12 Ways to Make Money by Chicken Farming—Extensive Guidelines for Chicken Farmers

12 Ways to Make Money by Chicken Farming

As a General Rule Chicken Farmers Make money by 1) Fresh Eggs 2) Fertilized Eggs 3) Day Old Chicks 4) Meat Birds 5) Feathers 6) Chicken Manure 7) Making Chicken Coops Today the 37% share of the meat market in the world is of poultry

Baby Chickens

Ways to Make Money by Chicken Farming

  • Fresh Eggs
  • Fertilized Eggs
  • Day Old Chicks
  • Making Chicken feeds
  • Meat Birds
  • Chicken feathers
  • Chicken manure
  • Building Chicken Coops
  • Pullets
  • Stewing Hens
  • Selling Fancy Birds
  • Writing Books / Online

Ways to Make Money by Chicken Farming Opens in a new tab.– The poultry farming market is getting bigger day by day. People are making more and more profit out of it. Today the 37% share of the meat market in the world is of poultry. Annually, the amount of, only, chicken consumed is more than 60 billion. In the food production category, the highest numbers of shares are of chicken farming. Therefore, a chicken farmer must be more systematic and goal-oriented to profit from his chicken farm. For this purpose, this article will extensively educate you on how to make enough profit out of a chicken farm.

Sit back! And start your chicken farm journey with us. I will tell you the 12 ways to earn a handsome profit out of a chicken farm.

Importance of Chicken Farming?

The following points will explain why chicken farming Opens in a new tab.is an important business to make a lot of money.

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How Much Capital does it Require?

Chicken farming does not require huge capital. This is because you need the capital for basic utilities, and you can start the farm in your backyard with a few coops or cages. Until or unless you start farming on a commercial scale, you don’t need much capital. Therefore, it is a great option for entrepreneurs to take the start.

12 Ways to Make Money by Chicken Farming

Can get High returns in a Short Period?

The chicken business is among those businesses in which you can expect high revenue in a short period because chicken is ready for selling in the market in just 4 to 5 weeks. It means that you don’t need to put in a lot of money and wait for many months or even years to collect.

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Has Global Demand?

Chicken provides the consumer with highly nutritious food at fairly fewer prices. Undoubtedly, chicken is an inexpensive source of meat protein. There is global demand for fresh and nutritious chicken meat. Therefore, it will not be wise not to earn a profit with chicken farming.

Ease of Marketing?

Chicken meat marketing is one of the most easily accessible markets. There are already established markets in every region where you can sell your products. Besides, the better supply and demand of chicken earns you a great profit.

General Rules

You will be facing the following hurdles if you are going to start your chicken farm. To pass through smoothly, you need to take the following guidelines in your mind to earn maximum profit.

1.    Acquire the land and the housing in a comfortable location

The location of your farm is very critical, according to the perspective of marketing. A good location can earn you a handsome profit by decreasing the cost of transport. Similarly, the location of a farm far away from the market can increase the cost of transport and resultantly decreases the amount of profit.

At the same time, housing is also critical regarding bird health and consequently the profit you want to make. Many farmers that are unaware of the housing protocol lose their flock and suffer a huge setback. Therefore, you should follow the standard hygiene protocol for the better health of your birds. Remember that the most effective strategy in the poultry sector to save your bird from diseases is to prevent them from occurring.

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2.    Selecting and purchasing healthy and High Producing Birds

Poultry farming comes under the shadow of animal husbandry in which a farmer raises domesticated birds such as chicken, turkeys, ducks, and geese. The most widely opted farming throughout the world is chicken.

First of all, you should select the type of farming you will do, egg farming or meat farming. Then comes the time for deciding the breed. There are many breeds of each bird, and each of them has a different production potential. You need to select the breed which provides you the maximum production in a shortest time interval. Remember to choose a trustworthy breeder in the market to purchase the chicks. Don’t compromise on the well-being of chicks.

3.    Feeding and Maintenance

Next, the crucial step in chicken farming is the feeding and management of chicks. In actuality, chicks need a little extra care for development and growth. Availability of water and nutrition all the time is essential. Certainly, you should pay attention to seasonal stress, humidity, rain, and other environmental effects to protect your birds. You should select and purchase good quality feed for your birds. A good quality feed containing all the essential nutrients is essential for the development and growth of your birds.

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12 Ways to Make Money by Chicken Farming

You should consult a veterinarian or a farmer to make a feed plan for your chicks. Chicks need different kinds of nutrition at different ages. Therefore, you should provide them a balanced diet for their healthy growth. Exposure to light is essential for your chicks, and therefore you should manage the exposure of light just as recommended according to their age.

4.    Vaccinations

Vaccination is essential for the prevention of your birds from various diseases prevailing in the chicken birds. If you fail to vaccinate your birds, they will suffer different diseases like ND, bird flu, etc. For better health and production of your birds, it is necessary to vaccinate the flock.

All these guidelines are essential to raising a better flock. Resultantly, a better flock will earn you a better profit. Moreover, I must tell you for your motivation that there are several ways to earn a profit if you are raising chicken in your backyard or on a commercial scale. You should need to be consistent in your work, and your money will return to you with more extras.

12 Ways to Earn Money From Chicken Farming.

1.      Fresh eggs

Many people in your neighborhood want to fill the breakfast with fresh backyard chicken eggsOpens in a new tab.. Furthermore, people are wise, and they prefer backyard chicken eggs over pale yolk eggs. You should cash their interest. In addition, you should not confuse over the price. The price of the organic egg is always high than common table eggs.

Moreover, when you have established yourself for commercial farming, you will have an already set market to sell your eggs.

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2.      Fertilized Eggs

If you have a rooster at your farm, you can cash people’s desire to raise backyard birds. Many people are willing, just like you, to raise chicken in their backyard to earn profit. You should be the one to provide them the chance. Furthermore, there is a plus point in this; you can charge more than the normal egg price for a fertilized egg. You should also sell the fertilized eggs to the breeder.

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3.      Day-old Chicks

Many people want to purchase day-old chick to avoid the hassle of hatching eggs. Furthermore, farmers usually evaluate the bird loss in autumn and want to restock their flock. You should cash farmer’s interest and sell day-old chicks.

12 Ways to Make Money by Chicken Farming

4.      Sell Meat Birds

There is nothing better in taste than pasture-raised organic chickens. And once you have tasted an organic chicken, you will never go back to grocery store chicken. Furthermore, there is a huge market for chicken meat, and you can earn a handsome profit out of it.

MeatCalories / lb

5.      Pullets

For farmers who don’t want the hassle of managing day-old chicks, pullets are a great option. Pullets are the birds that are just about to lay eggs. It benefits the buyer in several ways. It is easy for them to know the gender and save them from managing non-productive birds.

6.      Sell Stewing Hens

Stewing hens are those layer birds who have stopped laying eggs. Some people don’t find them worthy, but actually, they are. You can make money by selling stewing hens. Their meat will not be as tender as you get from a meat hen, but people want them for stew.

7.      Ornamental Feathers

You will be amazed to see the beautiful styles and colors of heritage chickens, which mostly come in roosters. Many crafters and fishermen love to make them in use. You have a big opportunity to cash their desires.

8.      Chicken Manure

Chicken manure is amazingly high in nitrogen and is famous as back gold. Black gold offers tremendous value for growing plants.

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9.      Homemade Chicken Feed

Commercial chicken feed is expensive, and many farmers challenge its quality. If you have a recipe, you can earn a handsome profit out of it.

12 Ways to Make Money by Chicken Farming

10. Sell fancy birds

You can sell fancy birds at high prices at an auction. If you have a small number of fancy birds, sell them to individuals at high prices; otherwise, go to auctions.

11. Write about Chicken Farming Online

Once you are a farming expert, you can make people learn from your writings. Create your website and start writing blogs on chicken farming.

12. Make or sell Chicken Coops

Maybe you are good at manufacturing chicken coops or having old coops replaced with new ones. In both situations, you can earn a profit by selling chicken coops.

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Final thoughts

This article has shared many ideas and views to start your chicken farming from a backyard and grow to a commercial scale by earning profit in several ways. No matter a small one or a big one, a chicken farm will never end in the coop. Undoubtedly, it will take dedication, hard work, consistency, and advertisement to establish its customers.

Whether you start a backyard farm or a commercial level farm, all you need is the basic information that I have summarized in this article, like housing, feeding, management, etc.

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