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Can Bunnies see in the Dark/ What is Crepuscular Mean

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Can Bunnies see in the Dark – Do Rabbits Need a Light at Night? We consider the pet as part of our family. If we talk about rabbits, we assume that they have the same anxieties as our kids. Because the children were afraid of the dark, we believe that this fragile little companion may be afraid when left alone in the dark.

If you are thinking about the fact that rabbits need light at night or not, then read this article to the end.

do bunnies prefer light or dark / leave a light

Do rabbits need light at night?

The simple answer to the question (do rabbits need light at night?). They do not. In The Wild, the changing of the day changing from daylight until the night is crucial to Their Overall health. They don’t hate or freak out in the dark, but if they hear a noise or smell anything they can’t see, this will make them scared.

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To moderate the clock of life, the contrast of light and dark is essential for rabbits. They needOpens in a new tab. a dark place to rest, and after a quiet break, they enjoy the whole day in natural light. This also shows that rabbits ( rabbit vision) also feel safe in the dark.

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There is a misconception in our minds, and it is common for rabbits to be nocturnal animals, this is not true. They cannot see in complete darkness, and another fact to note is that they do not sleep at night and also stay awake during the day as humans do.

Our rabbits are not in the same danger as their wild counterparts, so they have engaged in and maintained some special instinctive behaviors to survive. Rabbits are crepuscular, which means they appear to be most active at dusk and dawn. So at the end of both spectra, they avoid predators using dim light.

night rabbits / they can see 360 degree field much better than humans

At Which Time Rabbits Most Active?

Now, if we talk about pet bunnies, they wake up before their owner at dawn. They will appear active at that time. So we have to make sure there is enough room to exercise in their hutch. Our bunnies also need toys and other entertainment.

do bunnies like being in the dark / do bunnies need night lights / pitch black protects from prey animals

The rabbits remain asleep until evening and dawn.

But when the light got dim, they arise, and at that moment, they are more energetic, playful, and generally hungry.

At night, when you go to bed and your bunny return to their hutch, you need to make sure that your loving companion is comfortable for fun and feeling safe. Because at that time, they are still active.

Effect of Light on Rabbits Health

It is a fact that rabbits are very sensitive to high light intensity and stress conditions. This can affect your partner’s health, so you should consult your vet. Full darkness also has some negative effects on the bunny’s health. Due to the crepuscularOpens in a new tab. nature, you must make a suitable schedule according to the needs of your pet.

Studies have revealed that rabbits that liveOpens in a new tab. or are kept in normal light or dark conditions show no signs of disease, but those are observed to gain weight. When the bunny is autopsied under one of these conditions, brain lesions are observed, showing that the rabbit suffered from a high level of stress.

The excess light that is provided to rabbits also causesOpens in a new tab. fertility problems. The other negative effect of excessive or no light is that it damages the bunny’s retina. If we keep them in complete darkness, they will not be able to detect natural light patterns, and this will lead to the confused growth of your little companion.

Diurnal / Noctournal / Crepuscular / far sighted to feel safe

How much light is suitable for rabbits?

Bunny enjoys when there is a balance of darkness and light. Like humans, they have no calendars through which to program their lives. Then, the moment of darkness and light makes them understand the time of year. Through this, they understand when to grow and when to shed their skins to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

It does not matter if your bunny sleeps inside or outside the house, you must provide a separate place to sleep. They are usually light sleepers. They get disturbed in sleep when there is any change in lighting.

As we know that when sleeping, wild bunnies crawl into the dark. The same opportunity that our pet rabbitOpens in a new tab. deserves. Therefore, we have to take care of our needs.

Covering Hutch Deters Predators

Covering the little bunny’s hutch at night is a good idea. This provides them with additional protection. As we know, predators roam around at night in search of food, so covering their hutch means they are out of reach of predators.

are bunnies/rabbits nocturnal / see in the dark

If you also have a cat in your house where you are already keeping a bunny. You must stay alert and make it impossible for your cat to reach them; otherwise, it can lead to a worse result.

Another benefit of covering your pet hutch at night is that they are naturally restless, if they hear or feel that something is happening outside, they go out to investigate. Covering them will not allow them to go out, so they can rest well at night. It also provides additional protection for rabbits against weather changes such as wind, thunder, and lightning.

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The night vision of rabbits is too high than that of humansOpens in a new tab.. Rabbits can see around 3600. The only place they can’t see is under the chin.

In total darkness, rabbits cannot see

. They can see more clearly in low light and have a stronger vision. It is easier for this small species to make their own way around gloomier conditions in which human cannot make their way. With all this, they still need light.

In the dark, rabbits depend on other senses. Wild rabbits use sensitive whispers to find their paths and mazes. This is the way they realize they should live deep enough in the ground to stay safe.

Facts about Rabbits / night vision / rabbit at night

Final Thoughts

From all this, we conclude that rabbits do not need high lightOpens in a new tab. or do not like total darkness. They remain energetic, happy, and relaxed when there is a dim light due to their crepuscular nature. But that does not mean that we have to keep them in dim light at all times.

Balanced light and darkness help them to grow, remain fertile, and reproduce properly. Failure to provide them with balanced light and darkness will lead to insufficient additional weight gain and inadequate growth.

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