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How to Buy a Rabbit: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Buy a Rabbit

How to Buy a Rabbit

As a General Rule research and decide on your breed, then check availability at Pet stores, Local Breeders, Rabbit Shows, Classified ads, Facebook marketplace, craigslist, and online. Prepare your space, items, feed, vaccinations, and appointment at your, local vet. Also, you can check your local Rabbit Shelter and Bunnie Rescue, Groups

This How to Buy a Rabbit guide is designed to help you purchase your new pet in the most efficient way possible. The process of buying a bunny can be tricky, but with this handy guide, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect bunny for you!

Define the Type of Rabbit you are Looking for.

Pet Rabbit

  • If you are looking for a pet, then consider the following
  • Lifespan (up to ten years)
  • Space needed (a cage or free run of a room in your home)
  • Size at maturity, which could be up to 16 lbs.
  • If you want something smaller, look for dwarf rabbits that are between two and three pounds when fully grown.
  • Temperament (how much you want a cuddler)
  • If this is your first pet, it’s best to go with a more docile breed such as the Holland Lop or Dwarf Rabbit. If you have had rabbits before and are looking for something new, mixed breeds can be very interesting!

Rabbit for 4-H Project

  • Rabbits make excellent 4-H projects for kids. They are great for teaching responsibility and demonstrating many different skills such as:
  • *Animal Husbandry (how to care for an animal)
  • *Practical Skills (feeding, watering, grooming rabbits will help children learn how to do this themselves)
  • Rabbits are smaller animals so can be raised in your house or garage. They are not noisy and they do not require a large space to run around in, so this is an excellent choice for smaller children!
  • Kids learn best when you give them the chance to make their own decisions about how they raise their rabbits.
How to Buy a Rabbit: Step-by-Step Guide 1

Show Fancy Rabbits

  • If you are looking for a rabbit to show, consider the following:
  • Age (bunnies need to be at least six months old)
  • Size (the bigger they are, the more competitive and harder they will be to fit in your car)
  • The American Rabbit Breeders Association has resources on what breeds make good competition. You
  • can find those here:
  • Temperament (some breeds are more docile and easier to handle, while others may be a bit on the wild side)
  • You will need an experienced breeder or club member as a mentor. Rabbits that win first place at their shows often sell for high prices! If you want to buy a rabbit to show, you should talk with an experienced breeder and club member first.
  • For both pet rabbits and for rabbits you plan to show, it is important that the rabbit has seen a veterinarian within the last year. If your vet can give you an up-to-date health certificate with proof of vaccinations, so much the better! This will help ease any anxiety about bringing home a new animal. Once you have your rabbit home, you should schedule a checkup within the first couple of weeks.

Purebred Rabbits

With a purebred rabbit, you can be sure that it will have certain qualities in common with its immediate family members. These rabbits are bred to meet strict standards and when raised by an experienced breeder, they should grow into healthy adults who retain their breed-defining characteristics. This makes these animals more unique than crossbreeds but also more expensive.

The cost of better bloodlines can be prohibitively high.

– When you buy a purebred rabbit, it will be registered with the national association for its breed and can be traced back to important ancestors.- A reputable breeder should provide registration papers and pedigrees for your new pet’s parentage. – These rabbits may also come with some kind of guarantee or health insurance in case your pet gets sick.- You can find a list of breeds and breeders on the websites of national associations.

Make sure your new pet comes with all necessary vaccinations and health

The first step in purchasing a purebred bunny is to decide what breed you want and then narrow down your list of possibles by checking each one’s price against your budget. This will help eliminate the possibility of impulse buying while still giving you plenty of options from which to choose.

Cost of Better Bloodlines in Rabbit can range from $50 to $500

Rabbit Farming

If you want to begin Rabbit Farming, you will need to follow some different steps.

Check your local zoning laws and obtain a license from the Department of Agriculture (if required in your state)

You should also check with the Food and Drug Administration about what kind of facility is needed for Rabbit Farming. This includes an example layout! Read more here:

There are many types of rabbits that are raised for meat, fur and wool. If you want to learn more about the different breeds used in Rabbit Farming

How Much Money is a Rabbit

How to Buy a Bunny – Much do baby Rabbits Cost?

Bunnies are not cheap pets. Pet stores sell them for $15 – $30 each depending on the breed and age of the bunny. However, pet prices do not include supplies such as food or cages which can cost up to another $60 per month so you’ll be looking at about an extra $75 a month in expenses if you get a bunny.

This is the total price of $90 for just one beginning month, but if you take into account that rabbits can live up to ten years it quickly adds up to over $1000 in expenses by year five! For many people, this may be more than they are able or willing to spend on an animal. Not only will you need to consider the cost of a bunny, but you will also need to think about where you going to put it and what type of care it needs.

Bunnies are very active animals that require lots of space and exercise every day or they can become bored and develop destructive behaviors such as chewing at furniture or digging up carpets. They also require a very specialized diet consisting of hay and fresh vegetables which can be difficult to find in pet stores.

How to Buy a Rabbit: Step-by-Step Guide 2

The best way is to adopt from a shelter, but if you go this route then you will need to check with your local shelters as each rabbit may have unique personality traits or health issues that could result in expensive medical bills later on. This is why many people are discouraged from getting a bunny as they are just not for everyone.

Most Shelters have an adoption fee usually $65 +

If you have the time, space, and money to care for an animal then there is nothing cuter than buying your bunny!

Where are Rabbits For Sale

Check with a Breeder

There are many options for people who would like to buy a bunny. One of the best places to start is by talking with local Rabbit breeders or rabbit organizations that can direct you in your search. They may be able to give you specific information about where there are rabbits available, what they cost, and how much care they need. Even if you don’t want to buy from a breeder yourself, talking with them can be very helpful as you learn more about what type of rabbit is right for your household.

Local Pet Stores

You may also find that some local pet stores sell rabbits if they have the space and desire to do so. They may not always be well educated on how to care for them, but they can at least help you find what you are looking for. You may also be able to adopt a rabbit from an animal shelter or rescue organization that has been abandoned there because it did not have the proper care.

Buy Bunny Online

Some people prefer to buy a bunny online if they cannot find one locally. This does have some potential downsides, however. For example, you may not get the same type of information about what it will be like to care for your new pet from someone who is selling bunnies through an ad or website as opposed to talking with them in person. You may need to do more research about how to care for your bunny once you get it home than you would with a rabbit that is sold in person, where the breeder can continue their education while helping you bring your new pet home.

Shopping online gives you access to many different bunnies that you might not otherwise be able to find. It also gives the seller a wider audience and may make it easier for them to offer better prices if they are located in another part of the country or even the world.

If all else fails and you want to buy a bunny online, make sure the breeder is reputable by checking their reviews or contacting them through a third party such as Google. You can also contact the breeder to see what they offer in terms of support and education before you buy so that you know they will be able to help you with your new pet after it is home and settled in.

Buy a Rabbit Online

If You buy a bunny online check how they are going to ship and what they ask for as far as health and well-being. If you can see if you can visit the rabbit before it is shipped to ensure that its habits are normal.

How to Buy a Rabbit: Step-by-Step Guide 3

Are Online Rabbits Guaranteed?

Be sure you ask the question and if the shipper carries insurance in case of loss or injury.

Misc Questions to Consider

Ask How much is shipping and how will it be shipped.

Contact them by email or phone and ask questions about the bunny you are interested in, such as:

What is their price?

How big do they get?

Do they need a lot of care and attention?

Are there any breeds that would not work well with children or other pets?

Are they litter trained? What are the pros and cons of being so close to their own waste products?

If you have your heart set on a certain breed, ask if that is possible before purchasing it. If not, then perhaps look into other breeds that might be better for you or at least just as fun!

Rabbit Rescue Organizations

Rabbit Rescue Groups by State – Another option is to look up local rabbit rescue organizations and contact them directly about what they have available. If you are willing to adopt a rabbit that has been abandoned by its owner, or one with special needs such as blindness, they may be able to help you find the perfect bunny for your family and household.


Make sure you ask about the availability of the breed you want.

All of these steps will help ensure that your purebred rabbit is healthy and happy from day one, so look for a breeder who takes good care in all stages of their rabbits’ lives.

Purchasing a Purebred Rabbit should include registration papers and pedigrees to trace back parentage

The breeder should also provide medical records showing that the rabbit has been vaccinated and is free of health problems.

Contact for Life

When you buy from a reputable breeder you have a resource you can call on for advice and support long after you take your new pet home.

Personel Visit

If You are able to go in person, that is the best.

Sire and Dam – you can see the health of the parents.

Number of Bunnies – you can see how many rabbits are housed in this location, and note if they have a good number for one to two people. This also gives you an idea of whether or not there is overcrowding which could lead to bunnies fighting amongst themselves.

Indoor/Outdoor Housing – If you have a choice, choose an indoor home. Indoor housing will keep your bunny more protected from the elements as well as more protected from other animals that may want to hurt or eat him/her.

Bunny’s Personality and Age – Unless it is with their littermates, rabbits are most comfortable when they know who they’re with and who their family is. So you should take your time in introducing yourself to the bunnies and getting them used to you and vice versa.

Time Commitment – While bunny rabbits can live together, they also need a lot of one on one attention if they are going to be happy with that arrangement. If you don’t have enough time for them, you should consider getting two or more separately.

Exercise and Entertainment – Bunnies love to run and play and explore their environment as well as chew on things they shouldn’t (so be prepared before taking your bunny home). Providing toys can also help with this need.

Classified Ads

Your local papers or can be a great place to find your new bunny, but just as with personal ads, you have no way of telling if the bunnies are being cared for properly or not.

Facebook Marketplace

You can also inquire on Facebook Marketplace. You have to be careful though, just like with local papers or Craigslist – you never know if the bunnies are being cared for properly so take your time when looking at them and ask lots of questions about how they’ve been treated in the past.

How to Buy a Rabbit: Step-by-Step Guide 4

Final Thoughts

Make sure you locate a Veterinarian (Rabbit Veterinarians by State) Experienced in Rabbit / Small Animal Care. Make sure all vaccinations are up to date and then quarantine your Bunny for a short time to make sure everything is OK

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