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Rare Chicken Breeds


Rare Breed Chicken Farming. In case you never knew, not every chicken belongs to the same breed. And that’s why today, we are going to look at some rare breeds chicken hatchery. There are close to 60 different Breeds of Rare Chicken we could find. We will look at some closely…but please only use this as a launching point.

Rare Chicken Breed Hatchery.

Rare Breed Chicken Farming

Rare BreedsCountry of OriginEggs/WeekAverage WeightPrice / Chicks
Black PenedesencaSpain3-44-5lbs$ 13.43
Black SumatraSumatra4 / Tinted in Color4lbs$ 4.56
AmeraucanaUnited States / Chile3 / 4 Blue5 lbs$ 4.25
Lavender OrpingtonEngland4 / 5 Brown 5 lbs$ 6.08
Partridge ChanteclerCanada3-5 / Brown7 lbs
WyandotteUnited States3 - 5 / Tinted Brown6 lbs$ 4.90
WelsummerWelsum Netherlands4 / Dark Brown5 lbs$ 5.95
Silver Grey DorkingUK / Roman8 lbs$ 5.95
Light BrahmaUnited States / ChinaBrown13 lbs$ 4.90
Silver Laced Cochin / ShanghaiChina5-6 / Brown6 lbs$ 4.90
White MaransMarans / France4 / Dark Brown5 lbs$ 6.08
DominiquesUnited States4 - 5 / Brown 7 lbs$ 4.90
Exchequer LeghornTuscany ItalyWhite5 lbs$ 4.25
Silver Spangled Appenzeller
Switzerland54 lbs
Buff Brahma StandardShanghai ChinaBrown13 lbs$ 4.90
Silver Laced PolishPoland / Netherlands4-5 lbs$ 5.95
White Sultan / Fowls of the SultanTurkey2 - 3 / White 4-6 lbs$ 7.75
Mottled HoudanHoudan Paris FranceWhite4 - 5 lbs$ 7.75
Dong Tao / Dragon ChickenVietnam2/3$ 2500 -
Ayam CemaniIndonesia3 / Cream 5 lbs$ 50 - $ 2500
Onagadori / Honorable ChickenJapan$ 49.00
PolveraraItaly2 / 3
IxworthSussex UK4 / Cream
Naked Neck / Transylvanian Naked-Neck chickens.Transylvania5$ 4.25
CampaignBelgium7 / White5 lbs$ 7.75 / Golden
Deathlayer / German7 / White$ 99.00
Serama / Smallest Chicken in the WorldThailand.5 - 1 Lb$ 39.00
Silkie / SilkyChinese2 / Cream$ 5.75 / White $ 5.75 / Blue $ 5.75 / Buff
$ 5.75 / Black
Pricing is buying 1 Chick - Bulk gives better prices - they are also only available during a special date ranges

Rare Breed Chicken Farming / What is the Rarest Chicken in The World

Campine Chicken Breed – seems to be the Rarest and Endangered Chicken Breed. It originated in Belgium. There are two different types of Campine Chickens. The Gold which is the Rarest and the Silver. In Belgium it was known as the “Every Day Layer” They produce White Hearty Eggs. This Domestic Chicken is known to be intelligent, Hearty, and very Active.

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Dong Tao

The Dong Tao chicken breed is an extremely rare kind of chicken, which is actually reducing in number. In general, they’re a breed that is much sort after and prized for its fleshy meat in Vietnam.

Rare Breed Chicken Farming 1
Rare Breed Chicken Farming

Originally from Dong Tao village in the Khoai Chau District of Vietnam, these breed of chicken are also referred to as the Dragon Chicken. In terms of weight, the male breed can weight up-to about 13.5 lbs. and females around 9.9 lbs.

They are often given the name “Dragon Chickens” due to their extremely thick legs and large feet. In regards to their leg’s thickness, it can be measure equally to that of an adult males’ wrists. And because if these large features, the dragon chickens are not very good at laying eggs.

Traditionally, they lay 2 to 3 eggs a week and could end up breaking two of those eggs, as a result of their large feet. In a nutshell, they are terrible mothers, and the only way you can get them to lay eggs carefully is through the use of an incubator. For a breeding pair of this chicken breed, you are looking at around $2500.

Rarest Roosters

What is the Most Expensive Chicken in the World

Ayam Cemani

If you think the Dong Tao breed is outrageously expensive, then wait until you see the price for the Ayam CemaniOpens in a new tab. chicken breed. When compared to exotic cars, most people claim this breed of chicken is the Lamborghini of chickens because, they are very rare, very beautiful, highly mysterious and were at some point, taken as being a sacred bird in Java, where they come from.

These beautifully inky black breed of chickens have black feathers, a pair of wattles, eyes, comb, beak, and legs. Overall, they are so elegant and beam.

Another very unique feature about this chicken breed is that it is not only its physical appearance that is totally black! Its meat, organs, skin and even its bones are also very black.

Rare Breed Chicken Farming 2
Rare Breed Chicken Farming

The only thing that is truly black (although it is very dark) is its blood. As such, this breed was also a very popular bird for various rituals. It goes for $2500 each, that is $5000 for a pair of them!


The Onagadori, is a big chicken that comes from Japan where its name loosely translates to “Honorable fowl”. This breed was designed as a National Treasure in Japan in 1952 and to date, there are only about 250 of these birds left in Japan.

These are exceptionally beautiful birds in which the roosters have tails that grow from between 1.5 meters up. One of the longest recorded tails of this species was 12 meters in length. They have roughly eighteen feathers in their tail which do not molt.

Their saddle hackles have also been known to be tremendously long, and tend to grow quite fast. They come in three different color variations that are Black-breasted red, Black-breasted white and white.

They demand quite a considerable amount of attention and care for their feathers. Most owners will keep them perched to their feathers, and do not drag on the ground and tie their tail with silk ribbon, to keep it in perfect condition.

Rare Breed Chicken Farming 3
Rare Breed Chicken Farming


In terms of age, the Ploverara chicken breed is very old, as some say that this ancient breed comes from Italy. They are an average-sized crusted chicken with a V-shaped red comb, small wattles, and white ear-lobes.

They also have a beard which together with their unique shaped crests makes them look like little-bearded chefs. They come in two main colors variation white and black. The white variation is pure white and the black variation is an inky black, that shines beetle green in the sun.

These chickens make incredible show birds, as they lay a good amount of medium to large white eggs. Around 150 impressive per year and even though their meat is a bit darker than most other chickens, it is still known for its sumptuous taste. The only sad thing is that; this beautiful breed of chicken is heading into extinction.


The Ixworth chicken breed was developed in Ixworth in Sussex, UK. They are becoming more and rarer each year. Sadly, this is because this dual-purpose chicken breed is an all-around people pleaser and pleasurable addition to any flock. It only comes in pure white, and can lay around 160 to 220 cream/tinted color eggs per year.

The eggs are generally from average to large in size. It was also one highly sort after, for its really tender tasty meat. By nature, they are a big breed of chicken, that is easy to come by, very calm, and can be tamed.

Rare Breed Chicken Farming 4
Rare Breed Chicken Farming

Naked Neck

The Naked Neck has since been thought of as the “Turken”. This is because it looks like a chicken and turkey who crossed during courtship. In fact, at a time, there was once a rumor that this was the case. However, it is not. Rather, it is a gene that the chicken is bred with, which gives the Naked Neck chicken up to 50% less feather coverage than the normal chicken breed. And most of these can be easily seen on its neck, where you’ll barely find a hair on the neck. And that’s why this chicken often looks like Turkeys!

Originally, they come from Transylvania, and that’s why they are oftentimes known as Transylvanian Naked-Neck chickens. They have excellent meat quality that is very tasty, and in terms of motherhood, they are really good layers of large brown eggs. You can expect anywhere between around 200 to 250 eggs each year, per chicken.

Most Expensive Chicken Breeds

What is the Friendliest Breed of Chicken

From Reviews of Chicken, Farmers Silkies seem to head the list. Silkies / Silky Chickens are named for their silky cotton-like feathersOpens in a new tab.. They Have Black Bones and Skin, they have Blue Earlobes. They also have 5 toes on each foot where most other chicken Breeds have 4.

They are well known for their temperament, docile nature and are good mothers. Many times these Chickens are used for pets with children. They are Small ChickensOpens in a new tab.. There Name in Chinese, where they are thought to have originated. Means Black Boned Chicken.

They lay cream-colored eggs and they lay about 2 a week. They are naturally good mothers and farmers use their friendly nature because they will raise other breeds chicks.

In a nutshell, the rare chicken breeds are those that are gradually finding their way into extinction. So, if you want to eat a special kind of chicken, a type that is way different from the ones you’ve always seen and know, do you own research about these amazing chicken breeds.

What is the Smallest Chicken in the World?

The Serama has the Title of the World’s Smallest Chicken. Its weight is generally about 1 lb, with some in its native Malaysia being as small as 1/2 lb ( 500g – 250g). There are Three Classes of Serama Breed of Chickens

  • America Serama
  • Traditional Serama
  • Malaysia Serama

The Serama is a Bantam Breed of Chicken Breed originates from King of Thailand. They are the pets of many children. They were also called “Pigmy Chickens”, “Pretty Chickens”. They were named after Rama – King of Thailand.

Rare Breed Chicken Farming 5
Rare Breed Chicken Farming

What is the Largest Chicken in the World

The Brahama Chicken, and the Jersey Giant – seems to hold the Title. Looking at The Brahama, This Breed of Chicken Average weight 12 – 15 lbs. Its origins are back to China. This Chicken is named the “King of Chickens”

Along Besides that is the Jersey Giant Breed. This Chicken Breed averages 13 – 15 lbs, Its Nickname is the “Gentle Giant”. This Breed of Chicken was working toward a Chicken that in its size could compete with the Turkey Market

What is Deathlayer Chicken?

The Dearthlayer Chicken – their Technical Name is Westfalische Totleger, it is a German Breed. The names derived from the fact that they were such good Layers – that they would keep laying until they Died. They average 3 -5 lbs. They will lay an egg a day, steady for 3 – 4 years, then they begin to taper off. They live 10 – 12 Years of age.

They are a very nervous breed and do better free-range. Deathlayers are extremely Rare with only approx 1000 + registered in Germany.

Do chickens Remember Faces?

Yes, They can, Contrary to what you might think, chickens are very intelligent. A study was done in 2015 Opens in a new tab.at the University of Australia.

  • They can Count
  • Some Level of Self Awareness
  • They can Learn Very Quickly
  • Recognized Emotion
  • See More Colors than Humans
  • Can detect Low and High-frequency Sounds
  • Have well-developed senses of Smell and Taste
  • Exhibit signs of Self Control
  • Chicken Language has 24 different vocalizations
  • Roosters have their own Predator alarm calls – can recognize them on a computer
  • have the ability to reason and make deductive solutions
  • Chickens can perceive time events and look forward to them with anticipation
  • They have both positive and negative emotions
  • Chickens have Personalities

What is the Calmest Chicken Breed?

The Jersy Giants and the Braham Chicken Breeds seem to be at the top of farmers’ list for the calmest Chicken Breeds. They are also the Largest of the Chickens Breeds. They are some of the best if your chicken farms are around kids. It is such a positive learning experience for children to learn to provide and take care of Chickens. They are great for 4-H projects.

What is the Most Aggressive Chicken Breed?

Looking at the Most aggressive Chicken Breeds. These Three Breeds are the ones used the most in Chicken Fighting

  • Aseel
  • Maylay Game
  • Indian Game

When Looking at other Breeds apart from rooster Fighting these are brought to light. Roosters in these breeds have been mentioned about Killing Foxes. Their Rooster are very aggressive in protecting their Hens.

  • Plymouth Rock 
  • Buff Orpington 
Rare Breed Chicken Farming 6
Fighting Chicken

Do Chickens get Attached to Humans?

Yes, They can become attached to people. Our Grandaughters raised 6 Chicks until they were laying. They became very good pets. They Carried them everywhere. They were not like pets where they would come to them when they called. Our Grandaughters would run after them grab them up, and then hug and carry them like crazy.

Do Chickens get Mad when you Take their Eggs?

No, Hens do not mind at all when you take their Eggs. The Only time that it might concern them is when they are Brooding. At that time they will sit on any type of egg, no matter who from. Some farmers have gone to the extent of leaving a fake egg in the nest, just in case. It is best to wait for the hen to leave the nest. Sometimes they can refuse to go back to that nest. If Upset.

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