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21 Solutions: How to Keep Peacocks off your Roof?: 2022

How to Keep Peacocks off your Roof?: **22 SOLUTIONS**

As a General rule Peacocks are beautiful Birds but can easily become pests if they are Wild or allowed to run loose. Peacocks can be deterred by 1) Wing Clipping 2) Clean up all available food supplies 3) Plastic Owls 4) Motion controlled water sprinklers 5) Invisible dog fences, your pet dogs will keep them away

How to Keep Peacocks off your Roof?: A Guide

Peacocks are beautiful creatures, but they can also be a huge pain if you have them nesting on your roof. In this article, we will discuss how to keep peacocks off your roof so that you don’t have to worry about the messes or damage they can cause.

Flying Nature of Peacocks

How to Keep Peacocks off Your Roof – Peacocks are known for their beautiful plumage and their ability to fly. Peacocks will often fly up to the roof of a home in order to get a better vantage point from which to see their territory or potential mates. While it is lovely to see a peacock flying overhead, it can also be quite annoying if they are repeatedly landing on your roof.

Clip one wing will keep your Peacock from Flying away. A peacock has strong legs the can jump to a height of about six feet, but if you clip one wing it will not be able to fly as high and will likely stay away from your home.

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Peacocks Love to Perch and Nest on

In addition to flying up to rooftops, peacocks also love to perch and nest on them. This can be a big problem if you have a roof made of materials that the birds can damage with their claws or beaks. In addition, peacock droppings can create an unsightly mess on your rooftop.

While there are a few plants that can help to repel peacocks, it is best not to have them on your roof in the first place. If you do need to get rid of peafowl from roosting or nesting on your rooftop, an easy solution would be using netting as a barrier. Peacocks will generally not sit or perch on something that they can see through so it is best to have the netting extend all the way over your roof.

How to Deter Peacocks 

Peacocks are beautiful creatures, but they can be a nuisance when they start roosting on roofs. Here are some tips for keeping them off your roof:

Install bird netting or spikes on the edge of your roof. This will prevent the peacocks from getting up there in the first place.

Peacocks are obsessed with pecking shiny objects. If you have a peacock, make sure it doesn’t have any access to your roof. If the bird is allowed up there often enough, it will return on its own.  You can also try using reflective tape or aluminum foil as an alternative to keeping them off for good.

Peacocks like to roost on flat surfaces, so they’ll be more likely to stay off of roofs that are angled or curved.  Additionally, it’s helpful if you place an owl decoy at the edge of your roof; peacocks will avoid areas where owls tend to congregate since their predators.

Sometimes, peacocks will roost on roofs as a result of overpopulation.  If you suspect that your neighborhood is suffering from an overflow of peacocks, contact local authorities about possible solutions to the problem.  One such solution would be for people in the area to stop feeding the birds and let them find food on their own.

22 Suggestions for Detering Peacocks

  1. Sound Devices – One way to deter peacocks from roosting on your roof is to install a motion sensor alarm that emits a loud noise when activated.
  2. Visual Displays – Another method is to place objects around your property that will create a visual disturbance, such as fake owls or snakes.
  3. Physical Barriers – You can also erect physical barriers around your roof, such as a fence or netting.
  4. Scare Tactics – Finally, you can try to scare the peacocks away with loud noises or objects that move quickly.
  5. Clean up any Peacock Food Sourses – The best way to keep peacocks from coming onto your property is to remove all sources of food. This means cleaning up any spilled birdseed or fruit and making sure that no trash is left outside.
  6. None of these methods are 100% effective, but by using a combination of them you can reduce the likelihood of peacocks roosting
  7. Cover Compost Piles with screens – Another way to keep peacocks from coming onto your property is to cover any compost piles that you have with screens.
  8. Remove and Cover Water Sources – If possible, remove all standing water sources like ponds or fountains on your property and replace them with artificial ones. This should at least reduce the number of peacocks in the area
  9. Install seed catchers on your Bird Feeders – If you do want to keep peacocks around your property, then consider placing feeders that have seed catchers on them.
  10. Be sure not to leave food outside – It is also important to make sure that you don’t leave any food out in your yard, including pet food. This will help keep peacocks from coming onto your property since they are looking for a source of food
  11. Don’t feed or give water – If possible, avoid feeding the peacocks yourself and even consider removing their sources of drinking
  12. They are attracted to white Flowers – Last but not least, peacocks are also attracted to white flowers, so avoid planting these around your property.
  13. Motion activated sprinklers – Peacocks do not like to get wet so you can also try installing a motion-activated sprinkler. When the peacock comes onto your property, the sprinkler will go off and scare it away.
  14. Placing Fake Predators – Another way to deter peacocks from coming onto your roof is by placing fake predators around your property. These could be anything from fake snakes to owls, but make sure that they look real and are also in areas where peacocks usually roost.
  15. Install a net – If you do not want to install physical barriers around your roof, then consider installing a large net instead. This can be purchased from most gardening stores or online retailers like Amazon for relatively cheap prices. Make sure that the net is big enough to cover your roof from any peacocks that may want to roost there.
  16. Roofing Paint- Finally, you can try applying a light coating of roofing paint around the parts of your roof where you do not want any animals to roost. This will make it difficult for them and they should leave on their own within a few days.
  17. Spray with Hose – will not hurt them, they will just fly away
  18. Invisible Dog fence and your dog will keep peacocks out. Dogs will territorially mark their boundaries and peacocks will not cross them. Dogs will also chase and bark at the peacocks, which will scare them away. The wires can be shallowly buried around the perimeter of your yard. The dogs will have free-roaming within that boundary. We had Bichons we kept 10 of them contained and at home with an invisible fence.
  19. Motion-activated sprinklers – Peacocks do not like to get wet so you can also try installing a motion-activated sprinkler. When the peacock comes onto your property, the sprinkler will go off and scare it away.
  20. None of these methods are 100% effective, but by using a combination of them you can reduce the likelihood of peacocks roosting on your roof. The best way to
  21. Scatter Coyote Urine to discourage them – Feed Mills sometimes carry it, or you can purchase it online.
  22. Bird Scare Balloons to places they perch or nest – these are also available online or at your local garden center.

Peacocks Leave Droppings / Feces

Peacocks poop everywhere. The poop is everywhere on the ground, near your house, and on your car. It’s a big mess and very unsanitary. Not to mention, it smells really bad!

Chickens relatives of the peacocks Poop on average once every 2 Minutes.

The best way to deal with peacock droppings is by constantly cleaning them up as soon as they are spotted. This can be a daunting task, but it is necessary to keep your property clean and peacock-free. You can use a broom, shovel, or rake to remove the droppings, and then dispose of them in a trash can. Be sure to wear gloves when handling the poop in order to avoid getting any on your skin.

Natural Predators of Peacocks are

  • Owls, hawks, and eagles.
  • If you have a pet peacock, make sure to keep it in a safe enclosed area away from your roof.
  • Peacocks are territorial birds and will often try to claim dominance over other areas or property.
  • You can install bird spikes on your roofline or use an electric shock system to deter peacocks from roosting there. Making it hard to perch.
  • If all else fails, you can always try chasing the birds away with a garden hose!

How to keep Peacocks off Cars

Peacocks can attack the reflections they see in cars. This is because they believe the reflection to be another peacock. To keep their kind off your car, try adding a flag or other piece of something with color and movement in front of your mirror at all times. This will confuse the bird and it won’t come near your vehicle again.

A Car Cover will also work wonders in slowing them down.

How to keep Peacocks off my Porch

  • Fishing Wire
  • One way to keep peacocks off of your porch is to install fishing wire around the perimeter. The birds will not be able to perch on the railing and will move along.
  • Scare Tactics
  • Another way to keep peacocks away from your property is by using scare tactics. There are a few different ways you can do this. One way is to hang a fake owl or hawk in the trees near your house. The birds will see this and be scared away. Another option is to install a motion sensor sprinkler. When the peacocks get too close, the sprinkler will go off and scare them away.
  • Peacock Repellent
  • If you are not looking for a permanent solution, you could use peacock repellent. This method is temporary and should not be used if the birds are roosting on your roof or other areas of your house. The first step to applying the repellent is finding out where they perch at night. Once you know this, spray with an all natural repellent such as predator urine, pepper spray or cayenne pepper. Be sure to reapply every few weeks.

How to Keep Peacocks out of My Garden

  • Fishing Wire
  • Fencing – with top
  • Daddy Long Legs Device
  • Plastic Owls
  • Scarecrowns
  • Motion Sprinklers

Will Peacocks Eat my Garden?

The diet of a peacock consists of insects, fruits, seeds, and other vegetation. Peacocks are not typically interested in eating gardens or plants but if there is something on the ground that they are curious about, they may give it a try.

Most of the time peacocks will stick to areas where there is plenty of food available for them, so as long as you keep your garden clean of debris and garbage, they are unlikely to venture inside.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the best way to keep peacocks off of your roof, car, porch, or garden is by using a combination of methods such as fishing wire, fencing, scare tactics, and repellents. If you are persistent and stay on top of the clean-up, you should be able to keep these beautiful birds from causing any damage or messes.


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