How to Keep slugs out of Rabbit Hutch (BUNNY SLUGS)

How to Keep Slugs Out of Your Rabbit Hutch

As a General rule Use sprinkle salt around the legs of the rabbit hutch. Salt ring – spread a ring of salt around your hutch kills slugs, but rabbits just get a little bit of salt which is good for them, Other Natural means are Cats Claw, Tumeric, Garlic. Natural predators include Beetles, Snakes, Turtles, and Nematodes

Keeping Slugs out of Rabbit Hutch – (7 Ways) Bunny Slugs

  • Salt Bottom Legs of rabbit’s hutch

  • Ponds -Slug Predators Eat Them

  • Covers for slug Collection

  • Slug Beer Traps

  • Nematodes

  • Wool Pellets – Slugone -2 Copper tapes with a 9-volt battery

How to keep Slugs out of Rabbit HutchOpens in a new tab. – Slimy Slugs attacking your Rabbit Hutches. Here are some of the methods you can use to rid yourself of this incredibly toxic and common little Guy. Slugs love the same diet that your rabbits do so they will follow into the Rabbits dining Table to feast. You will find here easy to understand of Slugs, their dangers, and control

Bunny Slugs Opens in a new tab. – How do Slugs get in your Rabbit HutchesOpens in a new tab.? They Can enter the Rabbit Hutches from several means. They can crawl in. Very slow but steady. They can move up and down the legs of the Hutches.

How to keep Slugs out of Rabbit Hutch – rabbit food – keep from food bowl

The most common way is through RabbitOpens in a new tab. feed ( Feeding on rabbit food). When you are feeding your Rabbits. Slugs eat the same things. It is easy for them to be put in Rabbit Pens through being the wrong place, wrong time.

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Do Rabbits Eat Snails / Slugs

No, Do not Voluntarily eat Slugs. Rabbits are vegetarians so their predatory diet is none. A pest that gets in with your rabbits, is just that they can harm and annoy your rabbits.

Flys, Roaches, Mice Many things are attracted to rabbitOpens in a new tab. food. The Grasses you feed your bunnies and any veggies and greens you feed them are the same tasty food to slugs. Rabbit PelletsOpens in a new tab. also attract many unwanted guests that like the food you are feeding your bunny

The Problem with Slugs and Snails

One of the most dangerous problems with your Rabbit accidentally eating the slug attached to the backside of the leaves you are feedingOpens in a new tab. the rabbit. These Snails carry a parasite called LungwormsOpens in a new tab. – which can be fatal to your rabbits.

The Rabbit can become infected by eatingOpens in a new tab. the slug, by also eating vegetation that has the slime or excretions of the snail / Slugs.

Can Slugs / Snails Harm Rabbits

Yes, they can, But in a roundabout way. Slugs are not carnivorous and are going to latch on and eat or suck the blood of your rabbitsOpens in a new tab.. They will not corner your bunny and attack, they will not surround and attack as a Wolf Pack.

The Slugs act as hosts to a parasite that loves Animals, Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits included. The lifecycle is very complex.

Dr. Becker Lungworm

Slugs and Crayfish, carry the parasite and so no wildlife. Foxes and Racoons have been infected. Animals that eat their feces and then are contaminated.

Can Rabbits get Lungworm from Slugs / Snails

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Heart Warming Rabbit Videos

Yes, Rabbits get this parasite. The Adult Parasite then finds a home in the Rabbits Lungs. Then as a Mature adult parasite, it breeds and has eggs. The Eggs Hatch is now larvae. These larvas cause infections which then the infected animal, host.

The mucous and Flem and discharge is infected with the larvae. Any animals that then assimilate that infected slime, mucous, coughed up discharge, then become infected and the process begins again.

How to keep Slugs out of Rabbit Hutch – keep from Food Bowl

One of the major players in this life cycle of the Lungworm Opens in a new the slug. Slugs eat about anythingOpens in a new tab.. They love the environment that your rabbits do, many animals do.

The infected animals’ contaminated discharge is then eaten by the slug. The Slug / Snail then carries the parasite around and spreads the presence of the parasite in the cycle.

Then your rabbits, dogs, cats eat infected slugs or slug slime, and then the parasite heads from the animal’s lung to begin Homesteading and starting a family.

The Rabbits can also become infected by eating their foodOpens in a new tab. and water that has been contaminated by the S=infected Host Slug. Any animals eating the slime trail can become infected.

For confirmation and diagnosis, your vet can have Rabbit Poop tested for the Larva

Symptoms of Lungworm Infection

It takes about 28 days from the time of infection for adult worms to be in the RabbitsOpens in a new tab. Lungs.

  • Breathing Difficulties from Lungworm populations in Lungs
  • Coughing
  • Coughing and spitting up blood
  • Nose Bleeds
  • Weight Loss
  • Blood clotting problems excessive bleeding from wounds
  • Eggs and larvae are not visible by eye in feces
  • Lethargy
  • Pneumonia
  • With heavy infestation can cough up worms
  • Lungworms are not Know to infect Humans
How to keep Slugs out of Rabbit Hutch

What Slugs / Snails Eat

Slugs eat mostly garden Materials. Green Leaves and Grass. They Mostly Feed at Night. They do not have shells to protect them. So they mainly feed at night or on rainy days so they are protected from the hot dry sun. They are very common to see them after rain. They need moisture to be able to move about freely.

They are in contrast to snails in that snails have a shell to protect their bodies.

During the Daytime, they tend to hide under rocks and leaves seeking protection

Eliminate Them

Getting Rid of Slugs Needs to be done in ways that will not hurt your RabbitsOpens in a new tab.

Methods to Control Slugs
  • Ponds – Slug Predators eat them
  • Covers for slug Collection
  • Slug Beer Traps
  • Nematodes
  • Nemaslug – Will is not hurt pets or animalsOpens in a new tab.
  • Wool Pellets – Slugone –
  • 2 Copper tapes with a 9-volt battery

Drugs to Treat Lungworms

  • Anti Parasitic Drugs
  • Ozone Treatments
  • Essential Oil Inhalation Therapies
  • Monthly Treatments
  • Oral Wormers – Note not all Wormers are effective against Lungworms
  • Advocate
  • Containing Ivermectin
  • Containing Moxidectin
  • Containing Benzimidazole

Natural Remedies to Prevent Slugs

  • Salt – ring – spread a ring of salt around your hutch – kills slugs, but rabbits just get a little bit of salt which good for them
  • Oral cat’s Claw
  • Tumeric
  • Garlic
  • Essential Oil Inhalation Therapies
  • Natural Predators are
  • Beetles
  • Snakes
  • Toads
  • Turtles
  • Birds
  • Nematodes

Nematodes Natural Enemies of Slugs

When trying to address any pest problem or overpopulation. It is very green to handle it as Naturally as possible. Nematodes are tiny round Worms ( these are different than the Roundworms that wreck havoc in Animals)

These little guys are called phasmarhabditis hermaphrodite or PH for short. They live in the ground and then they attack slugs by entering the slug’s breathing apparatus. They then take up residence inside the slug and then begin decomposing them from inside, by secreting bacteria.

The infected slugs stop eating in about three days, then they die in a week.

Growing your Own Nematodes

Growing Your own Nematodes
  • Catch as many slugs as you can 20 +
  • Put them in a bucket
  • add 1 inch of water
  • Give them food – make an island of the leaves – don’t want to drown the slugs, but let them eat, the nematodes will multiply in the water
  • Put concrete slab or lid on top of the bucket
  • Stir every couple of days
  • After two weeks the slug will have died from the nematodes
  • Now add water and fill watering can and water the area slugs are mostly at.
  • Gives about 2 months prevention -3 – 8 weeks decline in slug population.
  • After Distribution – Keep soil moist – nematodes need moisture to survive
  • Direct sunlight will kill them, apply at night or overcast day
  • Thrive between 54 – 77 Degrees  Fahrenheit 
  • Best applied between March and September

Can Slug Pellets Kill Rabbits

Yes, Do not use slug Pellets. They not only killOpens in a new tab. the slugs by chemicals, but they will also kill any animals that eat the slugs that have been poisoned.

  • Wool Pellets – Slugone – Will also Kell Rabbits
  • Slug Pellets – will also kill RabbitsOpens in a new tab.
How to keep Slugs out of Rabbit Hutch

Prevention of Rabbit Infection

Once your pet has had an infestation of Lungworm and has been treated for it it is important to have its feces rechecked to make sure that your Rabbit is clear

Routine TreatmentsOpens in a new tab. for the prevention of Lungworm usually on three-month intervals. Similar to the monthly treatments for Fleas and Heartworms.

Watch for Slug Eggs in any compost or materials you are using.

Removing any Feces that are laying around RabbitOpens in a new tab., Dogs, and Cats – gets rid of feces that might contain Lungworm larva or Eggs

Using Natural Methods go to the root of the Problem and remove your slugs. Most Rabbit Owners Hate Slugs.

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How to Keep Slugs Out of Your Rabbit Hutch