different locations. They were also able to memorize which stash had smaller treats, and when given a choice, they decided to go to the stash with more significant gifts.

You Can Teach Them Things

Pigs are intelligent creatures, and they can play different games. They can obey commands as do dogs and will jump, sit, fetch a ball when told. They are also able to distinguish between the objects and can remember the distinctions year after they initially learned them.

Pigs are Great Communicators 

Pigs are excellent communicators, and they can make 20 sounds for different situations. Pigs use particular oink, grunt, or squeal when trying to woo a mate or express their hunger. Mostly, the mother pigs sing to their babies while nursing.

Pigs Are Training

Pigs are equally intelligent animals as dogs when it comes to the training of the pigs. Pigs can have similar training as do dogs have, and pigs have long-term memory to remember things the same way as the canine brain. By proper training, the pig can be an excellent pet that is under control.

Just like dogs, it is best to start with the young ones and a well-trained pig as happier and safer. Pigs like dogs, motivated by the food, so the training should structure with treats that may include popcorns, cereals, grapes, etc.

Pig Basic Training

Pigs are Smarter Than Dogs

There are several similarities between dogs and pigs, and both species have long since proven to be loving and affectionate pets. Because there are numerous questions that whether dogs and pigs are smarter is a perennial point of fascination. There several pieces of evidence available in the history that pigs are more intelligent than dogs, and they can be the right pet too.

Pigs Are Social Animals

 Pigs are very social animals. They develop a close bond with humans and other animals. They love to contact and enjoy getting massages. Pigs show their affections to other animals by grooming them. They acknowledge each other by rubbing noses and enjoying hanging out together. They love to listen to music and play with other animals. Pigs like to sleep in nests, cuddle up nose to nose


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