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Farm Pigs as Pets – 25 Reasons Why Not

Farm Pigs as Pets

Farm Pigs as Pets

Farm Pigs as Pets – Pigs are gregarious, hedonistic, intelligent, and social animals.  They are curious by nature. Pigs love attention; they enjoy the scratch behind the ear and a good scrub down with a brush.

If you are thinking about getting a farm pig as a pet, and you want to know their housing, feeding, and behavior then the information provided below will help you a lot. Check ou table to see how large your Pig will get.

Many times people will take farm pigs and raise them until they need to transition them to farm because of their ever-increasing Size.

There are smaller Breeds you can research from our tables. They when grown do not grow as big as farm Pigs. Mini Pigs are bred for Pets. Farm Pigs are grown for Meat, that is why there is so much difference in size.

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If you have pigs as pets, you will soon discover that their curious and intelligent nature will reason you trouble. They will always try to escape your enclosure, no matter how long you spend to make sure they stay there.

However, never slap your pig on the hindquarter, they hate this, and they will not forgive you even after weeks. They are mischievous little beasts, but they give you so much pleasure.

Farm Pigs as Pets - 25 Reasons Why Not 1
Farm Pigs as Pets

Are Pigs good House Pets

No, They are not. But then is it possible to keep a farm Pigs as a Pet. Yes, it is and many people do. We will examine the challenges that are encountered in Keeping a Farm Pig as a Pet. Pigs are very smart, intelligent, and are Trainable. They can do tricks and can be potty trained.

Can you get a pet pig that stays small

Yes, Thes are called Mini – Pigs. Miniature Pigs – Mini Pigs – are smaller Breeds of Pigs. Breeders have tried to breed Pigs smaller, and these Breeds are usually smaller than the traditional Farm Pigs. They are still large Animals. Some Pet Pig Owners have called them small Bulldozers. They are solid and strong.

Farm / Miniture Pig Table 13 Breeds

Breed of PigMature Weight LifespanFeed Per DayCost
Yorkshire450 - 650 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Red Tamworth (Bacon Pigs)500 - 600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Duroc500 - 600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Berkshire600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Hampshire500 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Saddleback600 lbs15 - 20 years6-8 lbs$ 60 - $ 100
Potbelly pigs150 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
American Mini70 - 150 lb15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
Mulefoot - Mini60 - 110 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
Ossabaw Island Hog100 - 150 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
American Guinea Hog150 - 300 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
KuneKune Breed140 - 220 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000
Meishan Breed150 lbs15 - 20 years3-4 lbs$ 300 - $ 1000

Do All Pigs Grow Tusk

Yes, All Pigs Grow Tusk, Males and Females, Farm Pigs, and also Mini Pigs have tusk that grows. Pigs need to have their tusk teeth trimmed every 10 – 12 months. Most times the pig needs to be sedated. The tusk is cut with a Gigli wire about 1/2″ above the gum lines.

This is called “Trimming of the Tusk” Most Pigs do not start growing their tusk until they are about 18 months of age. First Trimming is between 1 1/2 Years and 3 years.

Farm Pigs as Pets - 25 Reasons Why Not 2
Farm Pigs as Pets

Do pigs like to Cuddle

Yes, Pigs are very loveable little Guys. They are naturally very clean and love to be scratched and rubbed. They will gladly snuggle with their owner. They love companionship. Most will come when their name is called.

Generally unless handled a lot Pigs do not like to be lifted up and will squeal. Baby Pigs can be picked up and cradled, but even the mini Pigs can get quite heavy when mature.

Pet Pig Funny Videos

Can a Pet Pig Bite

Domestic Pigs rarely bite. If they are afraid or stressed they may but usually don’t. That is why it is best to train Pigs as early as possible to keep any aggressive tendencies.

All baby Pigs have 8 needle teeth. These are very sharp. Some Breeders clip them or remove them so they do not accidentally hurt children or other baby piglets. They fall out about 8-12 months of age. They can bite from play.

Farm Pigs as Pets - 25 Reasons Why Not 3
Farm Pigs as Pets

Can you Potty Train a Pig – 15 Steps

Yes, you can Potty Train your Pig, They are very Smart and they already by nature poop in corners. Here are some steps that will help you Potty Train your Pig

  • Poop and pee in the designated area
  • Train them Young as possible
  • Need Potty Pad
  • Potty Pad Holder
  • Pine shaving litterboxes – are attractive to pigs, they sometimes want to lay in their litter box – they also want to play in litterbox – Potty Pads work better
  • Change Potty Pads Daily
  • If you use turf pads need to hose them and clean them daily
  • Baby Pigs pee a lot – usually go once an hour
  • If it’s too hard to get too or too far the baby pig will find other spots to relieve themselves
  • Portable PlayPen – have blankets and potty pad and food and water – they will be content staying in pen – up to six months old
  • When Pigs get older they can hold their pee and poop much better
  • Pigs are Lazy got to make peeing easy
  • Do not give pigs treats as a reward for proper potty training. give them praise.
  • Praise proper Potty training, inside or Out
  • Once trained Pigs will let you know when they want to go out for bathroom
House Breaking your Pig

What is the Lifespan of a Mini pig

The Lifespan of a Pig is a great pet, or farm animal because it has a long life. The average Pig, Including Micro Pigs they live 15 – 20 Years. Pigs do grow fast and at about 6 months of age, a pig will have attained at least half of its size.

How Fast do farm Pigs Grow

  • Birth – 4 lbs
  • 10 – 12 Weeks approx 60 Lbs
  • 6 months 90% of its mature size

What kind of Pig is Best for a Pet

Most people that are not Farmers, usually choose Mini-Pigs because of their smaller total size when fully grown. Farmers often take in troubled little ones, runts, not feeding, and then bottle feed them until they are strong enough to return to the rest.

Bothe pigs can make great pets, it is just that the normal Farm Pigs will grow much Larger because of their breeding.

Do Other Pets get along with Pet Pigs

Yes especially if the Pets are young. Many people have pet Pigs with their Cats and Dogs.

Choosing a Farm Pig as a Pet

If you are thinking about keeping a farm pig as a pet, then there are many things to consider. Many pig breeds are retained on the farm and can be kept as pets like

  • Pink-skinned pigs
  • Red Tamworth 
  • Duroc
  • Berkshire
  • Saddleback
  • Hampshire 
  • Potbelly pigs

Pigs have different colors, shapes, and sizes, and different breeds have different temperaments. First things first, why do you want to keep pigs as pets. Because the nature of keeping the farm pig as a pet will decide the care and direction.

If you want to keep Pink-skinned pigs as pets, then keep in mind one point they suffer terribly from sunburn, so if you don’t have any kind of shelter for this breed of pig, then this breed is not suitable for you.

Potbelly pigs are favorite ones when keeping pigs as pets. Pig is a social animal; therefore, it is advisable to keep more than one pig as a pet so that they can give each other company.

Farm Pigs as Pets - 25 Reasons Why Not 4
Farm Pigs as Pets

Some people don’t realize how big a pig can grow. Your pig can grow up to 200kg. This is the reason why you should need secure housing and fencing for pigs.


Pigs can be housed both indoors and outdoors. There are a few points to keep in mind when housing a pig as a pet

  • Pigs need personal space, so give them a separate room with a pile of the blanket to nest in.
  • Provide outside space in a backyard or garden where they can exercise and have an opportunity to use their natural instinct to forage for roots and fungi.
  • Pigs can be toilet trained, so keep the focus on training.
  • Make a proper arrangement of shelter for outdoor pigs, you can build a brick house or wooden house for them.
  • Pigs can get sunburn, so proper shelter and bathing facilities are necessary.
  • Pigs love to nest, so you should provide them with straw or sawdust outside or blankets inside.
  • Make an arrangement of a sturdy fence. You can use wood or wire mesh fencing.

Feeding requirements

If you are buying a pet pig from a breeder, you can ask them what they have been feeding and how much they are feeding. This basic instruction can help you work, and any changes or additions to the diet can be made slowly.

Pigs can eat almost anything; you can feed them with a combination of old crops or household waste. You can also feed them with vegetables from your garden or orchard, combining them with pig or grain food.

You can also feed cereals like wheat, oats, and barley, and vegetables, and fruits like kale, apples, root vegetables, and turnips. Small amounts of beans, peas, or lupines can be fed to provide protein.

You can also give your pig a specialized feed that will contain all the nutrients he needs. Always remember to provide fresh, clean water to pigs.

Use a heavy water container such as concrete channels that are heavy and immovable because they will try to overturn the container to make mud roll over.

In an average pig, about 2 kg of pig feed or grain is needed per day and, at some point, less if household or garden scrap is supplemented. Food can be given at once or can be divided into morning and afternoon.

However, there is something that the pig does not like to eat, such as citrus, pineapple, onion, pepper, and some bras. Do not feed salt to your pigs, this will cause instant death.


Pigs are social animals, and they hate boredom. If you do not provide any mental stimulation to them, they will become destructive. Try to keep a pair of pigs as a pet so that they have company when you are not at home.

Pigs are very friendly animals; they love human attention and tummy rubs. They can become territorial, so keep an eye on them and discourage this behavior when they are young.

Pigs can be easily trained like dogs. They can learn their name, learn new tricks, they can learn to wear a leash or harness, and they can be trained to go to the bathroom using a giant litter box. They like food rewards and appreciate the routine in their daily life.

If you are a person who likes a well-kept garden, pigs are not the best option for you. They can be intrusive and enjoy foraging, rooting, and chewing.

You should also be aware that pigs can be quite loud when excited (for example, when they anticipate food), making loud grunts and squeals.

Health problems

It is better to castrate young male pigs (wild boars). Otherwise, they will become aggressive, smelly, and restless. Similarly, neuter the females (sows) at an early age because they go into every 3 weeks, become vocal, restless, and moody.

Talk to your vet about the vaccination schedule. The primary vaccination of pigs is for actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (APP), mycoplasmic pneumonia, atrophic rhinitis (bordetella), and erysipelas.

Pigs will also need annual worming and hoof trimming.

11 Benefits of Having a Pet Pig

  • Pigs Live for 20 Years
  • Mini pigs about half size of normal pigs Approx 60lbs
  • Fall in love with them as babies – quote
  • Pigs can be Leashed Trained
  • Can be trained to use a doggie door
  • Pigs are Extremely Clean
  • They will poop in corners, not everywhere
  • need to train pigs as pets from Babies
  • They stay small about 6 Months
  • Learn their name
  • Pigs do not mark Their Territory Like Dogs

25 Challenges to having a Pet Pig

Here are some suggestions

  • Pigs do not like to be picked up
  • They are little smarter than dogs
  • Really Smart – but they will think themselves
  • Pig Proof House
  • Dump Trash cans
  • They are mini Bulldozers
  • Will go through a ladies purse if something smells good
  • Will Figure out if they pull a tablecloth off they can get food on the table
  • Pigs will not stop if they see food
  • Pigs if upset will squeal – people will think you are murdering your pet
  • Pigs go through many sets of teeth – love to chew
  • Pigs Shed their Fur twice a year
  • Need to use doggie / Children’s Gates to keep them from areas that you do not want them in
  • Even with a House Pig – You need a Yard
  • Pigs will tear up your yard. – The Root
  • Hard to keep contained
  • Will Build Pig wallow in yard
  • They will root in your Yard
  • If they cannot Root in your yard they will root in your carpet
  • They constantly track mud into House
  • You can train your pig – But while you train him – he will squeal
  • They don’t stay tiny
  • Have difficulties with Heat and Stress
  • Pigs do not do well in an apartment alone

How to Handle Aggresive Pigs

  • Spay or Neuter your Pig – decreases aggression
  • Is Pig Hungry – Will Aggresively want to eat
  • Pig can become bored – They are very intelligent – then they get in trouble
  • Need Time Outside, to graze
  • Toys
  • Treat toys
  • Rooting Mats
  • Remove all Sugar from your Pigs Diet
  • pigs will try to Dominate around 2 years old
  • Do not show fear to your Pig
  • Ignore Pig swiping – taking their hed and swiftly , strongly throwing it to side.
  • Pigs can become Spoiled – Like a Child
Pet Pig Aggression

Mini Pig Breeders Association


You can keep farm pigs as pets, it would be a lot of fun, and they really are lovely pets. You can learn your pig’s personality after taking it home.

If you have the right housing, clean litter, the right food, and exercise for your pig, you can enjoy the enriching experience.