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Why do Alpacas Spit
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Do Alpacas Spit

  • Not Interested in Male Advances
  • Show of Dominance
  • Establish Pecking Order
  • Being Disturbed while eating
  • Threatened By a Predator

As a General Rule Alpacas Sit to show dominance, they are annoyed, feel threatened, female not interested in male advances, being disturbed while eating

Do Alpacas SpitOpens in a new tab. – Alpaca is considered a social and intelligent animal. They are gentle creatures and can be kept as pets after proper training. Many people show curiosity to know why alpaca spit. Is it their normal behavior? What are the reasons behind this? And many other questions etc.

Here, we will discuss this spitting behavior in alpacaOpens in a new tab. with different logic and reasons.

Why Alpacas Spit?

There are many reasons behind the spitting of alpaca. Let’s understand them one by one.

Why Llamas / Alpacas SpitOpens in a new tab. / History

Spitting By Alpaca Females

According to a research study, females (hembra) spit to indicate males that they are not interested in his advances( don’t want to mate). NOTE: It has also been observed that some females will start spitting sharp after mating; this may be due to hormonal causes.
why do alpacas spitOpens in a new tab. – During ovulation, due to an increase in the progesterone level in the body, females will spit.

Sign of Domination

Spitting is a sign of domination as well. They spit to keep food competitors awayOpens in a new tab. from their place. Simply, you can say, they mark their territory through spiting. This dominance factor is more prominent in males as compared to females but it has been scientifically revealed that both males and females alpaca will spit to keep competitors away.

It has been observed that they will spit on each other to sort out domination issues.

Why Do Alpacas Spit

Sign of Aggression

Alpacas become aggressive when they are threatened or someone invades their place. Spitting is a sign of aggression to keep foreigners away from their personal area. So, this can happen with you as well, if you go to their living place, they can spit on you. But spitting on people has been reported rarely. In case, you abuse them or do any threatening activity, they will definitely spit on you.

This has also been documented that most alpaca doesn’t spit abruptly but before that, they blow some air and saliva as a warning sign and after that, they spit.

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Although, this happens in rare cases. Additionally, some alpacas become aggressive and start spitting even with little provocation.

NOTE: Alpaca don’t spit unless they completely feel that they are under physical attack.

Does Alpaca Spit Hurt?

Alpacas can spit a mouthful of saliva at predators or other alpacas. The spit is believed to be an offensive weapon, not defensive behavior. In fact, spitting has been observed more frequently in males than in females. It doesn’t hurt but is terribly offensives to others.

Often it is green with food coloring added to the spit. It is ejected with such force it can travel at least six feet and hit a target sideways on.

Alpacas also use their spits when competing for mates during the breeding season, which occurs between April and September in Peru where alpaca live in the wild.

What are Miscellaneous Causes?

Mostly, spitting behavior is considered filthy and undesirable in alpaca. It is usually associated with the bad-mannered relatives of alpacaOpens in a new tab. (llamas). But it is important to know that along with the association of this behavior with a number of behavioral reasons in alpaca, spitting is also linked with the stomach as well.

Alpacas Spitting Dr. Pol

Good Spit / Bad Spit

We can categorize alpacas split into two main types viz good spit or bad spit.

Bad spit is basically the fermented food content of alpaca. Moreover, its smell is so bad. You can imagine the bad smell of something fermented. On the other hand, good spit has only got as far as the alpaca’s mouth. So, this must be noticed that they will bad spit will be clearly observed like something frothy coming out of the alpaca’s mouth (green drippings).

An experiment was conducted by a group of scientists to observe the phenomenon of bad spit in the alpacas. They divided alpacas into different groups. They fed each alpaca with a portion of feed in his separate feeding chamber. It was noticed that, despite having their own containers, a few of them started fighting with each other by raising their heads and making the sound of spit coming up their neck. In other words, spitting was a warning sign for the opponent.

They also observed that each alpacaOpens in a new tab. started warning his opponent with good spit but none was getting calm. So, they started spitting badly.

Alpaca Spitting on Young Boy

Can Sour Mouth Cause an Alpaca to Spit?

Yes, the sour mouth is another condition that causes spitting in alpacas. This condition arises in alpacas when their stomach produces too much acid or unpleasant food content passes out their mouths. You will also observe alpaca with a loose-hanging lower lip and gaping mouth, which is due to stomach acid. They will spit and usually, these conditions start with humming sounds in alpacasOpens in a new tab..

So, being a responsible owner you should be careful when your alpacaOpens in a new tab. spits a lot. Due to over-spitting, they can develop sour mouth.

What Does Alpaca Spit Look Like?

Depend upon the type of spit. Usually, it contains saliva, a few hairs, and stomach acids/contents. It may be green, greasy, or frothy due to the presence of food content in it.

Do Alpacas Spit When They are Excited?

Yes, alpaca spit when they are overexcited to show excitation and dominancy.

Do Alpacas Spit on People?

This accident is less common but it can happen to you. They rarely spit on humans. If you’re thinking of adding alpacas to your menagerie, expect to be spat on, but consider it is your fault for standing in range. If you’re visiting friends with alpacas, be suspicious if asked if you’d like to hold their food.

It is recommended to you that never walk or visit any paddock full of alpacas where there is only one food container. You can be caught and surrounded by them. This can be your worst ever experience so, avoid doing that.

How Far Can an Alpaca Spit?

Interestingly, an alpaca can spit up to ten feet. If another animal doesn’t surrender, the alpaca will spit all of his stomach content at all.

Does Stress Cause Spitting in Alpacas

Various signs of stress such as rapid breathing, humming, and drooling can trigger spitting in them.

Is Alpacas Spit Poisonous?

Not at all, this is made up of saliva, gastric contents, plant matters, and other stomach secretions. They will only regurgitate all fermented stomach content when they are under high threat or badly upset.

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Final Thoughts

Alpaca spit due to a variety of reasonsOpens in a new tab.. This spitting habit is not usually liked by the owner. But it is important to know the exact reason for spitting (keeping in mind the good and bad spit). Owners should be well aware that spitting could be a sign of threat/fear or response to any intrinsic hormonal changes such as progesterone surge during ovulation. You must be conscious about entering in their place unless they are fully trained as they can spit on you as well.

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Alpaca Farming Profitability Table

AlpacasOriginWeightYoung / Crias / Year
Space NeededFood NeededFibre / Year / PriceManure / YearPurpose
Huacaya Pregnancy - 11.5 Months5 alpacas/1 Acre4lbs / Day10lbs
$ 350 - $ 500
4 lbs / Day / $40
1500 lbs Year / $15,000 Per Year


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