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Is it Safe for Babies to be Around Rabbits **WATCH**

Are Rabbits safe Around Babies

As a General rule Babies are delicate, rabbits are delicate – Rabbits are normally very docile so they would not be aggressive around a baby. Rabbits are known to scratch and sometimes bite. Babies usually are too young to know how to properly care for and handle a rabbit without accidentally hurting it. Baby can accidentally get scratched. Bunnies eat their own poop. Rabbits are very gentle soft creatures a baby could squeeze too tight, drop, or break a bunny if handled too roughly.

Is it Safe for Babies to be Around Rabbits

Rabbits are safe Around Babies, as the child matures into a toddler, he can become a little stronger, so caution would teach him how to be gentle when loving his bunny. As the child progresses into Kindergarten age, it is such a good thing to teach them the responsibilities of taking care of a loving pet.

As the children grow you need to monitor the children and their pets. When we were younger Darlene, babysitter other people’s children. This worked out great for us, she could make an income and stay home and care for our children. Is it Safe for Babies to be Around Rabbits

But she told me of this one exciting morning. She was babysitting one of the young boys we had. She happened to venture into the kitchen. He had become quiet, and that was, a sign when things got quiet, for her to look into

Are Rabbits Safe Around Babies – But as she entered the kitchen, the little boy was trying to start the microwave. She stopped and asked what he was doing. He stopped pushing buttons, and as she investigated, he had placed one of our pet kittens, in the microwave and was trying to turn it on…….

So as we explore this topic you will be able to see the pros and Cons, from the side of the Rabbit, and also the side of the Child. So Enjoy
Babies And Rabbits

Are Rabbits Safe Around Babies / Toddlers

Yes, Rabbits are generally very docile pets. So Training your children how to take care of a pet bunny teaches them a lot. To Keep your Bunnies Safe here are some suggestions

  • Teach them to handle the Bunny gently – not to squeeze too tight.
  • Teach them not to drop the Bunny
  • Teach them if the bunny wants to run away to let them – the bunny is smart
  • Teach them how to love the little rabbits
  • Teach to feed and water the bunny
  • Let them help cleaning up for the little bunny
  • Make sure playtime is supervised

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Helpful Guide to Getting your children to Bond with Rabbits

Are Bunnies Safe For Kids

Yes, Raising and Bonding with a pet are very good for any child’s experience. It teaches them so much. But there are so many choices of Pets, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Rats, Mice. Guinea Pigs, Birds, and fish.

Rabbits are a wonderful choice because they are very docile creatures. They are very soft and cuddly. If your child is that natured they are a wonderful choice. They are easy to take care of and can live indoors if your current residence does not match with larger pets.

Are Rabbits Good With Babies

Yes, Rabbits are good with Babies, infants. They are very soft and cuddly. Rabbits that live indoors are very clean and are not exposed to pets that roam outside.

As with all animals, we would not recommend allowing animals to sleep with babies. It may be cute but it is unwise. Under your supervision is one thing, but trusting an animal to your infant is not smart. They are still animals’

All animals can bite, most have claws and can scratch. 99% of this is innocent and does not have any aggression to it. But still, at the end of the day, your baby might be bitten or scratched.

These can get infected from the germs that animals have from outside, urine, and feces. Bunnies eat night droppings for their own digestive process. Their nails, and teeth, and mouths probably are not the cleanest.

Life of a Baby Bunny

Watch Baby Bubbies Grow

Which Breed of Rabbit is Most Child Friendly / Affectionate

Most Rabbits are very friendly, but here are some of the ones that show exemplary attitudes, that love to Play, and be handled and petted.

  • Harlequin – a very colorful Breed that originated in France. They come in two types Japanese, and Magpie. They are very gentle, intelligent and docile.
  • Mini Rex – Small Plush Bunny that originated in Florida. They are one of the Most Popular Breeds in the United States
  • Min Lop – History is from Germany, They are generally very friendly and playful. They can be trained to a clicker

Do Rabbits Understand Kisses

Yes, Most animals and people understand the love and affection that is conveyed by Kisses. It is impossible to not connect with showing that type of tenderness

One of the difficulties is the cleanliness aspect of kissing a bunny, and especially the reverse, of the bunny kissing you.

Pros of Bunny Kissing

Cons of Being Smooched by a Bunny

  • Rabbits by nature eat their poop. This is a natural process where some of their droppings are re-eaten and given a second pass through their digestive system before leaving
  • Rabbits teeth are capable of Chewing wood

Why Do Bunnies Lick You

When a bunny licks you, it is showing affection. Rabbits groom themselves daily. They are trying to show that affection to you by cleaning, grooming you. Take it as a compliment.

  • Licking can mean have Mu;\ltiple more meanings
  • Might like the salt on your skin
  • In dogs Licking releases endorphins that signal pleasure
  • Also as a sign of submission
  • Also a sign of Trust
  • People call Rabbit Licking Kisses
  • Rabbits lick their babies – signs of affections

Why Should Kids Have Rabbits

Here are some of the reasons that make it a very attractive pet for kids, there are many

  • They are Inexpensive $10 – $20 for a Pet Rabbit
  • Rabbits are Playful
  • Smaller and easier than a dog
  • Can be kept inside
  • Kids companionship
  • Teaches Responsibility to take care of something else
  • Can create a family experience
  • Teaches reliance, the Rabbit has to rely on the child for water, food. The child will learn about being responsible for another smaller life

Do Rabbits Get Attached to Their Owners

Yes, they do and they can come if called by their name. They can be trained with a clicker and treated to respond to various commands. A rabbit’s vision is different than ours, we tend to see what is in front of us, but your little bunny’s eyes are different.

They are on both sides of their head and can see quite well at a far distance. A fox or Owl sweeping in for a quick lunch. Your Rabbit can see you coming from quite a distance.

The little guy will use a combination of your familiar shape, your scent, your voice, and your body elements. to recognize you.

They know you are the one that brings the meals, his water, and nuzzles when holding him.

They can become scared if it is someone new.

Do Rabbits Bite

Generally no they do not, Can a Rabbit Bite, Yes they Can

All animals can bite when frightened, distressed, being territorial, in a mating mood. Rabbits have a great set of teeth, 4 incisors on the top and two on the bottom. with these, they eat. The take and cut Grasses cut twigs, tear them into smaller pieces that are then moved in a rotate them back to their molars.

Rabbits have been known to occasionally bite their owners, they have been recorded to bite and fight with each other, especially busk. Sometimes a Female and a too frisky Buck. They have been known to bite a rat defending themselves or their babies.

Can Pet Rabbits Spread Disease to Humans

Yes, When an animal is able to pass a disease to humans it is called Zoonotic Diseases – Here is a list of Common One. We would Heartily suggest taking your Rabbit to a Veterinarian and let them give them a complete physical. If your children are going to be spending a lot of time with them, physical, vaccinations, worming would be good to regularly do. Here are the big ones

  • Hook Worms – Kids can get it from stepping in infected poop. Then they enter trough the skin
  • Round Worms – Contaminated soil, eggs on garden vegetables – check bunnies poop for eggs
  • Toxoplasmosis – contamination from poop – raw meat
  • Crypto – Comes from infected poop – people get it by swimming in pools, watering holes that have infected poop in them
  • Lyme Disease – Being bitten from tick to person
  • Wash all Vegetables
  • Wash your Hands
  • Do Tick Checks
Vet Doctor Dr. Mercola Animal Diseases that children can get

What is a Good Age to Get a Bunny

A good age for a child to get a bunny is when the child begins showing responsibility to be able to take care of someone else, Our 5-Year-old granddaughter has a Guinea Pig that she Feeds, Water, Exercises and plays with. We visited on Sunday and she brought out her guinea pig, “CupCake”. And the little guy had pink doll shoes on. He was happy with all the attention

Is Bunny Poop Toxic

A Rabbit can drop over 100 rabbit Pellets, droppings, a day. Bunny poop itself, although the thought of it is unpleasant, is not toxic. It is very common for animals, dogs to eat rabbit, deer poop. other dog poop. as they explore

Bunny’s also pass what is called Night droppings, Technically called Cecotropes – and they eat their poop themselves. Many times you will see your bunny eating his poop from his bottom, this is what he is doing, they are called hindgut fermentors

Wher it becomes dangerous is if the Bunny has any type of parasites that the child can pick up. Parasites many tomes pass eggs through their host. that is how they get spread.

American Rabbit Breeders Association

House Rabbit House

British Rabbit Counsil

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