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14 Reasons I Choose to Work with Ezoic

14 Reasons I Choose to Work with Ezoic 1

Ezoic Advertising is a new company that has been making waves in the advertising industry. I am one of their Publishers, and it’s been a great experience so far! In this post, I will share with you nine reasons why I think Ezoic is such a great place to be in partnership with..

1) The people are awesome:

There is an amazing culture at Ezoic, and everyone gets along well. We know that we can rely on each other for help if needed.

2) The product rocks:

It’s not just any old ad company–we’re trying to change how ads work online by creating something more relevant for consumers than what currently exists. Majoring in AI technologies.

3) Cutting Edge Technology

Ezoic is constantly Launching new Products, Courses, Methods to help the Beginning Publishers Launch Their Businesses

4) Ezoic is growing and investing in its business

( I believe over 180+ Technicians

5) I am a Current Student at Income School

6) Ezoic helps Beginner Publishers get started.

They will Accept your websites with no traffic ( Meadivine has a 50,000 thresholds, Adthrive 100,000 Threshold )

7) Ezoic offerers their own Caching Plugin Called Leap

to help us make sure we nail Core Web Vitals – saving us yearly fees on other Premium Plugins

14 Reasons I Choose to Work with Ezoic 2

8) Ezoic partnered with Income School and created an Entrance Program

for Income school to Learn and Launch on their Platform

9) When I qualified on a premium level

they offered to allow me to take premium increases to apply it toward Content on My Websites ($ 3000 per year)

10) They Created Ezoic Academy

to again further the knowledge and success of their Publishers

11) Launched the level Up Program 1 Month ago

where they are investing their Advertizing Dollars in Their Publishers – So our Growth = Their Growth

14 Reasons I Choose to Work with Ezoic 3

12) They Maintain a Wealth of SEO, Content, Publishing Talent

that they put at our Disposal to grow our Businesses

14 Reasons I Choose to Work with Ezoic 4

13) Big Data Analytics

one of the most analytical platforms for you to dissect where your profit is coming from. It allows you to be able to make decisions on what is best to publish, not only from a Traffic perspective but from an individual Post EMP

14 Reasons I Choose to Work with Ezoic 5

!4) Awarded Me a $200 Grant

That I can put into my business – I will be Buying Content with That.

14 Reasons I Choose to Work with Ezoic 6

Final Thoughts

It seems that Ezoic is committed to Growing Their Business, Growing Our Businesses, Staying on the Cutting Edge of a very Fluid and quickly Changing Internet Market.