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What is Incubation of Peacock Eggs – Chart?

What is Peacock Egg Incubation Chart?

Peacock eggs will hatch in 18-27 days, the temperature needs to begin at 99 degrees, with a humidity setting of 50%, and turn 3 times a day

What is Incubation of Peacock Eggs?

Peacock eggs are incubated for 20 days, but they can hatch anytime between 18-27 days. This is because the peacocks don’t have a fixed season for breeding. It is important to keep in mind that these charts are based on averages and not exact time frames. The best way to know when your peacock egg has hatched is by checking it daily or using an egg candler to see if there’s movement inside the shell. What is Incubation of Peacock Eggs


The temperature of your incubator should be around 99.50 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure your peacock egg hatches successfully. Make sure you keep the humidity level in your incubator at 55% for the duration of the incubation process. What is Peacock Egg Incubation Chart?

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Large Peacock Farm Incubators


Humidity is important because it helps the eggshell to expand when your peacock chick starts growing. However, if you notice that there’s too much water in the incubator and it is causing mold growth then make sure you remove some of it with a dry cloth.

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Also, ensure you turn your eggs at least twice every day to keep them from sticking inside the shell. If you don’t turn the eggs then the embryo can stick to one side and die.

Once your Peachicks hatch you need to keep them in the brooder for about six weeks until their feathers have grown in and they are ready to be released into the wild.

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You can Buy Fertilized Peacock Eggs from

From incubators, hatcheries, or poultry suppliers. They are not easy to find in stores and will likely be more expensive than the eggs of other common backyard poultry breeds.

The loss rate is high for shipped eggs, so it is best to purchase them from a local supplier.

If you are incubating at home, set the eggs at 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) and turn them three times a day. Reduce the temperature by five degrees Fahrenheit (three degrees Celsius) every week until you reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius

You can buy a small incubator from a farm supply store or online, or you can build your own.

If you are building your own incubator, be sure to use a thermostat to keep the temperature accurate.

Place the eggs in an incubator on the first day of the last week of incubation.

Remove the eggs from the incubator and place them in a hatcher.

The eggs will hatch in 18 to 21 days.

What time of year do you breed Peachicks?

Peachicks are usually born in the spring months. That makes it easier to introduce them to the flock in the summer.

If you want to breed them in the fall, make sure there is enough sunlight for the eggs.

Winter breeding is not recommended because of the lack of daylight hours.

The Peachick incubation chart below will give you an idea of when your eggs will hatch:

It takes little work and the whole family can take part in caring for them!

Poultry Egg Incubation chart

  • Peacock – 18-27 Days
  • Chickens – 18-21 Days
  • Duck – 25-28 days
  • Pheasant – 19-24 Days
  • Turkey – 28-35 Days
  • Goose 22-26 Days

In conclusion, it is important to know when your peacock eggs will hatch so you can ensure the best possible outcome. Peacocks are amazing birds and this is a great homesteading project for the whole family.

Children will learn a lot from caring for the Peachicks and it will help them develop a sense of responsibility.

They can observe how baby animals grow and learn about animal development.

They can also show the peachicks in school and at the local fair, which will encourage other children to participate in homesteading activities.

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