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Deer Farming (2024) Facts & Supplies

Deer Farming (2024) Facts & Supplies 1

Deer Farming

Deer Farming –Deer are Ruminants that have several stomachs that are designed to be able to digest grasses and green leafy forages. Deer on Deer Ranches Graze and eat pasture just like other farm animals. Pastures that are naturally or have been seeded to provide Grasses tasty and are Nutritious to deer. In winter Hay is Provided

Deer also like some grasses better than others. At Night you can see deer mingling with other grazing livestock. Cattle and Sheep and Horses are eating the same items. Deer eat things that grow naturally. But when you move into the Realm of Deer Farms and Ranches you begin to look at what is best and not just what is available Grasses should be not More than 9% of their diets.

Deer Farming (2024) Facts & Supplies 2
Deer Farming Facts & Supplies

Some of the Grasses deer Love are the following

  • Rescue Grass
  • Winter Grass
  • Witch Grasses
  • Ryes
  • Oats
  • Wheat
  • Deer Grass
  • Clover
  • alfalfa

Deer Feed – Recipes

Check Out Amazons Educational Books on Whitetail Deer

We looked up several Deer Farmers what they were feeding their Herds. We found these and they were feeding approximately 5 – 8lbs per 100 lb weight for their Deer in Supplemental Feed Recipe 1 – Feeding 80 Deer

  • 600 shelled corn
  • 300 oats
  • 400 38% protein pellet
  • 160lb molasses
  • 50 sunflower seeds
  • 40 beet pulp
  • 400 roasted soybeans
  • 50 Herford mineral show pack pellet

Second recipe we found is here –

400 shelled corn

500 lb oats
550 lb 20% Antler Max protein pellet
150 lb molasses
100 lb sunflower seeds
100 lb beet pulp
600 lb roasted soybeans

Here are some Purchased feeds that they were also using instead of Mixing their own

Deer Farming (2024) Facts & Supplies 3
Commercial Deer Feeds are Available

How Many Deer Farms are in the United States

In the 2012 Census there was Recorded over 4,000 White Tail Deer Farms/ Ranches in the United States – Since then this has become a Blossoming Business increasing Every Year

Raising of deer is very Attractive as an Alternative Farming Options. It is an Attractive Business for some of the following advantages

  • Long Life and have high Baby Rate – 2 fawns are common
  • Deer are Very Hearty
  • Can be somewhat Domesticated
  • They Tolerate Hot summers and Cold Winter easily
  • They can easily live on Marginal farm Lands and Pasteurs and forest
  • They Have Multiple Revenue Sources
  • Meat
  • Antlers
  • Urine
Deer Farming (2024) Facts & Supplies 4
Deer Farming Facts & Supplies

Resources Needed for Deer Farming

For a Startup operation, some of the General Guidelines From Penn State are as Follows

  • 10 Acres of Land as a Start
  • 400 Man Hours labor Start-Up
  • $100,000 in Start-Up Capital.

See Our Extensive Article – 7 Ways Deer Farmers Make Money

Let’s look at some of the statewide Restrictions and laws that make Deer Farming Legal – some just have restrictions that allow it under certain Guidelines – These States Categorize Deer Farming as Livestock. Please check your states for details.

Deer Farming (2024) Facts & Supplies 5
Deer Farming Facts & Supplies
  • Delaware
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • North Carolina
  • Florida
  • Louisana
  • Oklahoma
  • Nebraska
  • Colorado

Fallow Deer Farm

Fallow deer Farming is an Exotic Breed of Deer that began with Germans Farming them domestically. They produce a very tasty fine venison. The First Farm in the United States started in 1979. It has been a gourmet dish in Europe for years.

There have been large farms in New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, and Great Britan.

Pennsylvania has at least 30 Fallow Deer farms. ( Penn University 1992)
Fallow Deer Farm

How much does it Cost to Buy a Whitetail Deer

White Tail Deer Farming Requires Does and Bucks Here are some general prices that you can encounter. In a commercial Deer farm you will want to do a Breeding Plan – The importance of Antlers, Horn and velvet Production.

  • Bred Doe – $2,500 – $ 4,000
  • Yearling Buck – $ 1,500
  • Larger Buck – $ 2,000 + depending on antler size – Up to $ 50,000 – for a trophy Sire

How much does a Deer Weigh

Average Whitetail Deer Weight is 150 lbs for a Buck

Average weight for Whitetail Deer is 100 lbs for a Doe

Many Times the Question Is asked How Much meat do I have Left – we found this Cart very useful from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Deer Farming (2024) Facts & Supplies 6

How much does a Mule Deer Weigh

  • Male Mule Deer – 120lbs – 330 lbs
  • Female – Doe – 95 lb – 200 lbs

Types of Deer for Deer Farming

Breed of DeerWeightPrice of Venison
WhitetailBuck - 150 lb
Doe - 100 lbs
$ 29.50
MuleBuck - 150 - 300 lbs
Does - 95 - 200 lbs
$ 44.95
RedBuck 350 - 530 lbs
Doe 260 - 370 lbs
$ 21.95
FallowBuck - 130 - 200 lbs
Does - 60 - 90lbs
$ 39.95
AxisBucks 150 - 250 lbs
Does 90 - 150 lbs
$ 43.95
ReindeerBuck 350 - 400 lbs
Does - 180 - 260 lbs
$ 74.95
Pricing is Internet Pricing per LB / Some not available - Sold Out

How much does a Deer Hind Quarter Weigh

  • Field Dressed Buck Hind Quarter – 25 lb – 50 lb (Total Field Dressed Weight 100 – 200 lbs)
  • Field dressed Doe Hind Quarter – 20 lb – 30 lb ( Total Field Dressed Weight – 80 – 125 lbs)


The key to success in life is in using the right tools and knowing when to use them. That’s why when running a deer farm, there are some tools you’ll need, in order to make your deer farming experience worthwhile. So today, we are going to look at these deer farming supplies, and how they all help in making deer farming an outstanding experience. These are for Informational Info only – we are continuing to do research and will update as we learn more

If you own a deer farm, there are six important categories of supplies, you need to have and these include; a deer handler, a tunnel system, a mobile hauling and handling deer system, a scaling system, a fence system, and gates. Let’s have a look at each and every one of them.

Deer Handler

First thing first, especially if you’re about raising a whitetail deer on your farm, you need to understand that the most important tool is the deer handler. And as the name implies, a deer handler helps you handle a tough deer-like whitetail, properly. This seems to be one of the most automated systems available for Handling your Deer, from the chute to the table. It helps in the following areas.

  • Tagging Deer
  • Cutting Antlers
  • Hoof Trimming
  • Ultrasound Does
  • DNA Sampling
  • Medicine Applications
Deer handler

Tunnel Systems

As a deer farmer, you need to understand that a properly designed tunnel system, is just as effective as using a perfect deer chute. Thus, you need to choose tunnel systems that allow your deer to move freely through the tunnels, and into the Deer handler, effortlessly.

Features Of A Good Tunnel System

• The tunnel systems should be designed for both left or right-hand applications

• The tunnel system should be made up of a plethora of configurations, in order to suit your needs

• The funnel system should be made of metal and plastic so that it will last longer and make it easy to be sanitized.

• Every tunnel system box should come with rubber floor mats.

• It should have hardened acrylic enamel paint

• It should be soundproof on metal panels

• It should be the type with a molded plastic tunnel box caps to reduce noise and prevent the deer from getting injured.

• In the tunnel system, all the box caps should have a full-length cavity for lighting installation

• The tunnel system viewing ports should make viewing inside the box easy

• and lastly, your tunnel system should be designed for ease of assembly and transportation.  

Mobile Deer Handling and Hauling System

Deer Farming (2024) Facts & Supplies 7

With a mobile deer handling and hauling system, you don’t need a contractor to build your facility, when you can have a complete deer handling facility with everything you need to be delivered right to you. A perfect example is the Delclayna 24′ x 8′ mobile deer handling and hauling system, which is ideal for deer farmers looking to save money.

These mobile facilities offer every important feature needed, within a deer building at a small amount of money. Those who have deer at diverse farms can as well save by removing the expense of having to build a deer handling facility at each location. Plus, given that they are mobile, and without a fixed structure, these mobile systems will help save on a property tax increase.

In regards to flexibility, this mobile facility can either be constructed for a left or right-hand applications. Additionally, it comes complete with a handling facility, exterior panels, and interior lighting, that can all be powered using either 120 VAC or through a generator.

Scaling System

If you want to grow a deer farm, owning a scaling system such as the Ezi-Weigh 2 scale system is a must-have. With a good and easy to use scaling system, you’ll be able to manage your deer farm appropriately. In other words, you’ll never have to worry when administering vaccinations or drugs to your deer.

Plus, using a scale can also be valuable when trying to assess the size of deer you’re planning of handling, using a deerhandler. As a deer farm owner, this can help you when selecting the cradle setting on the Deerhandler.


• It can be used with a 12V car battery or 230V AC adaptor

• It has an Auto Zero function, which ensures that any accumulated dirt is not weighed

• Through the hold function, you can see the retained displayed weight

Deer Handling Priefert Manufacturing

Fence System

If you’re planning on having a deer farm, you should certainly make plans for a fencing system. And once you’re about setting up your fence system, making use of plastics on fence lines is an ideal way of controlling a deer’s environments is because, when it’s time to take hold of a deer in your farm, it’s a lot easier to route it within a certain define premise, using your fencing system. Trust me, you can’t afford to chase a deer all over an undefined territory.

How High Can a Deer Jump

A Deer can Jump 8′ High, but it has difficulty jumping high for any distance. Deer Fences at a 45 Degree angle make it very difficult for the Deer to get Over.

There are many styles of creative fencing that will contain deer. here is an article from the University of Vermont – On Effective Deer Fences – Gives many creative suggestions.

Livestock Fencing Height Tables

Type of LivestockHeight of FenceSpacing of Post
Wood - $9.88
Steel - $3.58
Best types FencingPrice Per Roll
Horse54" x 60"8'Electric
$ 189.00
$ 259.00
$ 259.00
Buffalo5' 3" - 5' 6"8'Barbed
$ 249.00
Deer6' - 10' 8'Woven Wire$ 339.00
Alpaca48" 8'Woven
$ 259.00
2' - 3'
Buried in Ground
Pigs root
6' - 8' apartWoven Wire
Barbed line on top and bottom
$ 259.00
Chicken6'8'Galvanized Hardware Cloth
Chicken Wire
$ 57.99
Rabbit3'8'Chicken Wire
Bury 1 foot
$ 29.00
Fence Height according to Animal Type
Cost of Fence per Foot 2020 Tractor Supply Pricing


Gates, such as the guillotine gates, work excellently in assisting the movement of deer in between pens, down into alleyways or within a given handling system. The best part about guillotine gates is that you can either chose to go for a pre-existing one or ask for a custom one to be made according to your size.

The below guillotine gates can be directly mounted right into a wall, or any other flat surface around the farm. Plus, these gates can be installed within a wire fence line, as long as it there is a space for it to be mounted on two posts.

  • Guillotine Gate – 30″ Wide x 46″ High Opening (Product # GG30 – $150 USD)
  • Guillotine Gate – 46″ Wide x 46″ High Opening (Product # GG46 – $165 USD)
  • The below Guillotine Gates are to be utilized when installing on a wire fence. Plus, they can be mounted anywhere in a fence line.
  • In Fence Guillotine Gate – 30″ Wide x 46″ High Opening (Product # IFGG30 – $185 USD)
  • In Fence Guillotine Gate – 46″ Wide x 46″ High Opening (Product # IFGG46 – $200 USD)
  • Ezi-Weigh 2 Digital Indicator with Loadbars

Deer Darting Gun

In Handling Deer they never quite become docile. You need to be able to handle them in various circustances. Many of the Deer Farmers we found were very pleased with this Dart Gun. Several others also liked this one called x cal. It allows tou to anestisize or deliver medication to your herd from a distance. Many of the Benefits are

  • Administer Medications from a Distance.
  • Very Accurate
  • Adjustable Pressure to adjust Velocity
  • Different Size Injection darts
X – caliber Medication Delivering to Deer
Moving Bucks by Darting

North America Deer Farmers Association

Whitetail Deer Farmers of Ohio


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