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Is Llama Spit Dangerous?

Is Llama Spit Dangerous?

Llama Spit is not Dangerous It is slimy, it is smelly, it can be green, it is basically regurgitated Slavia from the Alpaca to ward off those that annoy it. They can spit up to 10 Feet in the distance and can be projected in a spray or a stream.

Is Llama Spit Dangerous?

Llamas will often spit at each other when playing or fighting out dominance within the pack/herd dynamic. In some cases, these fights can get pretty heated and result in the llamas spitting at humans to get them involved in the fight! Because of this reason, many people believe that llama spit is poisonous because it could cause serious infections in open wounds (because most llamas are not very selective about where they aim). Despite this superficial danger (which has never happened despite all the rumors), llama spit is completely harmless and clean. Jump to 18 ways Alpaca Farmers make Money

Llama Spit is Muscous

Llama spit is mucus secreted from the llama’s gut and digestive enzymes that help digest food. The enzymes found in llama spit – namely lipase – have been used for centuries as a beauty regimen to “soften and smooth” human skin, which may be why so many people claim to have gotten their face burnt by llama spit! While it does contain protein, this protein would do nothing but dry out your skin if applied topically because it lacks the essential amino acids needed to facilitate cell growth or repair. This makes llama spit completely useless as a beauty product, despite what advertisements on late-night television make you believe… Is Llama Spit Dangerous?

Llama Spit is not Dangerous but a Llama could Accidentally Step on You

The main danger of llamas is a big one: they can easily step on you and break your bones. Llamas have been known to stomp on small children who run up to them or unsuspecting adults walking too close behind them without being aware of their surroundings. In these instances, llamas will usually only stomp once before running away because it does not want to deal with the hassle of killing their prey, which means that after it stomps, you’d better run! However, if you aren’t fast enough and the llama decides that you’re going to be a snack, after all, it will trample you until you die.

Final Thoughts – Is llama Spit Dangerous?

The bottom line is that while llama spit is completely harmless for humans (and llamas don’t even swallow it after spitting it on someone), llamas can still inflict heavy damage if threatened, so do not; go up to one and assume that it is friendly!