13 Ways to Keep Your Rabbit Quiet at Night **SHHHH**

13 Ways to Keep Your Rabbit Quiet at Night

As a general rule Mostly active during sunset and sunrise hours. Every rabbit has a unique personality. That’s why, while some of them are super quiet at night, the rest can be hyperactive all through the night, thus causing loud noises and unease in the environment. Switch them to new toys that are Structurally Quiet. Also, you can use background white noise to muffle 1) Hepa Air Filter with Fan in Bedroom 2)Fan in Bedroom 3) Ocean Sound machines 4) He might prefer forest sounds 5) TV playing quietly

Common Sense Ways to keep your Rabbits Quiet at night

Ways to Keep Your Rabbit Quiet at Night. Every rabbit has a unique personality. That’s why, while some of them are super quiet at night, the rest can be hyperactive all through the night, thus causing loud noises and unease in the environment. So, if you happen to own a rabbit who does this all night, then, here are eight ways on how you can keep them quiet throughout the night.

Do Rabbits Sleep at Night

Keep your Rabbits Quiet at Night Opens in a new tab. – Yes Rabbits, Do sleep at night. They are Mostly active during sunset and sunrise hours. Probably due to survival instincts. But Rabbits do on average normally sleep 6 hours a night. So There are several ways that you can encourage your RabbitOpens in a new tab. to be quiet at night and we will explore those.

why is my rabbit hyper at night

Can Rabbits See at Night

Rabbit can see better at night than we can. For a very detailed study of rabbits Vision at night check, This articleOpens in a new tab. Rabbits have their eyes located on the side of their heads, this allows the to see 360 Degrees. That helps when trying to avoid predators like Rabbit on the menu.

You can also Read our Guide –18 Ways to Make Money by Rabbit Farming—Extensive Guidelines for Rabbit FarmersOpens in a new tab.

They do not have the color development as we do, so they do not recognize some colors. They cannot see Red. They have a higher ratio of Rods compared to the amount of Cones. This makes their vision very good at dawn and dusk, and also at night.

Baby RabbitsOpens in a new tab. have their eyes open at 10 days old and begin seeing objects.

Why is My Rabbit Loud / Noisey at Night

Rabbits are crepuscularOpens in a new tab. which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. Their Busiest times naturally are several ours before and after sunrise and sunset. Rabbits are industrious creatures. They naturally like to eatOpens in a new tab., chew, burrow and dig. Rabbits in the wildOpens in a new tab. enjoy all these activities.

This is a problem if your Bunnies are living inside the house with you, especially in your bedroom. You are wanting to sleep and they are just busy.

why is my bunny so hyper at night

Day Toys / Night Toys

Many RabbitOpens in a new tab. owners, use this to their advantage. They keep two sets of toys for their bunnies. One set that RabbitsOpens in a new tab. can play with that is noisy during the day, then switch them to new toys that are structurally quiet. That way reducing the noise as they play with Them

Reduce Scary Unaccustom Noises

There can be many reasons your rabbitOpens in a new tab. is noisy. Just plain busy, but then there are other things that can scare him and cause him to thump

  • Hearing – Scarey Sound – Danger
  • Smell – Wiff of a Predator – Danger
  • Sight – Sight of something unfamiliar
  • Bark – of a dog
  • Sight – Cat or Owl on the Ledge – All items that can shorten a bunnies life
  • That is how they stay alive in the wild

Make Sure The Rabbit is not Training You.

Sometimes if a Rabbit is all alone. It may naturally crave attention. If You have two rabbits, he or she can have companions, someone to bond with.

If your rabbit is all by itself – You are Maybe his buddy

If every time he rings a bell, gets two noisy, you jump out of bed and go cuddle with, him he will begin to associate being noisy with you come running. Same as if you gave him a treat. positive reinforcement for him and sleepless nights for you.

White Noise Background

A Good Solution is making some type of white noise in the background. Something a little louder than your bunny some rabbit owners have used

  • Hepa Air Filter with Fan in Bedroom
  • Fan in Bedroom
  • Ocean Sound machines / He might prefer forest sounds – Smile
  • TV playing quietly / also can make him think he is not alone / Might want to avoid action movies.
  • Radio Playing
how to calm a rabbit at night

Sleeping Earplugs / Headphones

You can also just accept your bunny will not match your sleeping patterns. You can add to your sleeping edification theses items

  • Earplugs
  • Headphones
  • Cell Phone / Youtube Ear Plugs
  • Cotton

How to get your Bunny to Sleep With You

For your Bunny to sleep with you, it has to be his idea. They crave companionship, safety, soft environments. Make a spot he can make a small den/pile of blankets. Take him to bed with you but make his ability to come and go. Make your bed easily accessible to him.

Opens in a new tab.Rabbits can jump height of 4 feetOpens in a new tab.. But make it not a challenge for him. Hee can easily jump down, but then also make it easy for him to return

Heart Warming Rabbit Videos x
Heart Warming Rabbit Videos

Be careful, Rabbits love to digOpens in a new tab., they love to burrow, they love to chew. They are very delicate creatures. You could easily crush him if not careful.

If you buy him as a tiny Bunny. Training will be easier. Also, Neutering and Spaying will generally calm a rabbitOpens in a new tab. down.

Make sure you choose a vet that has a lot of experience with Rabbits.

Caution if you give your Rabbit time outdoors, make sure he does not bring any guest back to stay with you also Fleas / Ticks, etc

Blanket Coverage

The first tip which I’d recommend is covering your rabbit’s cage with a blanket. Now, a lot of times when rabbits are locked up during the night, but left to see what’s going on outside like the lights shining and all, it forces them to become anxious and hyperactive.

We have had great success with this with other animals. Dogs and birds.

They’ll want to touch and feel those elements, thus, will result in them clinging and hitting the cage all through the night.

Nevertheless, you can prevent this by covering their cage with something like a blanket, so that they’ll see nothing but darkness. Once you do this, they’ll be left with no other option than to sit still at one place or go to sleep until the next morning, when you’ll take off the blanket. 

The logic behind this method is to take any form of distractions during the night like lights, off their sight: fewer distractions, more sleeping time for the rabbits. Note, you don’t necessarily have to cover the entire cage, but the at least cover the front part where the light could be shining in from.

how to calm my rabbit down at night


Another thing you can do to keep the rabbits busy all through the night is to make sure there is an abundance of hay in the cage. When they have these forages in the cage, they can either eat it or play with it throughout the night. After they are done fiddling with the hay, they’ll eventually get to sleep. The hay, in this case, is going to serve as a distraction and also a meal to them. They can either play with it or chew it because they love chewing things. It’s all going to be their choice.

Feeding Pattern

Now, this is one of the most potent ways to put a rabbit to sleep quietly. Just like humans fall asleep immediately after a heavy meal at night, so do rabbits too. Thus, if your rabbits often make a whole lot of noise during the night period, then you might want to make some tweaks in their food pattern.

By that, I mean, always feed them in the morning, and very late at night. Depending on when you’re about to sleep, you can feed them 30 minutes to that time. And the food has to be a heavy one so that immediately they’re done eating the heavy meal in large proportion, the next thing that is going to come beckoning in their minds will be to sleep. Nothing knocks a rabbit out faster than a heavy meal late at night, like between 10-11 pm.

Do Rabbits Need Light at Night

One of the mistakes you should never make is in placing lights inside your rabbit’s cage. If you do this, and the light happens to be on all through the night, then you can bet they’re going to be active and noisy in the cage all night long. Just like humans, it’s often hard for rabbits to sleep when light rays are entering directly into their eyes. So, if you must have some lighting in the cage, make sure the lights are off when it’s nightOpens in a new tab. time.

Indoor Free-Ranging

The next step would be free-ranging your rabbit. Now, I know not everybody can do this, but if you can, it’d be great because when they’re free-range, the rabbits won’t have a need to be chewing on the bars to get out or jumping around and all that sort of stuff, making a loud of noise during the nightOpens in a new tab.. And by free-range, I mean, not locking the cage so that they can have the free will on whether to stay in the cage or go outside of the cage. This will help them feel more a lot more content, and they’ll be able to go wherever they want, without having to raise the alarm.

Bunny Nite Time Routine

Large Enough Cage Space 

Rabbits are unique animals in that, not only do they love clean spaces and privacy, they would appreciate it if you also made the cage comfortable for them. One of the implications of not putting them in a comfortable space is that it can cause them to become uneasy, and as a result, disturb you all through the night. You can make life comfortable for them by always checking if there are enough hays, everywhere is tidy at all times, removing all lightings in the space, and so on.

Playtime / Exercise / Exercise / Excercise

Another logical way to ensure that your rabbitsOpens in a new tab. stay quiet, sleeping all through the night is by exhausting them during the day time. You can do this by giving them additional playtime, which, as a result, will stress them out and force them to sleep during the night. On the contrary, if you engage them less during the day time, then you might as well be ready for a tarry-night, as a result of the noise they’ll be making.

9 Ways to Exercise Your Rabbit

Playing daily with your Rabbit daily will give him companionship and exercise. Exercise is very important. For your Rabbit to stay healthy doing things to keepOpens in a new tab. it from being obese is very wise of you.

  • Play with Your Rabbit
  • Get Him Companion Rabbit
  • Rabbit Toys
  • Ramps/stairs into hutches
  • Cardboard boxes for him to chew on – cut holes that he can jump through and nest
  • Wood Chew toys
  • Untreated Wood
  • Cat Balls
  • Plastic Child Toys
Ways to Keep Your Rabbit Quiet at Night

Noisy Items they can Play With

Noisy elements like toys are of one the reasons why your rabbitsOpens in a new tab. could cause a whole lot of sounds during the night. As such, always endeavor to take these elements away from the cage, especially at night, to avoid sounds when the rabbitsOpens in a new tab. collide or play with it.

Listen to the noise they are making during the night and be creative and substitute quieter Items for them to play with.

Rabbit Associations

Rabbit Breeder Associations

Rabbit AssociationLocationLink
American Breeders AssociationUnited StatesARBAOpens in a new tab.
House Rabbit SocietyCaliforniaHRSOpens in a new tab.
Ohio States Rabbit Breeders AssociationOhioOSRBAOpens in a new tab.
Livestock Conservancy North CarolinaLCOpens in a new tab.
Rabbit Welfare Association and FundUnited KingdomRWAOpens in a new tab.
British Rabbit CouncilUnited KingdomBRCOpens in a new tab.
European Association of Rabbits....EuropeEAPOpens in a new tab.
Australian National Rabbit CouncilAustraliaANRCOpens in a new tab.
Australian Rabbit House SocietyAustraliaARHSOpens in a new tab.
ARBA - Rabbit ShowsUnited StatesARBA - ShowsOpens in a new tab.
Resource List of Rabbit Breeder Associations

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, rabbits are to a certain degree like humansOpens in a new tab. in the sense that, when they have difficulties sleep, they’re bound to get bored and, thus, find a way to relieve themselves of the boredom by staying active all night long. So, if you happen to own such a rabbit, you can apply any of the above techniques, as that will help you in keeping them quiet all through the night. Cheers!

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