How do Deer Farmers Collect Urine / Ultimate Guide

How to Collect Deer Urine

How do Deer Farmers Collect Urine? Deers are precious creatures. They are cloven-hoofed ruminants and the only ungulates having antlers. Deer raising is one of the profitable businesses. They are farmed because of their valuable products. Their Products include Deer Meat, Deer Antlers, Deer Hydes and, even deer urine is a worthy product. How it is collected? What are the different benefits of deer’s urine? We will discuss this in detail with reasoning and logic.

Deer Urine

How do Deer Farmers Collect Urine / Potent Attractant

Deer urine is one of the beneficial and profit-generating products for deer farmers. Deer urine is widely used as an attractant to attract a new deer and increase her curiosity level. This is also used to calm them. Interestingly, it can be used during any hunting season. This simply acts as a natural cover scent.

How do Deer Farmers Collect Urine / Ultimate Guide 1
How do Deer Farmers Collect Urine

Can Urine Be Collected from Doe and Buck Both?

Yes, urine of both bucks and does are effective and are commercially sold. But doe’s urine has double effectiveness as it can be used as an attractant to catch the attention of bucks during hunting as well as also a cover scent to eliminate the spooky human door that diverts whitetails from coming close.

Deer urine is collected from both sexes throughout the year depending upon its use.

How Do Hunters Use Deer Urine as an Attractant

Hunters use doe urine to capture male bucks during hunting seasons. They simply hang a cotton wick from a tree branch within the shooting range of their stand and then soak the wick in doe urine. They will spray their clothes, spray their Boots to mask their human scent.

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During Deer Hunting season takes place during the Deer Rut. Males for several Months are chasing Does to Breed. The wind carries the scent all around and nearby buck thinks there is some doe in heat to be bred. This is how they come close to the source and easily caught by the hunters.

How do Deer Farmers Collect Urine / Ultimate Guide 2
How do Deer Farmers Collect Urine

Making Deer Scents

Commonly there are two types of scents, cover scents, and lures. Cover scents are designed to mask the human odor with a naturally occurring smell, such as the scent of a tree, plant, or animal.

Lures are intended to draw deer into a gun or bow range out of hunger, curiosity, or sex appeal. They include food scents such as apple, non-estrous doe urine, and—the most sought-after of all—estrous deer urine. No matter what you use, remember that deer can discern multiple odorsOpens in a new tab. at the same time, which places a premium on reducing human smells as you deploy these products. For maximum results, stay meticulously clean and wear latex gloves when you handle any scent.

How do Deer Farmers Collect Urine / Ultimate Guide 3
How do Deer Farmers Collect Urine


There are various risks and factors associated with deer urine. This has been banned in many areas because of the potential pathogens it spreads and causing many diseases. There are many artificial and synthetic scents (commercially manufactured attractantsOpens in a new tab.) in the place of natural urine to limit the infectious risks. But these synthetic products have varying efficiencies.

How Deer Urine is Collected

Collecting deer urine is not a simple procedure. This is the trickiest thing. Preferably deer urine is collected in fall when does enters the estrus (heat cycle). Does stay overnight and urinate continuously. These urine drippings fall onto a sloped floor that move is linked with a vat. Drippings from the floor are collected in that particular vat and when it becomes full, this urine is refrigerated and farmers sell them out according to their policies.

Collecting Deer Urine Porous Floor Collection Unit

How is Buck Urine Used?

Buck urine is also used to attract other bucks. This provokes other bucks to fight.

How Much Urine a Typical Deer Produces in a Day?

Generally, a typical deer produces 64 ounces urine in pleasant weather on the other hand 42 ounces when weather is not good.

Why Pure Urine is Effective?

This has been documented that pure urine is effective in attracting and stimulating the other deer. When you add preservatives or other chemical they tend to change the chemistry of urine and interfere with pheromones, which are major playersOpens in a new tab.. It is advisable to ship the fresh urine placed in cooler to retailers/customers.


Deer urine is a precious thing. Deer farmers earn a lot of moneyOpens in a new tab. after selling it. ( $105 / $110 / Gallon) But this must be remembered that deer urine collection is a sensitive process. It takes care and proper focus. There are a number of benefits of deer urine, especially in hunting. There are various risks and factors associated with the handling of deer urine, initially fresh urine is sterile (free from pathogens) but after exposure, it becomes a source of infections. So, its use in hunting has been restricted in many states but yet there are many other manufactured products that mimic the actual deer urine and are used as replacers to deer urine. Remember, there are various levels of efficiency of various products.

Deer / Cervid Farming / Profitability Table

Deer TypeAve WeightAverage Calves/YrGestationMeat Retail Price/lbOpens in a new tab.
White Tailed150 2201$ 38.95
Mule120 - 3202203$ 7 - 9.50
Elk71- - 7301240 - 262$ 44.95
Reindeer350 - 4001222$ 74.95
Moose840 - 15001243$ 7.50
Red4401236$ 35.95
Pere David's3701286
Axis792227$ 29.99
Mutjah301214$ 39.95

Types of Deer for Deer Farming

Breed of DeerWeightPrice of Venison  
WhitetailBuck - 150 lb
Doe - 100 lbs
$ 29.50
MuleBuck - 150 - 300 lbs
Does - 95 - 200 lbs
$ 44.95
RedBuck 350 - 530 lbs
Doe 260 - 370 lbs
$ 21.95
FallowBuck - 130 - 200 lbs
Does - 60 - 90lbs
$ 39.95
AxisBucks 150 - 250 lbs
Does 90 - 150 lbs
$ 43.95
ReindeerBuck 350 - 400 lbs
Does - 180 - 260 lbs
$ 74.95
Pricing is Internet Pricing per LB / Some not available - Sold Out

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