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Can a Sheep Live Indoors (2023)?

Can a Sheep Sleep Inside

Will Sheep Live Indoors. They can we will Explore all the Things you might encounter. Size is a major Factor, House Training, and the type of sheep you choose. A baby Lamb to bottle feed and return to the Flock. Living inside while it is small. Every year many Lambs are orphaned for a variety of reasons and they need mothering until they can make it on their own

Can a Sheep Live Indoors (2023)? 1
indoor sheep

The other is a Miniature lambs that make excellent Pets. And can live indoors as pets – with the their proper requirements met. Quiescent and Babydoll sheep, stay full grown about 18″ in Height at Shoulders. In weight 30 – 40 lbs when they are grown.

Sheep Live Indoors / Can You have a Sheep as a House Pet

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Lambs and miniature Sheep can make excellent pets and companions for Children, For the Elderly and 4 H projects. They are loving – Crave attention and can return love.

Many People take orphaned Lambs in for a time, bottle feeding them, getting them able to return to pasture on their own. This is a great thing to do otherwise many would die. The difficulty lies in an adult sheep can get quite large – 200 lbs.

The other option is looking at What is called Minature Sheep. These are Breeds of Sheep that are much smaller than normal sheep. These Breeds are still Raised for Wool, Milk, and Meat – They just are not as big.

Can a Sheep Live Indoors (2023)? 2
a sheep lives in a stall

It is Wise to avoid sheep with Horns

These Breeds Make good pets because of their smaller size. Especially if you would like to consider inside. Some of these tiny Breeds stay small and are not much larger than a Medium / large size Dog.

Pet Lamb in Apartment

Baby Lamb as a House Guest

Rejected Baby Lamb Comes Home

Breeds of Hair Sheep – Shed Once a Year

Hair Sheep are Different from Normal Wool Bearing Sheep. Wool Bearing Sheep need to be sheared once a year. From the View of Living Inside this breed have hair more like a Dog or a Deer. They shed once a year.

18 Breeds of Hair Sheep FAQ Table

Hair Breeds of SheepCountry OriginPurpose of BreedUseEwe Weight
KatahdinsCaribbean / Maine / AfricaTo Graze Power lines / instead of ChemicalsMeat120 - 160 lbs
DorperSouth AfricaThrive in Africa / Hot ClimateMeat / Fast Growing230 LBs
BlackbellyAmericaHot ClimatesMeat150 LBs
St. CroixCarribeanCame on Ships for Meat for sailorsMeat150 lbs
RomanovsRussiaPrimarily for MeatMeat
Wool - Double Coated
110 lbs
Blackhead PersianAfrica / SomailaBred for High Quanity of FatMeat120 lbs
West African DwarfSouth / Central AfricaMeat55 lbs
Red MaasiEast AfricaBred for Hardiness and parasite ResistanceMeat77 Lbs
Wiltshire HornEngland Do not suffer from FlystrikeMeat149 lbs
Royal WhiteUnited States / TexasBred for Tender Meat and Disease ResistantsMeat175 lbs
California RedNot completely Hair sheep/ Combination of both/ Prod 2 lambs YrMeat140 lbs
DamaraEgyptVigorous with fast growing / in extreme conditionsMeat110 lbs
PelibueyCuba / MexicoTropical SheepMeat75 lbs
AfricanaColumbia / VenezulaMeat110 lbs
MoradaBrazilSurvive ScrubMeat66 lbs
Brazillian SomailaSouth Africa / SomaliMeat
UdaAfricaLong Legged SheepMeat88 lbs
TouabireAfrica Dairy / Meat77 lbs
Breeds - Origin - Purpose - Weight

10 Main Breeds of Sheep

There are over 1000 different Breeds of Sheep. This category does not shed. Their Wool continues to grow each year about

Sheep on Wool Sheep Grows approximately 1″ per Month

10 Breeds of Sheep FAQ Table

Breeds of SheepCountry OriginPurpose of BreedUseEwe Weight
Suffolk SheepBritian / SuffolkFast GrowingMeat250 - 350 Lbs
Merino SheepSpainSoftest WoolWool100 - 200 Lbs
HampshireBritainBest Tasting MuttonWool / Meat200 Lbs
RomneyEngland / Romney MarshDisease ResistanceWool / Meat225 - 275 Lbs
Lincoln SheepEnglandProduce Longest Fleece In WorldWool250 - 350 Lbs
Dorper SheepSouth AfricanFast Growing MeatMeat230 Lbs
Turcana SheepRomainiaAdapted Alpine PastureWool / Milk / Meat175 - 200 Lbs
Rambouilette SheepFranceStrong / Hearty / All ClimatesWool / Meat300 Lbs
Leicester LongwoolUnited KingdomFast growing / Good FleeceWool200 Lbs
Breeds - Origin - Purpose - Weight

Miniature Breeds of Sheep

We made a Table of the Most Popular Miniature Sheep. Here are some FAQ about Miniature Sheep Enjoy

Minature Breeds of Sheep

BreedHeightWeight / Full GrownFood Per DayLifespanWool / Hair SheepCost
Quessant Sheep!8"28 - 30 Lbs1/2 - 1lb 10 - 12 YrsWool$ 350 - 450
Baby Doll Southdown18"75 lbs2 - 3 Lbs10 - 12 YrsWool$ 350 -450
Southdown Sheep18" - 24"130 lbs6 - 6 lbs10 - 12 YrsWool$ 180 - $ 600
Cheviot Sheep 20"130 Lbs6 - 6 lbs10 - 12 YrsWool$ 180 - $ 600
Border Cheviot20"130 lbs6 - 6 lbs10 - 12 YrsWool$ 180 - $ 600
Shetland Sheep24"75 - 100 lbs6 - 6 lbs10 - 12 YrsWool$ 50 - $100
Navajo - Churro20"110 lbs6 - 6 lbs10 - 12 YrsWool$ 200
Breed of Sheep and Physical Charistics
Amount of Food they Need
Wool - They Need to be Sheared Hair Sheep - Do not Grow Woll but shed Hair once a year
Pricing Depend whether you just want Sheep Or you want to Breed

Smallest Sheep in the World

Quessant Sheep are known as the Smallest Sheep in the World.

Quessant Sheep Smallest Sheep In the World

What Breeds would be Best for Indoors

If you are thinking about bringing in a Lamb into your home as a Rescue, or a pet for a certain amount of time. Just about any breed a baby lamb is precious.

A baby Lamb Weighs at Birth 8 – 10 Lbs

If you are looking for a Small Minature Breed we would recommend the following thoughts

  • Check Breeds according to your Budget on Cost – They are specialized Sheep so Cost can be high if you are looking for pedigree. Some are hard to find in the United States
  • Check the Mature Height and Weights to make sure they will fit in your dwelling
  • In the Smaller Breeds – we need to consider grazing needs. backyard etc.
  • Sheep are flock oriented – so t=need how to figure out they have companionship
  • Get Potty Training Supplies Immediately
  • Get the Sheep as Young as possible to make training easier.
Can a Sheep Live Indoors (2023)? 3

Spaying and Neutering

If you are considering getting one of the Miniature Breeds of Sheep to stay with your family in your home it would be wise to consider some of this thought. But it is very Wisr to have your sheep spayed or neutered. This will relieve a lot of issues that will cause you extra work if this little one is living with you in your house. It will also help your sheep to be more docile and calm. but if

  • You are wanting to Breed
  • If you are wanting to provide Semen
  • If in future you want to sell back to a farm

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Care of Your Lambs/Miniature Sheep

As you have your little sheep or lambs there are Standard of care that needs to be done for your sheep. These are the same things that farmers need to do for their Flocks. But because they are sheep they need these things also

  • Hoof Trimming
  • Worming
  • Vaccinations
  • Yearly Shearing
  • Shelter
  • Predator Protection – Even more these are littler Sheep more vulnerable.
  • Sheep are Flock animals so they need companionship however you accomplish that. Other animals and Non-Aggressive Pets can become their flock

How Much Space do I need

Like all animals, they need a certain amount of Space for Sleeping, for daily Exercise, and for eating.


If your Sheep is living inside with you. The smaller sheep can easily stay inside, sleep inside, be potty trained. Your house can be plenty big enough if you are very tolerant to a small animal having full rein. You have to figure out grazing. Sheep are ruminants. So you will have to come up with how to allow them to graze, eat hay. This can kind of be messy.

Outside – 1/6th Acre

If you have a backyard that has grass that would be perfect for your little sheep’s grazing. I would use extreme care that no lawn chemicals are not able to where they can eat vegetation that might have been sprayed or treated. 1/6 Acre of grass is enough to allow your little sheep to graze.

Chech Any Local Zoning Restrictions

House Modifications

Sheep have hooves so you might consider the type of flooring you have. Sheep are chewers. So You need to give it some thought to sheep proof your house

A foldable gate is great also for keeping them out if special parts of the house.

Wood , Carpet, Chew edges of your house. they will lick mortar, wood decks, Furniture, Blankets, and sheets, Curtains

Can I Potty Train a Sheep / Lamb

How to Potty Train a Lamb
Potty Training Baby Goat

Here is a Quick Lamb Potty Training Guide. Sheep are very Smart and Intelligent. They can Remember and have and show emotions Here are some important steps

  • Potty / Puppy Training Pad
  • Start Young
  • If Lamb Squats – place pad under Lamb
  • After Bottle Feeding – is the Best time. It is a natural reaction when food goes in Poop goes out
  • As you train to keep moving the potty pad closer to door
  • If you have a house Trained Dog he can help with training – the lamb can follow his lead
  • Eventually, train him to go in the BackYard
  • On the Youngest you can use diapers
  • If the baby gets up on Bed or Furniture it many times will pee

Will Sheep get along with our Dog

Yes, sheep will love being around a dog. For Centuries Shepherds have used dogs to help them with their flocks. As long as the Dog is good with the sheep they should get along fine, Thes are Herding Dog List. These Breeds Live with, and protect Sheep

  • Border Collie
  • German Shepherds
  • Corgi
  • Shetland Sheep Dog
  • Old English Sheep Dog
  • Puli
  • Australian Cattle dog
  • Bearded Collie
  • Beauceron
  • Belgian Sheepdog
  • Briard
  • Caanan Dog
  • The Great Pyrenees
  • Maremma Sheepdog
  • Akbash

Sleeping Arrangements

If your sheep sleeps inside, then any room you want will work once he gets accustomed to it.

Sheep sleep 4 hours a night.

They usually stay with Flock. So they like the company. They sleep kind of squatting, on their stomach, Brisket, squatted down. So if you can make some soft kind of bedding. In the field, it would be grass,

In the Barn Hay. So anything that they are comfortable with you can use as bedding. Several People who have had Sheep has said that if they get on bed or Furniture they Pee.

When they get up in the morning they usually stretch. Just like we do.

Eating Time

Sheep spend about 7 hours a day Grazing. Usually in the Early Morning hours and then in the late afternoon till sunset. They are ruminants so they chew slowly, never in a hurry. They also chew their cud, which is part of their digestive process.

Can I leash Train a Sheep- Here’s How

Yes, Sheep can be leash trained. Many a Young person has trained their sheep for the ring in 4 H. With Collar and leash.

Training your Sheep