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How to Keep Fox away from Chickens

How to Keep Fox away from Chickens

As a general rule, A good secure Fence is the best way to keep foxes away from your chickens. The fence should be 6′ High to prevent foxes from running up and over. Meshing should be 2″ squares  Wire netting (40—50 mm diameter hexagonal) stop foxes from pushing through the base of the fence.

How to Keep Fox away from Chickens?

One of the most common problems that chicken farmers have is foxes. Foxes are a huge problem for chickens because they kill them and eat them. In this post, we will talk about how to keep foxes away from your chickens so you can stop worrying about losing any more!

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Why is Fox attacking Chickens?

Foxes are predators and they are attracted to chickens because they are an easy target. Chickens don’t put up a fight and they are slow, which makes them an easy meal for a fox. Foxes will also attack other animals such as lambs, pigs, and rabbits, but chickens make up the majority of their diet.

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There are a few important things to consider before you start trying to make your chicken coop fox-proof. The first thing is, not all chickens can be kept in the same area because they will kill each other. You need to make sure that you have a separate space for each type of bird and that there is no way they can get into contact with another species. The second thing you want to consider is that foxes are great diggers and climbers, so your coop must be a certain height. You need a fence that is at least six feet high with the mesh going down into the ground around four inches deep.

Chickens are prey animals and they are very vulnerable to foxes. If you want to keep your chickens safe, you need to take the necessary precautions to make sure that the foxes can’t get to them. As a general rule, having a good fence and keeping the chickens in an enclosed space will do the trick. Make sure to also check all of your gates and fences to make sure that they are fox-proof.

When do Foxes Hunt Chickens?

Foxes hunt Chickens during the day and at night. They usually hunt Chickens that are out in the open. Most chicken losses occur when the chickens are out in the open. Foxes are very persistent and intelligent predators, so it is important to take some preventative steps to protect your chickens.

How to keep Foxes away from Chickens during the day?

Foxes are predators and will try to get any chickens they can find. Foxes can often be found in a chicken coop, trying to steal the chickens or eggs during the daytime (source). The best way for you to protect your flock is by using fencing that prevents foxes from entering your pens. Foxes can climb fences, but a solid roof covered in metal or heavy-duty fencing stops most fox entry.

Chicken Friendly Pets can help during the day and keep the chickens safe. Alpacas, miniature donkeys, and German Shepherds are just a few breeds that have been used to protect chickens from predators. A llama makes a great sentry for your flock as they have been known to spit and kick at predators, which deters most foxes.

A large protective rooster can help during the day, as they will sound an alarm when danger is near.

Foxes will often eat eggs as well as the chicken itself. You can make a fox-proof pen or area by covering it with wire mesh on top of an existing fence. The spacing should be no more than

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How to Keep Fox away from Chickens during the Night?

Foxes are nocturnal and will use that time to enter into chicken coops or pens, looking for easy prey (source). The best way you can protect your flock is by using fencing such as electric fencing at nighttime. Electric fences work by having an electrical wire around the perimeter of your pen. However, they cannot be used alone; you should also use a secondary containment system that prevents foxes from jumping over or digging under them (source).

If electric fencing is not an option for you, consider other methods such as water sprinklers and lights to keep predators at bay during nighttime.

Keeping a dog inside of your coop at night is also a great way to deter foxes. A barking dog will scare away most predators.

Many chicken owners lock their chickens up in a fox-proof coop at night.

This also allows the farmer to count and check the condition of his flock.

You can also use motion-activated lights to scare away any potential predators that may be trying to get your chickens.

They also have chicken coop doors that automatically shut at night, which is a great way to keep your flock safe.

Another method that farmers have used is chicken tractors. A chicken tractor can be moved around daily so chickens do not spend too much time in one area. If you move your coop often enough it will prevent foxes from finding them on any regular basis. Jump to Farm Guardian Animals Protection for Your Backyard / Homestead

How do Foxes Kill Chickens?

A Fox will run toward a chicken coop and suddenly stop at the entrance. It will jump to catch any chickens that come out or those who are standing right outside of their home. Foxes can kill several birds in one night so it is best to protect your flock as soon as possible!

Foxes have a strong sense of smell and can easily find food. They are extremely curious, so if your chickens leave any open doors or windows in the coop it is likely that a fox will get inside. Once a Fox has entered a chicken coop they will usually kill all of your birds to ensure their safety from future visits by predators.

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They will eat what they want but will continue to kill every chicken that they find. They will do this to make sure there are no more chickens for them to eat.

How to Keep Foxes away from Chickens?

  • Wire fence – small enough fox can not squeeze through
  • The fence is buried so cannot be dug under
  • Fence 6′ High so fox cannot run over
  • Secure Chicken Coop
  • Motion Lighting
  • Motion water sprinklers
  • Guard animals such
  • as llamas, donkeys, and German Shepherds.
  • Barking Dogs at night.
  • Chicken tractors – move daily to prevent foxes from finding them on any regular basis.
  • Close all doors and windows in the chicken coop at night – use a lock if needed.

How to Catch a Fox that is stealing my Chickens?

A live box trap is the best way to catch a fox. You can buy them at your local hardware store or online.

The trap should be large enough for the fox to walk in but not big enough for it to turn around and get out.

You will also need to set up bait inside of the trap. A piece of meat or fish will work best.

Make sure to place the trap in an area where you have seen the fox raiding your coop.

Take the fox to a wildlife sanctuary or release it into the wild.

Can I Shoot a Fox that is Killing My chickens?

Need to check your local wildlife laws before taking any action.

Foxes are considered a furbearer in many states, so you may be able to take it with a hunting license.

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Final Thoughts – How to Keep Fox away from Chickens

There are many ways to keep foxes away from chickens.

Some of the best methods include using electric fencing, motion-activated lights, barking dogs, and chicken tractors during nighttime hours.

You can also contact your local wildlife official and they can give you guidance. Foxes can be hunted and trapped with the proper permits in some states.

It is important to protect your flock as soon as possible, and using multiple methods will help keep them safe from these predators.

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