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Llama Healthy or Sick **TEMPERATURE**

Is My Future Llama Healthy or Sick

As a General Rule Healthy Llamas are Alert, curious, have normal breathing, normal temperature (99.5-102F), fur is clean, have no signs of diarrhea, have a Healthy appetite, move easily, and have bright eyes. A Sick Lama might have labored breathing, Dull eyes, matted fur, Low or High Temperature, songs of scours, thin, limps, staggers, or nasal discharge.

Is My Future Llama Healthy or Sick

Llama Healthy or Sick – What do you need to know about healthy llamas? In this article, I will discuss general healthy and sick llama signs. Signs of healthy llamas include healthy-looking fur, a good appetite, and a strong immune system. Sickness can cause many different problems for your Llama including weight loss, lack of appetite, lethargy, or listlessness. To keep your Llama healthy you should feed them well and provide plenty of fresh water daily!

This is a Very General Guide if you are looking to Purchase a Llama to give you an idea if it is Healthy or Sick

Healthy LlamasSick Llamas
Regular Normal Breathing Labored, wheeze, coughing, breathing with Mouth Open
Alert and CuriousDull and Disinterested in their Surroundings
Having Normal Temperatures (99.5 – 102F)
For an Adult Llama. Higher for Hot Days
or after exercising
Running Overly High or Low Temperatures
Sub-Warmer Temps are More Dangerous than Fever
Firm, elongated, berry-like feces / Tail and surrounding
fur is clean
Evidence of Scours (diarrhea), around tail and fur
Hind Legs have evidence wet or dry
Healthy Appetites, ruminate ( chewing the Cud) normal
Doesn’t want to eat ( ill ) won’t chew the cud
Average Height and Weight for AgeEmaciated, thin, underweight, overweight, bulging
Bones Showing
Rise from Kush Position when encouraged toWill not get up when encouraged to do so
Moves Easily and Freely Limps, staggers, problems with steadiness, favors one side
or the other
Healthy looking Fleeced, no sign of parasites, skin
Wool Loss, parisite patches, especially around ears, and
tender areas, eyes
No apparent lumps, ruptures in mouth, jaws, groinsLumps, oozing sores, swelling around teeth and gums
Stand or Graze in normal stances, positions, ears erectHead Dropped, ears laid back, grind teeth, groan, kick ar their stomach
Hum at Normal TimesContinually humming, groaning, dripping from mouth,
evidence of being in pain
Bright Eyes, Clear, no discharge, watering, gunkdull foggy, sunken eyes
Dry Cool NoseNasal Discharge coming from nostrils
If Having Doubt Ask Your Local Vet for His Opinion

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Llama Healthy or Sick **TEMPERATURE** 1

Final Thoughts

 Llama Health – As a Llama owner, it’s important to know the signs of a healthy and unhealthy llama. These signs can be found in their fur, appetite, immune system health, etc. If you notice your Llama is losing weight or not eating then they may have some sort of sickness that needs treatment before an illness gets worse. I hope this article was helpful in understanding how to tell if your Llama is sick!