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How Much are Silkies Chickens (2024)?

How Much are Silkie Chickens?

Silkie chicks are  $3 to $10 each, while adult hens or roosters can be bought for between $15 and $50 each. The pricing depends on the Farm and Location and the lineage. Top Quality Birds can Be as High as $149.

How Much are Silkies Chickens

Silkie chickens are a breed of chicken that is known for their fluffy, downy feathers. They’re also known for their cuddly appearance and calm disposition. However, how much do Silkie chickens cost? The average price for this breed ranges from $5 to $149 depending on the color of the hen.

Silkie chickens are not good egg producers. They lay about 30 eggs per year on average, and the eggs take 15 days to hatch. This is why silkies make great pets rather than commercially viable poultry. They are also typically docile and friendly, making them great for kids. How Much are Silkies Chickens

How Much do Silkie Chickens Cost?

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Silkie chickens come in a variety of colors including black, blue, white, gray, and buff (a light tan). They have fluffy plumage that feels like silk because they do not produce the protein keratin which other breeds use to create feathers. Their skin is black, making their bones easy to see through the skin.

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They are excellent foragers and are able to live on a diet of bugs, weeds, and grasses alone without needing much supplementary feed or care. They can fly but rarely do because they would rather stay close to the ground where it is safe; this makes them easier to keep as pets. How Much do Silkies Chickens Cost

Where Can You Buy Silkies?

  • Tractor Supply
  • Breeders
  • Hatcherys
  • Facebook Market Place
  • Craigslist

Silkie chickens are a heritage breed that has been around for centuries. They were originally bred in China for their ornamental feathers and friendly disposition.

They were introduced to the United States in the early 1900s and have become increasingly popular as pets over the past few decades. How Much are Silkie Chickens?

How Much are Purebred Silkie Chickens?

Purebred Silkie Chickens can cost more than $100 +.

Many of the expensive pure breeds come from small farms that have a limited supply, which drives up their price tag. – Purebreds are also very popular and many people want to buy them because they look unique.

One of the most expensive purebreds is called a Silver Laced Wyandotte. It can cost $200-$300.

Description: Many people love silkie chickens because they are one of the cutest breeds out there! They have fluffy feathers and look like little balls of cotton with feet instead of wings.

Blue Silkie Chicken for Sale?

You can find Blue Silkie chicks for sale at several hatcheries. The average price of the Blue Silkie is $4 -$35 per chick, but some breeders can cost more or less.

Blue silkie chickens are very nice pets to have around because they do not make too much noise and are great with kids! They also produce about 200 eggs per year, so if you are looking for an egg-laying chicken, the Blue Silkie is a great choice!

If you are interested in adding a Blue Silkie to your flock, be sure to do some research on the breed first. Not all hatcheries carry them, so if you have your heart set on one, start looking for hatcheries that carry them early.

If you’re looking for a pet chicken, silkies make great choices because of their calm demeanor and sweet personalities. They are a great breed for children.

If you’re looking to purchase a few silkie chickens for your backyard flock, make sure you have enough room. They can grow up to be quite large, sometimes weighing in at over six pounds! With their fluffy feathers and sweet disposition, they are definitely worth the price.

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* Price may vary depending on the breeder

Sexed Silkie Chickens For Sale?

When researching Blue silkies, or any other poultry, sexed chicks become an important consideration. Unless you are breeding your own birds, most people want female chickens for egg production and male chickens for meat production. So the question is: how much do silkie chickens cost?

The answer to that question depends on a few factors. Before we go into those factors, let’s look at some numbers to give you an idea of how much silkie chickens cost:

Sexed male chicks: $6.00 +/chick

Unsexed Silkies (male and female): $6.00 chicken

The lower price per chicken is due to the fact that unsexed chickens will be less in demand than those with sex already known. However, it also means you’ll have more roosters than hens which can become a problem down the road if your plans include selling eggs and/or meat.

How do You sex a Blue Silkie Chick?

The first thing you want to do is look at their feet. If they have yellow feet it means they’re male, if they have white on the bottom of their feet it means that this chicken is female.

The next step is to look at their head. If the chicken has a small comb it means they are male, if the chicken has a large comb it means that this chicken is female.

Lastly, you want to check out their tail feathers. If they have long and pointy tail feathers it means they’re male while short and fluffy tail feathers mean they’re female.

So now you know how to sex a Blue Silkie Chick, congrats! Now go put them in their correct coop and get started on hatching those eggs!

How Long do Silkie Chickens Live?

For the average chicken, a quick estimation would be about ten years or so. However, this is not true for chickens who have been bred to become show-quality birds as they typically live much longer than their predecessors.

Silkie Chickens are one of those breeds that can exceed twenty-five years, as well as produce an abundance of offspring. It is no wonder why they are often called the “James Dean” of chickens, as they were initially bred to be a bird that would die young and produce many offspring.

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Silkie Chicken Eggs For Sale?

You can buy silkie eggs to incubate and hatch at home. Silkie eggs are white and have a smooth, glossy surface. They are about the size of a duck egg.

Silkie chickens are known for their calm demeanor and friendly nature. They make great pets, and they lay pretty eggs, too! If you’re interested in incubating silkie chicken eggs at home, be sure to purchase an incubator and some fertile eggs.

You can contact a local hatchery for the availability of silkie chicken eggs for sale.

Silkie eggs need to be incubated at 99.50 degrees Fahrenheit for 21 days in order to hatch. Be sure to keep an eye on the incubator, and turn the eggs regularly.

Once hatched they can be kept in a brooder set at 95 degrees until they are about six weeks old. After that, the temperature can be lowered to around 80 degrees.

They will get their adult feathers at around six months of age. Silkies are good at free-ranging and can be let out into a yard or chicken run as long as they have access to food, water, shade, and shelter from the rain.

Females can begin laying at around five or six months of age and will lay an egg almost every day.

Final Thoughts – How Much are Silkie Chickens?

In summary, Silkie chickens make great pets and are known for their calm demeanor, friendly nature, and pretty eggs. If you’re interested in incubating silkie chicken eggs at home, be sure to contact a local hatchery for availability.

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