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7 Cute Ways: How do Rabbits Show Affection to Humans **KISS**

7 Cute Ways Rabbits Show Affection to Humans

As a general rule Bunnies / Rabbits show affection by being relaxed in your presence, rabbit licking you, stays by your side, bunny sniggles with you, comes when you call, or falls asleep in your arms

How do Rabbits Show Affection to Humans

Rabbits are very Affectionate Animals and make wonderful pets. Ways Rabbits Show Affection to Humans. They Show it by

  • Relaxed in Your Presence
  • Rabbit Licks You
  • It Stays by your Side
  • Falls asleep in your Arms
  • Comes to Your Call

Rabbits are sweet and adorable animals, however, it is not always easy to identify the signals they send us through their body language. Rabbits are incredibly sensitive beings who can be afraid very easily and whose behavior is different from that of other mammals.

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Ways Rabbits Show Affection – Man has duties towards an animal i.e taking care of his habitat, hygiene,  food, and veterinary treatments since he decided to adopt it as his furry kid. A rabbit does not communicate in the same way as human beings,  he does not have the same instinct, nor the same language, nor the same rules of life in a society. How do Rabbits Show Affection to Humans Jump to 18 Ways to Make Money by Rabbit Farming **CHARTS**

10 Signs Your Rabbits Love You

Your rabbit must understand the rules of your home, assimilate your language, and get used to it. All this requires work and time. It can be a stressful experience for your rabbit,  but you need to have the patience to develop a lasting cordial relationship with him.

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To understand as well as analyzing the behavior of a pet rabbit, one must always observe the behavior of a wild rabbit living in a society. The gesture generally called “licking” is wrongly associated with kisses. Licking also serves to create a bond between the family members of rabbits.

By such an act,  the rabbit leaves its smell on the other and marks it as being a member of the family. This licking is, therefore, a sign of acceptance shown,  out of respect, but to deduce that it is a sign of love would be a bit of an exaggeration.

Only a rabbit could tell us what it is. However, by observing many pet rabbits, we see that the bond uniting them can be very strong and licking shows up a real bond that unites them.

This article, we shall identify some signs by which you may be able to guess that your bunny is in love with you.

Ways Rabbits Show Affection to Humans / He Is Relaxed By Your Side

Rabbits are shy and somewhat wary animals it is not uncommon for a rabbit to wait several months to get used to your presence. Some may never even get used to your presence completely if they have suffered from a traumatic experience in the past.

A clear sign that your rabbit loves you is when he is completely relaxed and calm by your side. A relaxed rabbit is synonymous with the fact that he does not fear for his safety and that he considers you as a stable figure on whom he can put his trust.

He Licks You

A bit like dogs and cats, rabbits have some difficulty resisting the temptation to lick your skin. they love the salty taste! Nevertheless, we would be mistaken if we say that rabbits lick you only because they love salty pleasures because this behavior is also a clear indicator of confidence.

It is also a mark of respect and sometimes of submission. When your rabbit licks your skin, it means he has confidence in you and that he considers you as one of his fellows.

If your rabbit sometimes surprises you with licking, consider yourself as the happiest person in the world because it is clear that your rabbit trusts you and that he tries to show you the tenderness he experiences towards you.

Do not hesitate to reward him with a long and pleasant hugging session so that he knows you love him too. Beware,  since your rabbit may lick you out of sexual frustration. In these cases, you will find that it makes small “honk honk” sounds as it turns around you. It means he feels lonely. The solution will be to find a suitable partner for it or to castrate it,  but it is to be done in severe cases.

Your hugs are considered a sign of love by your rabbit. To find out if your rabbit is dominant, pet it lightly under the chin. There may be two cases:

If he licks you back, it may occur because he accepts your domination;

If he tries to bite you, it is because he feels dominant.

If you want to assert your domination, make a habit of caressing your bunny’s ears by pinching them gently. It is by this process that the relationships between dominant and dominated are confirmed in rabbits

7 Cute Ways: How do Rabbits Show Affection to Humans **KISS** 1
Ways Rabbits Show Affection to Humans

It Exposes Its Belly

If your adorable rabbit lays on his back when he is next to you, rejoice! This is a clear sign that proves that he has unlimited confidence in you and that he loves you! This body position is, in general, requesting attention and it is undoubtedly one of the positive signs that your rabbit can transmit to you when it comes to knowing if your rabbit loves you or not.

It Stays With You

Since rabbits are jovial mammals,  it is quite normal that they like to make their presence felt by their owners but if your rabbit really falls on you, or follows you everywhere,  then be happy!!

Because your rabbit loves you a lot. In reality, a distance of fewer than 2 feet between you and your rabbit suggests that he tolerates your presence. He considers himself safe with you. A very traumatic experience may make the rabbit extremely suspicious. This kind of experience can have catastrophic consequences for the animal. Traumatic experiences can be:

The bath ( since rabbits often hate water);

The presence of a very aggressive stranger in your environment

He Falls Asleep By Your Side

Do you like to massage your rabbit? If yes, likely, your favorite little furball has particularly relaxed itself to the point of falling asleep,

Perhaps you had not given this behavior the significant charge it carries but what is certain is that many pet owners end up wondering if the rabbits sleep next to them because it is unusual to see them resting next to a human being in whom they do not have total and blind confidence.

If you have even managed to sleep with your rabbit, you are one of the luckiest pet owners because it means that your rabbit feels at ease by your side.

He Answers Your Call

Does your rabbit runs in all directions, and it moves around you? Does it bite your pants? These signs mean that he loves you. You may also find that its tail wiggles. It’s a sign of excitement. Small grunts can be a sign of a request for affection. However, care must be taken not to confuse them with a state of illness.

The pet rabbit can lie down with its ears down, its head resting on the ground and facing towards you. That means he expects you to hug him. It can also push you lightly with its snout. Young rabbits are used to expressing their affection with certain hyperactivity.

They will encourage you to play with them. These games are a way for them to practice maintaining their reflexes. Some of the games that you can play with your bunny are:

Rabbit Bunny Behavior

Games to Play with Your Bunny

Hide and seek

Playing with a Fur Toy

Running After your Bunny

You can set up a relatively large enclosed space for play sessions. This contributes to the well-being of your pet.

You should know that as dogs and cats, rabbits are mammals quite capable of responding to the name you have given them. And one of the foolproof signs to know that your rabbit loves you is when you call it, your furry ball runs all the way to see and lick you.

He Wants Your Attention

One of the other undeniable signs that allow you to answer the question: how to know if my rabbit loves me, is when it seeks to capture your attention. Sometimes he could try to push you with his adorable little muzzle, he can rub against you or he moves slightly towards your hand in search of your hugs which he appreciates so much.

All these signals have something in common, as they indicate that your rabbit loves you. If you respond to its emotional requests, be prepared to listen to its little teeth cringe in the manner of a pleasant purr. Keep in mind that your rabbit needs to move. A constantly caged rabbit will get depressed very quickly. Most caged rabbits are stressed and they can also become very aggressive.

How Can Humans Show Their Affection towards Rabbits?

Listening to their Sounds

Hear the sounds of the rabbit. It is surprising to observe that rabbits make a variety of sounds that help them communicate different emotions such as pleasure, loneliness, or fear. Listen to the sounds made by the rabbit as you approach it.

If he chatters its teeth,  it means that he feels comfortable and satisfied. The rabbit can chatters when you pet it like a cat, purring. Other rabbits make this sound simply when they feel safe and happy in their cage or at home. If your rabbit is chattering, it’s a good sign that they love and trust you.

Small grunts can be interpreted as a way of attracting your attention or asking for affection, but also as an indicator of dissatisfaction and mistrust.

In some rabbits, small growls could also be a sign of a respiratory infection, especially if the rabbit also has secretions in its nose. If you think your rabbit is growling because of a respiratory infection, you should bring him to the veterinarian to cure out any possible illness.

Moans or squeaks usually indicate fear. If your rabbit whines when you grab it, you may not be handling it properly or you may need to gain its trust.

Observe Its Body Postures

Look at the rabbit’s ears. Rabbits have exceptionally good hearing, but they also use their ears to communicate certain emotions. If your rabbit’s ears are folded flat against his back, it tells you that he feels safe. If they are brought forward, it means that he heard or felt something that worried him.

7 Cute Ways: How do Rabbits Show Affection to Humans **KISS** 2

An ear in front and an ear in the back means that he has noticed something going on around him, but has not perceived whether it is a problem or not. If your rabbit’s hind legs are stretched behind its body, this indicates that it is relaxed and comfortable. This position of its legs prevents it from running away or attacking, which indicates that it trusts you and that it feels safe at home

Grooming Your Pet – How do Rabbits Show Affection to Humans

Keep your pet clean and tidy i.e protecting it from parasitic attacks,  chipping down its nails,  cleaning its eyes,  nose, ears, etc,  and also bathing him twice a week with lukewarm water.

As we have said throughout our article, rabbits are rather suspicious animals and their greatest manifestation of love occurs when he is completely relaxed by your side, it is for this reason that you may clearly understand that your bunny enjoys your company a lot. And we do hope that you liked our article,  and found abounding information about your bunny’s affection.

Rabbit Meat Profitability Table

RabbitsRabbits BornLbs Meat / YearAverage Price / LBTotal Revenue Possible
184252$ 8.00$ 2016
2168504$ 8.00$ 4032
54201260$ 8.00$ 10,080
108402520$ 8.00$ 20,162
2016805040$ 8.00$ 40,320
3025207560$ 8.00$ 60,480
40336010,080$ 8.00$ 80,640
50420012,600$ 8.00$ 100,800
100840025,200$ 8.00$ 201.600
20016,80050,400$ 8.00$ 403,200
Rabbits Have Average 7 Kits (Babies) /Month - Some have had up to 14

Rabbit Giant Angora Fur Profitability Table

RabbitsRabbits Born / Yr0z wool / Year
40 OZ / Rabitt
Average Price / oz
Feed Cost / Yr
$ .30 per day / $ 110 per Year

Total Revenue Possible
1843,360$ 33,600$ 9,240$ 24,360
21686,720$ 67,200$ 18,480$ 48,720
542016,800$ 168,000$ 46,200$ 121,800
1084033,600$ 33,6000$ 92,400$ 243,600
20168067,200$ 672,000$ 184,800$ 487,200
302520100,800$ 1,008,000$ 57,200$ 950,800
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504200168,000$ 1,680,000$ 462,000$ 1,218,000
1008400336,000$ 3,360,000$ 924,000$ 2,436,000
20016,800672,000$ 6,720,000$ 1,848,000$ 4,872,000
Rabbits Have Average 7 Kits (Babies) /Month - Some have had up to 14
Average Giant Angora Weight 10lb
40 Oz shaved Fur per Rabbit per Year
Feed $ .30 per day for 10lb Rabbit

Rabbit Poop Profitability Table

Number RabbitsManure / day / .5lbManure / lbs WeekManure /lbs Year
Manure per Rabbit ranges from .5 - 1 lb per day. We used .5 for Calculations

Breeds of Rabbits FAQ

Breed of RabbitOriginWeightPurposeKits / LitterBreed association
New ZealandsCalifornia5 kg
11 lbs
Meat8American Federation New Zealand Rabbit Breeders Assoc
CaliforniasCalifornia3 kg
7-10 lbs
Meat6 - 8California Rabbit Breeders
RexFrance4.5 kg
10.5 lbs
Meat2 - 4National Rex Rabbit Club
SatinsMichigan4 kg
9.5 lbs
Meat2 - 4American satin Breeders Association
PaliminosAmerican5.4 kg
12 lbs
Meat6 -8Palimino Rabbit Breeders Association
English AngoraEngland2-3 kg
5-7 lbs
Wool6 - 8National Angora Breeders
French AngoraFrance4.5 kg
10.5 lbs
Wool6 - 8National Angora Breeders
Giant AngoraTurkey4.5 kg
9 - 10 lbs
Wool6 - 8National Angora Breeders
Satin AngoraTurkey4.5 kg
6 - 10 lbs
Wool6 - 8National Angora Breeders
Mini LopUK3 kg
5.5 lbs
Dwarf2 -3American Mini Lop Rabbit Club
Dutch DwarfNetherlands1 - 2 kg
2,5 lbs
Dwarf2 - 4American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club
Pygmy RabbitNorth American500 grams
1 lb
Britania PetiteUK / Polish700 grams
1 1/2 - 2 lbs
Dwarf2-3American Britiania Petite Rabbit Society
Litter Size
Breed Association

Rabbit Breeder Associations

Rabbit AssociationLocationLink
American Breeders AssociationUnited StatesARBA
House Rabbit SocietyCaliforniaHRS
Ohio States Rabbit Breeders AssociationOhioOSRBA
Livestock Conservancy North CarolinaLC
Rabbit Welfare Association and FundUnited KingdomRWA
British Rabbit CouncilUnited KingdomBRC
European Association of Rabbits....EuropeEAP
Australian National Rabbit CouncilAustraliaANRC
Australian Rabbit House SocietyAustraliaARHS
ARBA - Rabbit ShowsUnited StatesARBA - Shows
Resource List of Rabbit Breeder Associations
7 Cute Ways: How do Rabbits Show Affection to Humans **KISS** 3
7 Cute Ways: How do Rabbits Show Affection to Humans **KISS** 4
7 Cute Ways: How do Rabbits Show Affection to Humans **KISS** 5


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