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What is a Bull Nose Ring Applicator

What is a Bull Ring Applicator


What is a Bull Nose Ring – When working with a sick bull, there are many times where you will have to carry out procedures that involve you controlling the animal’s head, and that’s where a bullWhat is nose rings applicator comes in. So in this article, we are going to examine what this tool is, and how you can use it on your bull. These are used in the United States and also the United Kingdom.

Meaning of A Bull Nose Ring Applicator

A bullnose ring applicator is simply a tool that is used in controlling a bull’s head movement when you want to administer either an injection or any other treatment to it.

How A Bull Nose Ring Applicator Works

Whenever you’re about administering any certain medication to your bull, taking blood, or planning to carry out a more thorough examination, it would be ideal for you to place the bull in a halter first, before proceeding to administer whatever it is you want to give or take from the bull.

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This is because bulls could be quite aggressive with their heads, by tossing them around, and thus making it very dangerous for you.

But, if you do not have a halter to place on the bull’s head, to secure his head, then what you could use is a pair of bull nose ring applicators, to apply a bull ring.

What is a Bull Nose Ring Applicator 1
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These nose rings work in a way that when you open them at each end, there is a smooth round metal ball, which will fit into each nostril of the bull. Now, once you’ve placed it in the bull’s nostrils, all you have to do is close down on the handles.

The ring has been designed in such a way that it won’t cause any blunt trauma to the bull’s nasal septum, but the pressure that will be applied to the nasal septum will force the bull to become very calm.  

In other words, the nose ring won’t allow the bull to toss its head about, which will then enable you to do whatever you want to do with the bull.

However, to ensure that everything is safe after you’re done closing down the nose ring’s handle, you can use a chain with its loops to place it over the side of any structure near it, in order to hold the ring in place, so that it won’t accidentally open and release the bull.

What is a Bull Nose Ring Applicator 2

Here are some steps you can take to successfully place a bull nose ring applicator, in a bull’s nose.

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is approach the bull’s head with confidence, and also make sure that when you handle his head, you’re very close to it and take very solid control.

Step 2

Balance yourself properly, take very good control, and squeeze down really nicely so that the bully knows that you’re in control. 

Step 3

Once you’ve had a firm grip of the head and balanced properly, open up the nose rings, place them right into the bull’s nostrils, clap them down, and hold them firmly with one hand.

Step 4

Using your other hand, secure a chain into a little holding area, and then take the bull’s head off to the side to tilt his head towards the little opening, where you’ll tie your chain.

That way, you will be able to securely place the nose rings and secure his head to the side. And once you’ve done that, you’ll notice that the bull will yield in total submission, and won’t move an inch because of the pain that will await it on the nostrils.

Once the bull is in that position, you can treat it, draw out blood samples, whatever you want to administer to it safely.

Benefits of Using Bull Nose Ring Applicator

From our discussions above, you’d agree with me that there are some key functions nose ring applicator has. So, let’s look at 3 of these benefits.

Domestic Control

The bullnose ring applicator helps a handler to take total control of dangerous bulls in the farm, under a lesser risk of getting injured during the process, or by causing harm to the bull’s nose while trying to have a grip on him.

And of course, as you’d expect, bulls most especially are very powerful and sometimes a very unpredictable breed of cattle, which if you don’t make your advances with precautions, like using bull nose ring applicator while trying to have a hold of him, could injure you severe or even kill, if conditions get out of hand. That’s why a nose ring is inexplicably important.

Nose Ring so you can Ride a Bull / Bull ring

Commercial Control

Bulls are sometimes used commercially for shows and what have you. But what you may not have known is that the handlers you see there out with the bull on stage, control and maintain them using a nose ring.

They do this either by firmly holding the ring in their hands, or looping a piece of nose ring’s rope through it, and then taking the robe to clip it on a bull staff. Other than that, a very strong rope or chain, tied to the ring may be attached to a bull’s horns, or to a head collar for extra control.

Once a bull is tied from its nostrils, the bull may want to escape but it will refrain from attacking because of the impending injury that would await him. However, there are some precautions you need to take before opting to use a bullnose ring applicator.

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Although a lot of bullnose ring applicators are often sturdy, always endeavor to buy from reputable companies whose rings are known to be very strong and resilient. This is important because you just can’t afford to hook a weak nose ring into a bull’s nose. If the bull succeeds in breaking out, you may not live to tell the story. Pick from good materials stainless steel will not rust.

What is a Bull Nose Ring Applicator 3

Double Check

The last but not the least caution while using a bull’s nose ring applicator is to always double-check that the rope or chain you’re tying the bull’s nostrils to, is firm and solid. Again, if the bull breaks out from where you tied it to, it may not be such a fairy tale.

In a nutshell, a bull nose ring ( piercing rings) applicator is the perfect way to take charge of your bull. Nevertheless, always be careful by ensuring that you buy nose rings from reputable companies, and double-check on whatever thing you tied the bull to, the bull may want to escape. You just can’t afford to take such a risk!