Will Goat Feed Grow Monster Deer

Will Goat Feed Grow Monster Deer

Will Goat Feed Grow Monster Deer

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Will Goat Feed Grow Monster Deer – Studies have shown that Nutrition is one of the major factors in Deer Body Mass and Growing Large Antler Racks. The Average Deer will eat approx 4lbs of Supplemental Feed per day. That equals 1460 lbs per deer a year. Purina Antler Max at $20 per 50lbs = $ 584 Dollars per deer each Year

Yes, you can feed GoatOpens in a new tab. Feed to Deer. Feed Suppliers have gone to expensive research to find the best possible formulas so that the animals grow the best. Each Animal has different nutritional needs and deer are no different.

Research has shown that the Largest Bucks come from the areas that are agricultural, have good soil, and good soil nutrients. Rich farming areas have the biggest deerOpens in a new tab.. When you move down to the lower quality of soil, so does the size of the deer.

Male Deer, Bucks stop eating during the Rut in the fall. They spend all their time seeking romance, o generally by the end of the rut, Bucks are thin and scrawny.

Will Goat Feed Grow Monster Deer

The Bucks Antler growing cycle is 128 days long. They have just come from 2 months of a rut, they are in winter when normally the Pickens are slim for deer eating. Branches twigs etc. So between the combination of the two, best time for feeding your deer start after Rut.

Deer are Ruminants so they are grazers. They have four stomachs for eating grasses, leaves, forage. They have a natural diet and when running wild in farmlands they have able food from farmers’ crops.

They are different ruminants from Goats, and Cows, they are much more selective. They eat a lot of leaves and twigs that have higher nutritional benefits than grasses. Legumes, fruits, and mushrooms are tasty to them.

When Feeding deer supplemental feed good to remember that it is a supplement. Deer being rudiments can suffer the same problems, sheep, goats, horses have with colicOpens in a new tab. and eating too sweet of feed.

Deer / Goat / Horse Feed Comparisons

NutrientOpens in a new tab.Deer Nutrition ReqOpens in a new tab.Purina Antler Max $22 / 50lbsOpens in a new tab.Purina Goat Feed $17 / 50lbsOpens in a new tab.Purina Horse FeedOpens in a new tab. $ 21.99 / 50lbs
Purina Rabbit Chow $ 18.99 / 50lbsOpens in a new tab.
Crude Protein13 %20%16 %14 %16 %
Crude Fat1.8%2.5 %6 %1.5 %
Crude Fiber13%9 %12.5017 %
Calcium .4-.7 %1%1 %.91 %
Phosphorus .3-.4 %1%.6 %.6.4 %
Vitamin A 2000 IU11,000 IU5,000 IU3,000 IU4,800 IU
Potassium .6 %.5 %
Salt  .50 %1 %.5 %

As you can see any of the Purina Brands of Feed is good to meet the nutritional Values for Deer.

The fastest way for a Buck back to peak condition to be able to begin Antler Growth. The Buck has to regain the 30 – 35lbs he lost over the winter then the surplus will be given to antler growth.

Antlers are grown with surplus nutrition. Supplemental feeding consists of protein Pellets. That will give the deer the extra needed boost, to add to his foraging.

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Some farmers also feed cotton seed to their deerOpens in a new tab., it is high in protein and also high in fat. This helps the deer to put on fat and regain its health. They provide close, clean water so that as deer finishes feeding it had water to wash down and help digest, their food.

Will Goat Feed Grow Monster Deer

When do I Feed Deer

Feeding DeerOpens in a new tab. all Year long can get quite Costly. If you need to target the best time it would be December and January. Deer Hunting season is over, the rut is over, so deer will be eating again.

Antler’s growing cycle is in early spring and summer. That has given the deer couple of months prior to spring to get back in trim shape. So February – September, 6 – 7 Months, will cover Antler Growing Season

Will Deer Eat Goat Feed

Yes, Deer will eat GoatOpens in a new tab. Chow, Pellets, Protein Pellets and it is very good for them. In Nature, they get all their nutrients from the foraging they do. Those nutrients come straight up from the ground, into the plants, then into the deer as they eat it.

Feeds are formulated for optimal growth, disease resistance, and longevity. All great reasons to feed your deer.

Will Deer Eat Pig Feed

Deer will not eat pig feedOpens in a new tab.. They are different animals, and the foods that pigs are able to assimilate would be harmful to the deer’s digestive system. Pigs can be fed a variety of scraps. They will eat and consume most things. Deer are selective and picky eaters.

Commercial Domestic Deer Farming

There are Many Whitetail Deer FarmsOpens in a new tab. in The United States Today. Deer Are Raised for MeatOpens in a new tab., Breeding Stock, Antlers, Velvet, and also Trpphys. They are not as domesticated as cattle or sheepOpens in a new tab. but farmers have learned how to Domesticat them. Check out our article on Starting a Commercial Deer FarmOpens in a new tab.

These farmers have learned how to maximize Deer Growth, Antler Growth, High Birth Rates, Low Disease in their herds. Using Excellent Deer management Methods have gone very far in Optimal Deer Growing Methods.

Wild Deer Feeding

To grow monster bucks, it requires nutrients from five broad categories of protein, energy (e.g., TDN, digestible energy, digestible dry matter), minerals, vitamins, and water.

Deer Growth Cycles / Food Supplements and AntlerOpens in a new tab. Growth


Deer can survive for relatively long periods with little or no food if they have had the opportunity to store vast body reserves.

The research demonstrated the importance of protein in the growth and development of the buck. The buck that is fed 16 percent crude protein (CP) gained 108 pounds in the first year. Deer fed 13% protein can gain 100 pounds.

Research data indicate that deer require about 6 percent crude protein to maintain life and rumen function. However, it appears the CP content of diet needs to be in the range of 13-16% for successful growth, antler development, and reproduction.

Protein content in supplemental feeds fed during antler growth and lactation should be 20%. This will produce the highest growth in bucks.

Will Goat Feed Grow Monster Deer


Energy requirements are cyclical and are greatly influenced by age, growth, gestation, lactation, locomotion, and temperament.

In general, an intake of 40 kilocalories of digestible energy per pound will allow for maximum buck growth and enough energy to replenish body reserves.

Fawns due to early age require 70 kilocalories of digestible energy per pound of body weight. In general, its nutritional requirement is met with deer milk, but in the dry season, additional feeding should be carried out.


Recent research indicates that diets that contain 0.40 percent calcium and 0.28 to 0.30 percent phosphorus will support acceptable growth and development in bucks and deer.

Growing Deer TV Eric Michael PHD

Advantages of supplemental feeding in bucks

Bucks can be supplemented with different concentrates and minerals. There are certain advantages of supplemental feeding in bucks. It will produce

  • Trophy class and healthy animals at a younger age.
  • Lower mortality in bucks in rearing and stages of development.
  • It will allow genetically superior animals to reach their highest growth potential.
  • Supplemental feeding will produce quality animals in the area.
  • Their reproductive efficiency increases with supplementary feeding.
  • Extend range or keep animals in one area if other factors are not limiting.
Will Goat Feed Grow Monster Deer

Feed Plots for Growing Monster Deer

When planning to grow Large Racked Specimens of Bucks, consideration of types of feed is important, for feed plots. Corn is usually thought to be great and deer do like it but it has low nutritional value, it does give them good cover, since deer like to remain hidden. Some of the best things for your deer in your food plot are some of these

  • Soybeans – very Nutritious
  • Corn
  • Grain Sorghum
  • Cowpeas
  • Wheat
  • Cereal Rye
  • Oats
  • Clovers
  • Deer also love Acorns, Hickory Nuts, Apples, and Pecans

Growing Monster Deer

Growing amazing antlersOpens in a new tab.

In designing Feed Plots for Growing your Deer, Nutrition is the most important factor. You will need to evaluate the availability of the local forage. The quality of the soil that they are growing from. Any farm fields that are close that they will also feed upon.

As the Antlers are Growing Protein is what is causing the Antlers to Grow. As they mature they will be needing Minerals of Calcium and Phosphorus as they begin to harden. Deer at this time will be looking for items loaded with those minerals.

Velvet is what carries the blood flow that causes them to grow, in spring and summer.

Time Lapse Deer AntlerOpens in a new tab. Development

North American Deer Farmers AssociationOpens in a new tab.

Pennsylvania deer farmers AssociationOpens in a new tab.

Master List of deer farming OrganizationsOpens in a new tab.


Male deer are called bucks, female deer are called does, and baby deer are called fawns. Deer love to eat all kinds of plants, flowers, berries, grasses, and vegetables.

Bucks can gain weightOpens in a new tab. and develop antlers at a rapid rate if supplemental feeding is performed. However, there is no evidence that monster bucks grow with the help of goat food. The requirements for goats and deer are different from each other.

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