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Livestock Trailers: Can you Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer?

Can You Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer

Livestock Trailers Can you Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer. It depends on the size of the cow. Cows are usually wider than Horses, so you might want to measure before you try to Load. The weight of the animals is generally in the same Range, Average for Cows 1600lbs, Average Horses about 1000 lbs. Also, cows are not quite as tame as horses. So need to allow for that

As we look at this topic we will wade into Trailer sizes and Capacities for you to make some wise decisions as you are transporting your Livestock.

LengthBison / Buffalo CowsHorsesSheep / Goats
4.5 per/Sheep
Single Floor
LengthBison / 1000 lbs6'6" H x 7'10" L x 4' WCows / 1600 lbs4'9"H x 8'2" x 4'WHorses / 1000 lbs5'6" H x 5'8"L x 3' WSheep / Goats / 200 lbs3'10" H x 4' 2" L x 3' W
16' x 6'26316
18' x 6'47424
20' x 7'58531
24' x 7'6116
28' x 7'712737
32' x 7'814849

Livestock Trailers – Can you Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer vs Can you put a Horse in a Cattle Trailer

You need to measure the height. Most enclosed Cattle Trailers are a litter shorter in Height than Horse Trailers. Most Cattle Trailers are around 6′ and 8″ in Interior Height. While most Horse Trailers are around 7′ 6″ in inside height. If the Horse trailer has AC then it might have an additional 12″ oh Head Room.

Cattle are short animals in comparison to horses where their heads stand a lot taller than the rest of their bodies.

Livestock Trailers: Can you Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer? 1
bumper pull livestock trailer / trailers livestock

How Long can a Cow Stay in a Trailer

In reality the shorter the better, but a cow will lose 6% – 10% of its body weight in water during 10 – 20 Hours in a Trailer

When it gets 24 – 48 Hours they begin to lose tissue weight

Cattle Trailers are designed to safely transport your livestock from one destination to another. One of the important considerations is how is the distance that we are taking them to maintain their Health in transporting them. Here are some important Key Thoughts to consider when transporting your Cattle

  • Trailer and Towing Vehicle in Good Shape
  • Air Flow
  • Temperatur
  • Water
  • Dry Cows – 20 Gallons a Day,
  • Water Lactating Cows – 25 Gallons a day
  • Water – Calf – 15 Gallons a day
  • Feed
  • Trailer / Crate should be designed to minimize the Bruising of your cow.
  • Make Sure animals have enough room
Loading a lot of Cattle / trailers livestock

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Cows that need to be Transported Differently

  • Young Calves
  • Cow and Calf
  • Females that are Pregnant
  • Horned and dehorned animals
  • Bulls
Transporting Cattle

Transporting Calves

  • Front of Trailer protected from the wind
  • Fed 6 Hours before transport
  • Check Calves regularly, every 3 hours min
  • Calves separated from other stock
  • Give calves enough room to lie down

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How Long can a Horse stay in a Trailer

Some general Guidelines from Horse owners – * – 12 Hours in Trailer, Horse needs 8 Hours of Rest, Out of Trailer. Check them regularly for signs of Distress. Suggested 30 minutes after the start, Then every 4 hours after. Here are some Helpful

Livestock Trailers: Can you Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer? 2
2 horse slant trailer
  • Make sure Floor is not Slippery
  • Each horse should have enough space to stand erect not touching others
  • Use Partitions if you are Transporting More than one Horse
  • Make sure vehicle exhaust fumes are not circulating back to your Horses
  • Unload horses as soon as you reach the destination – give them Rest, Feed Water
  • Water – Horses can drink approx 15 Gallons per day – depending on temps
  • Never Ride in Your Stock Trailer
  • Secure the Horse in Trailer once it calms down after loading
Loading Your Horse Safely in a Trailer

What is the Difference Between a Horse Trailer and a Stock Trailer

Horse Trailers are usually a little more customized for Transporting Horses. Usually a little more expensive. Livestock Trailers are usually a little less expensive and easily adaptable to different types of Livestock. They usually are very durable.

  • Most Horse Trailers have Partitions
  • Most Horse Trailers have Tack area, Storage
  • Some Horse Trailers have A/C
  • Some have Dressing Rooms
  • Living Areas
  • Horse Trailers have higher Roofs – Taller Horses


Livestock Trailers: Can you Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer? 3
Can you Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer

How many Cows can fit in a 16ft Trailer

Check Our Table above, But you can fit 6 Cows into s 16′ Livestock Trailer, One level. When It would also probably be smart to add extra room if your distance is long. Hauling you don’t want to pack them like sardines.

It also may depend on the condition and type of your cows, giving more attention to Bulls, Pregnant, or Cows with Calves.


Why Can’t Horses go in a Cattle Trailer

Cattle Trailers are usually a little shorter in Height. Horses can get quite Tall. Most Horse Trailers are taller than your standard livestock Trailer. They both can haul the weight and have space. But Horse trailers usually have partitions in them to separate the horses.

Can you Haul Cattle in an Enclosed Trailer

No, Cattle need to have fresh air when you have them packed tightly. Enclosed trailers also have no light. It would be better to locate a livestock hauler so that your cattle can be moved safely. Livestock trailers are built for hauling livestock. Strong floors to hold cattle weight. Open sides for ventilation. Floors that can be easily cleaned from Cow Pies.

Livestock Trailers: Can you Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer? 4
Can you Put a Cow in a Horse Trailer

Can you Transport Animals in a Uhaul

The answer is yes, So I Called UHaul Corporate and here is a copy of their answer.

Hi there! How can we help you today?

Gregory Dale Gaines04:10 PM

can you haul livestock in your rental trailers system

04:10 PMYour message has been sent, someone will be with you shortly.

Kai04:10 PMHi, I will be assisting you today.

Please give me a moment to review your question.

Kai04:11 PM

Yes, you can tow livestock in the open trailers

.Gregory Dale Gaines04:11 PM

cattle specifically

Kai04:12 PM

Yes, in the open trailers you can.

So That is great. Several things to consider and watch, but this is an option

  • Make sure you calculate the weight, so your floor will support it
  • Make sure sides are high enough
  • Make sure the Trailer is cleaned before return
  • Protect you animals from Wind.
  • This may be a short term solution. I have not known anyone to do this but it doe seem doable.

Can you Haul Livestock in a Truck

Yes, they make small DIY Assemblies that you can get that will allow you to haul small livestock in the back of your Pickup.

Cage hauler for small Pickup
  • Animals need to be safe
  • Animals need not be able to get out
  • Cage must be secured so no shifting takes place
  • Wind can be an issue
  • Size of animal could be restrictive

How Much do Cattle Haulers get Paid

If you do not have a trailer to transport your livestock or Distance is too far, There are Livestock Transportation Companies that will move your Livestock for you. Generally, the Charge $ 1.35 Per Mile for short Distances and $ .86 Per Mile for Longer distances. You can Call here to receive a Quote

Reliable Livestock Transportation

Loading Sheep Into Livestock Trailer

Loading Sheep into 2 Floor Livestock Trailer
  • Sheep and Goats can spook easily
  • Use Good Livestock trailer – proper sized
  • Protect from Wind
  • Sheep, Goats, Lambs need space to lay down
  • Make sure floor bedding will allow them to lay down
  • Separate special cases, pregnant, rams,


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