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How to Keep Peacocks Off Cars (2024)

.How to Keep Peacocks Off Cars EAT THEM (1)

As a General rule Peacocks are beautiful creatures, but they can be problematic if you own a car. Peacocks will often perch on top of cars and scratch the paint job until it is unrecognizable. If you want to keep peacocks off your car, there are 18 techniques that work just as well against these noisy birds.

18 Suggestions – How to Keep Peacocks Off Cars

  1. Car Covers
  2. One way to keep peacocks off of cars is to use a car cover. Car covers will protect the paint job on your car and will also help to deter the peacocks from landing on your car.
  3. Windshield Deflectors
  4. Another way to keep peacocks off of cars is to install windshield deflectors. Windshield deflectors will help to keep the peacocks from landing on your windshield and will also protect it.
  5. Wires and Cables
  6. Lastly, you can use wires and cables to deter peacocks. You can attach these cables around poles or other solid objects that the birds land on. The wire is very sharp so when they land on them; they will be deterred from landing on your car.
  7. Keep the car in the garage
  8. Install invisible fence and have a pet dog
  9. Clean yard of all Peacock food sources
  10. Remove freshwater sources
  11. Remove young white pedaled plants
  12. Install scarecrow
  13. Install plastic – Owl – Eagle – Hawk
  14. Remove roosting sources
  15. Pet Cats are Hunters – they will hunt peacocks
  16. Remove or altar nesting locations
  17. Spraying them with water
  18. install motion-triggered water sprinklers
How to Keep Peacocks Off Cars (2024) 1

Why do Peacocks Damage Cars?

How to Keep Peacocks Off Cars – Peacocks are attracted to the shine of car paint, and they will often scratch or poop on cars in order to mark their territory. Peacocks can also damage cars by pecking at the windshields or windows.

If you have peacocks near your home, it is important to take steps to keep them from damaging your cars. One way to do this is to install a bird deterrent such as a fence or netting around your car. You can also try spraying the car with a citrus-based repellent, which will make it less appealing to the peacocks.

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How to stop Peacocks from attacking Cars

The reasons peacocks attack cars is still unknown, however, there are some things you can do to try and prevent them. One way is to install a scarecrow or plastic owl in the area where they are congregating. You could also try spraying them with water or using a hose to chase them away. If all else fails, you could try chasing them off with a car. Be sure to use caution when doing this, as you don’t want to injure the peacocks.

Detering the peacocks and car covers are very effective.

How can a Peacock Damage a car?

  • Perching Peacocks will perch on cars, damaging the paint. When they do this it is likely that their feet will scratch and puncture the top of your car cover.
  • They are also related to chickens – chickens on average poop once every 2 minutes. Peacocks pooping on the car cover adds up quickly.
  • Pooping If it is on the paint poop can also eat away at the finish over time.
  • Pee can also stain, so if they are standing on your car and peeing, it will create a nasty mess.
  • Scratches Since peacocks are very large, powerful birds it isn’t uncommon for them to scratch the top or hood of your car.
  • When they do this, their claws can leave permanent marks that will devalue your vehicle if not fixed by a professional.
  • Denting – Peacocks can dent cars when they see their reflection and start attacking the car. This can cause extensive damage to your car and is costly to repair.

Humane Peacock Deterrents

All of the above will help to keep the peacocks off your car, but if you are looking for a humane deterrent there are some things you can do.

One option is to put up a fence or barrier around the area where they are congregating. You could also try spraying them with lemon juice which will make them uncomfortable and deter them from coming back. If all else fails, you could try chasing them off with a car. Be sure to use caution when doing this, as you don’t want to injure the peacocks.

Sonic devises Sonic devices emit an unpleasant sound that will scare away the peacocks.

Visual Devices Visual devices, such as flashing lights or banners, can also be effective in deterring peacocks.

Water Sprinklers Water sprinklers will also frighten the peacocks and keep them away from your car.

Car Covers Car covers are an effective way to keep the peacocks from damaging your car. They can also be used in conjunction with other deterrents for maximum protection.

What smells do Peacocks Hate?

There are certain smells that peacocks seem to hate, and using these smells around your car may help to keep them away. These smells include vinegar, citrus fruits, mothballs, ammonia, and peppermint. You can use any of these scents individually or mix them together to create a stronger smell. Simply place the desired scent near your car or spray it around the area.

Predator urine, Dog Urine, Cat Urine all are good fowl deterrents. Try mixing different types together to cover a wider area.

Electronic Predator calls, sounds will keep them moving on.

What Animals do Peacocks Hate?

Peacocks hate or are afraid of all their predators there predators are

  • Racoons
  • Coyotes
  • Foxes
  • Bears
  • Alligators and Snakes
  • Snakes, such as the copperhead snake
  • Badgers
  • Panthers (bobcats) like to eat peacocks. Also, raccoons do not mind eating a peahen or baby peacock either! The bobcat is also known for killing many other animals such as rabbits, skunks, and even deer.
  • Owls
  • Hawks
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Wolves

Final Thoughts

  • Peacocks are attracted to shiny objects
  • Cover your car with a tarp to dull the shine and make it less attractive
  • Place a mirror on top of your car’s roof so that when the peacock looks up, he sees his own reflection and flies away 
  • Use a bird repellent product such as “Scarecrow” or “Pea-off” to keep them at bay 
  • Hire an exterminator if all else fails!
  • Don’t feed the peacocks 
  • Use a scarecrow to keep them away from cars
  • Spray water at them with a hose or bucket if they come near your car 
  • Make sure there is no food around that might attract peahens and peacocks, such as birdseed or fallen fruit on the ground
  • Put up netting over any bushes where peafowl like to roost (but make sure you can still reach into the bushes)
  • Peacocks are relatives to pheasants and Turkeys – have an early thanksgiving
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