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11 Factors: How Far Do Peacocks Roam? / Peafowl / Peahens / Peachicks

How Far Do Peacocks Roam

Every time you see a peacock, you are looking at one of the most beautiful animals in the world. They are stunning to look at and fun to learn about. What do we know about these majestic birds? Peacocks roam up to five miles per day looking for food, shelter, sunlight, and mates. This blog post will take an in-depth look into what they eat, how far they travel throughout their lives, where they sleep at night, and more!

How Far Do Peacocks Roam

As a General Rule Peacocks are not territorial animals and they don’t have a specific home range. Instead, they wander around and explore their surroundings. They can travel up to several miles in a day and they may even cross state lines. This allows them to find new food sources and mates. Distances from several miles to 100 miles have been recorded

They usually stay within an area of about 50 acres when looking for food or a mate

How Far Do Peacocks Roam? / Peafowl / Peahens / Peachicks

How Far Do Peacocks Roam – Peacocks have a range that extends from India and Sri Lanka to parts of Southeast Asia. In the wild, they can roam up to several miles in a day, but in captivity, they usually stay within a few hundred feet of their home. Peacocks are also known to wander into people’s yards and gardens.

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In the wild, they have been known to travel up to 100 miles in a day. They can fly short distances, but they usually walk or run.

The males have been known to roost in trees, while the females and juveniles tend to stay on the ground. How Far Do Peacocks Roam? / Peafowl / Peahens / Peachicks

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How to keep Peacocks from Flying Away?

  • Peacocks are known to roam up to a mile from their home, but they can be kept closer by clipping one of their wings feathers. If you have a peacock that is escaping your yard or garden, try this method and see if it works for you. It is a humane way to keep them from flying away and still allows them to roam.
  • Train them to a coop or yard
  • If you have a large enough property, you can train your peacocks to stay in a designated area. This can be done by slowly bringing them closer and closer to the desired area over time. Once they are comfortable staying in that space, put up some fencing or netting to keep them there. Make sure the fence is high enough to keep the peacocks from flying over.
  • Using a leash or harness for them to wear
  • If you have an adult peacock, there are special leashes and harnesses that can be used on them to ensure they stay in one area. You will need to contact an exotic animal specialist who is knowledgeable about how to use this type of equipment.
  • Feed them a specific time and place
  • If you don’t mind them roaming your entire property, but want to keep them contained in certain areas like the vegetable garden or pool area, feed them at a specific time and place each day. This will associate their feeding routine with that location so they are more likely to stick around.
  • Allowing them to roam freely throughout your yard is great for keeping them happy and healthy. However, you will need to take the necessary precautions if they have a tendency to wander off into other people’s yards or onto roads where cars are traveling at high speeds.
11 Factors: How Far Do Peacocks Roam? / Peafowl / Peahens / Peachicks 1

How High Can Peacocks Fly

Peacocks have been known to Fly as High as they want. There is no real limit to how high they can go. They have even been known to fly over mountains. This allows them to travel long distances and explore new areas.

Peacocks are not limited to the ground. They can fly wherever they want if given the opportunity. Peacocks have never been known to be on a leash or in captivity, so their ability to roam is unlimited. Many times peacocks will travel up high and then glide back down again which helps them conserve energy while still exploring new areas.

The distance that peacocks travel is also determined by the food they are looking for. If they find a good food source, they will stay in that area longer. However, if they do not find anything to eat, they will move on to another location. Peacocks have been known to roam up to 50 miles in one day.

Peacocks are very intelligent birds, so they will roam wherever there is food and water available to them. They can also be found in areas where other peacocks have already roamed because the safe environment that has been created attracts more peacocks which then creates a cycle of safety for future generations. This allows many different types of peacocks to come together and stay in one area.

Peacock Intelligence also helps them determine how far they will roam by using their whole body as a radar system. They are able to sense which direction freshwater is located, where there are other peacocks nearby, etc. This allows the peacock to travel farther than it normally would be able to.

Is It True That Peacocks Can’t Fly?

Peacocks can fly, but they don’t typically do this for very long. They usually only need to get into the air when predators are nearby or if there is not enough space on the ground to move around safely. They will do what is necessary as they Escape, Mate, and forage for food.

How Far can Peacocks Fly?

What we do know is that peacocks are excellent flyers and have been known to fly long distances when necessary. In one documented case, a peacock was seen flying more than 60 miles in just six hours! It’s not clear exactly how far they can fly on average, but it’s safe to say that they can cover some serious ground when they need to.

It’s interesting to note that peacocks don’t always fly; sometimes they simply walk. They have even been known to swim! So, it’s safe to say that these birds are quite versatile and can adapt to a variety of different environments.

Keeping Peacocks Free-range

  • Feed specific types of feed and be consistent
  • Build or buy a shelter for wintertime
  • Leave plenty of water available at all times
  • Provide either natural shade like bushes and trees, or make an area shaded by an umbrella.
  • Let them out to roam during the day but bring them back in before dark – if they wander off too far it will be hard to get them back
  • Peacocks are beautiful creatures and many people like to keep them as pets. Peacocks are not suited for life in a small cage and they need plenty of room to roam free. If you live in an area where it’s legal to have peacocks, here are some tips on how to keep
  • Check zoning laws in your area to see if peacocks are allowed
  • Clip one wing of the peacock so they can’t fly off
  • Build a shelter for wintertime and make sure water is available at all times.
  • Let them out of their pen during the day but bring them back inside before dark – it will be hard to catch them if you let them wander too far away from home.
  • Have a perimeter fence that is at least six feet high to keep them in – they can jump pretty high
  • Protect them from their natural predators like coyotes, hawks, and raccoons

How Far Do Peacocks Travel?

A peacock’s territory can range from just a few yards to several miles. Male peacocks will defend their territory against other males, and the females will also travel within their territory when looking for a mate. Peacocks are not limited by geographical boundaries; they have been known to wander far from their original home. For example, one peacock was spotted in a neighborhood in England that is over two thousand miles from where it was originally observed. While peacocks are not typically migratory birds, they will move to find food or a mate if necessary.

Do Peacocks Fly Long Distances?

They can but normally don’t. Their wings aren’t built for long-distance flight, and they can only fly short distances before getting tired.

Peacocks are ground birds and prefer to walk or run. They can cover a lot of ground quickly, but they don’t typically fly more than a mile or two from where they started.

That said, there are reports of peacocks flying up to five miles or more. And while it’s not common, it does happen.

  • They will do so in search of food – foraging
  • They will seek a mate
  • They will escape Danger
  • Flight is dangerous for them because of airborne predators

Will Peacocks Stay In Your Yard?

Peacocks are not known to stay in your yard, they will roam. You can always try and feed the peacock some treats such as peas or corn that may help keep them around but it is more likely that they will spread out across a big area where you do not see them frequently. They like foraging for their own food and will not be content if they are given a lot to eat. You may see them around more during mating season as the males want to show off their feathers to potential mates, but otherwise they will wander. If you live near a park or other open space, there is a good chance that you will see peacocks roaming around in that area.

11 Factors: How Far Do Peacocks Roam? / Peafowl / Peahens / Peachicks 2

Tips to keep them in your yard

  • Clip one wing
  • Regular time feeding
  • Providing clean fresh water
  • 6′ perimeter fence around your yard
  • Mating season is the best time to see them in your yard as they will be looking for a place to mate and may stay around for a while. If you have a male and female peacock, it is even more likely that they will stay in your yard as they will be nesting together.
  • Provide safe nesting area for mating
  • Provide Barn, Shelter, and safety

Can Peacocks Find Their Way Home?

Some people believe that peacocks can find their way home, even if they have been displaced. It is thought that they use their excellent sense of smell to navigate their way back to their territory. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Final Thoughts – How Far Do Peacocks Roam? / Peafowl / Peahens / Peachicks

In summary, peacocks are not known for being great flyers, but they can fly quite far when necessary. They usually stay within a few miles of their home, but there are exceptions to this rule. It is most likely that they will wander away from your yard during mating season or if you feed them too much and don’t let them find food on their own.

11 Factors: How Far Do Peacocks Roam? / Peafowl / Peahens / Peachicks 311 Factors: How Far Do Peacocks Roam? / Peafowl / Peahens / Peachicks 4