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11 Ways to Make Money Geese Farm -Extensive Guidelines (2024)

Ways to Make Money by Geese Farming

As a general rule geese farms make money on meat, fresh eggs, fertilized eggs, day-old Goslings, sell meat birds, sell breeding geese. or sell stewing birds.

Ways to Make Money on a Geese Farm

Geese faring a thriving business opportunity is gaining more ground in the farmers who want to earn more by investing less strenuous efforts, monetary and physical resources. You don’t have to worry about the geese as you do for hen or other sorts of birds. The male is called gender, and the female is called a goose. Goose meat and egg are getting more popular because of the added benefits, minerals, and nutrients.

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With the help of this bird, you can earn money by selling the eggs or meat of the bird in the market and earn easy money that has not made you keep following the bird and feeding them expensive food. You just have to provide them with grass in the summer; wheat and pallet in the winter is the most loved food for these birds.

Offering them wheat in the basket in the winter will increase their weight and help them lay more eggs even in the chilling weather. There are various considerations like choosing the right breed for the right purpose, fencing, and housing, which you must look for.

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Ways to Make Money by Geese Farming

Delicious Eggs and Meat

Geese Farm – The eggs of the geese are larger in size than a hen with the big yolk. The yolk of the gees egg is dense and rich in minerals and nutrients. The runny white of the geese egg is perfect for waffles and custard. People love geese eggs to fry and use in baking and cooking.

The gees meat doesn’t taste like chicken. Rather it is more close to the beef. When you want to add aroma and scintillating smell to the bird meat, you should not go for chicken. The gees meat is a perfect choice for people who are more fond of beef meat. The texture and taste of the geese meat make them a perfect dish. That’s why you get the chance to earn more from the eggs and meat of the geese without any hassle. 

Let’s dig deep into the guideline of finding the best practices to earn money from geese farming.

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Select a Breed

The most important thing in gees farming is choosing the right breed for the right business. If you have the potential of selling gees eggs to the market around you, it is necessary that you should go for small and medium-sized geese. This category of geese is smaller in size, but they lay more eggs than their bigger compatriot.

The bigger geese, on the other hand, are the birds that lay fewer eggs than the medium and smaller breed. But these larger birds are the most anticipated birds for the people who are found of gees meat. These gees provide maximum meat and great taste to the consumer. Finding a perfect balance between the demand and supply of the local market and your business is the strategy that can make you earn more by investing less.

Geese are actually grouped into three categories depending on their size. These three categories are; light, medium, and heavy.

Both light and medium geese are good for egg production, but the heavy geese breeds lay fewer eggs, and they are raised mainly for their delicious meat.

Good Smaller Breeds are:

  • Chinese
  • Pilgrim
  • Saddleback

These Geese are Famous for laying more than 60 eggs a year.

Medium-sized Famous Geese:

  • The American Buff

Larger or Heavy Breeds:

  • Toulouse
  • White Emden

These larger breeds provide the richest texture meat that tastes like beef and sells more in the market.


Geese are a long-term commitment, and unlike other birds, they don’t die within 3 to 5 years. The average life span of geese is almost 20 years.

11 Ways to Make Money Geese Farm -Extensive Guidelines (2024) 2
Ways to Make Money by Geese Farming


You must remain vigilant when children are around. There are no chances of some severe accidents, but still, children making too many movements and noise will startle the geese, and their running or beaks could cause some unwarranted situations that will make things not so good for your birds and the children.


The grass is an integral part of the geese diet. You can also provide what to your birds, but still, the main source of their food will be grass in both winter and summer. In the summer seasons, the clean and fresh grass with full of taste and protein provide all the necessary ingredient of their diet plan. But in the winter, they must be given wheat in the bucket. When you plant the grass, you must ensure that it doesn’t reach more than nine or 10 cm.

Housing Geese

A one-point seven square meter shed is enough for a single pair. A small garden shed with a measurement of 1.3 by 1.8 m will be a substantial place for 4 to 5 pairs of geese. These are the animals that will not go to sleep until they have a routine of nighttime sleep housing for the pairs is important, and you must use planks or a fence to provide them with the boundary wall. And outstretched arms are perfect form, making them feel that this is the time of the night.

When you are rearing geese to earn money, every bird is a money-making machine. You cannot take the risk of gosling, or adult birds fall prey to the predators. For small and big birds, rodents, badgers, fox, and mink are dangerous alike. You can’t take the risk of letting them exposed to these vicious animals and have them killed overnight. You must consider one thing when gees see something dangerous at night; they make a loud noise for some substantial amount of time. This noise will disturb you and your neighbor in some serious terms. That’s why you must provide them with safe and protected housing to let them breed and grow without any fear of predators and hunters.


If your place is not walled or guard against predators, the fence will be the only significant expense that you will need to make in geese farming. There are various predators against the geese, and you must take into consideration all of them. The geese farmers must take steps according to the size and capability of the predator to protect the money-making birds from them. If you have an open farm, you will need a fence that must have an outward slope. The planks must be thick enough for the badgers not to tear them apart. You must dig them more than 30cm deep into the land to prevent the fox and badgers from digging the tunnel under the fence and reach the geese heaven.

The best practice is to run an electric wire that will protect the geese from the big and small animals. The mesh you choose must be small in size to prevent the smaller predators from squeezing in. the protective mesh should also be sturdy enough for standing guard against badgers and fox. The predators will kill your geese if you don’t take these measures to prevent them from reaching your geese. The fence is a protection against potential thieves as well. When there are a large number of birds, it becomes difficult to keep track of every bird. This fence will save you from the toil of counting every single bird to ensure the safety from thieves and trespassers.


Most of the time, geese prefer to eat grass as they are grazers. But you must keep a close watch on their feeding and their weight. You are rearing them for meat or eggs the most important thing which you must care for is their food. If it is summer and food is abundant, the geese will graze on grass and spend less time eating other items. You must provide the geese with grass and other sorts of food like wheat and pellets. Adding some fodder and supplements is also a common practice, but you must consult your vet before providing anything other than the grass and seeds.

In winter, when the grass is scarce, or there is a low protein level in the grass, it is the best practice to put some wheat in a bucket to let it soften. When the soft wheat is given to the geese in winter, it will enjoy the feat with the grass, and there will be no weight loss or decreases in egg consumption. You must have to provide water, grass, and soft what or pellet to the geese in winter to save them from losing weight or getting suffer in the hands of the season. Good eating habits will increase the weight of geese an elated number of eggs will add to the value you are getting from these geese.

Way to Make Money Raising Geece?

1.      Fresh eggs

Many people in your neighborhood want to fill the breakfast with fresh backyard large geese eggs. Furthermore, people are wise, and they prefer backyard geese eggs over pale yolk eggs. You should cash their interest. In addition, you should not confuse over the price. The price of organic egg is always high than common table eggs.

Moreover, when you have established yourself for commercial farming, you will have an already set market to sell your eggs.

2.      Fertilized eggs

If you have a flock at your farm, you can cash people’s desire to raise backyard birds. Many people are willing, just like you, to raise geese in their backyard to earn profit. You should be the one to provide them the chance. Furthermore, there is a plus point in this; you can charge more than the normal egg price for a fertilized egg. You should also sell the fertilized eggs to the breeder.

3.      Day-old Goslings

Many people want to purchase day-old goslings to avoid the hassle of hatching eggs. Furthermore, farmers usually evaluate the bird loss in autumn and want to restock their flock. You should cash farmer’s interest and sell day-old goslings.

11 Ways to Make Money Geese Farm -Extensive Guidelines (2024) 3
Ways to Make Money by Geese Farming

4.      Sell meat birds

There is nothing better in taste than pasture-raised organic geese. And once you have tasted organic geese, you will never go back to grocery store birds. Furthermore, there is a huge market for specialty meats, and you can earn a handsome profit out of it.

5.    Breeding Geece

For farmers who don’t want the hassle of managing baby geese, is a great option. Female Geece are the birds that are just about to lay eggs. It benefits the buyer in several ways. It is easy for them to know the gender and save them from managing non-productive birds.

6.      Sell Stewing Goose

Stewing Geece are those layer birds who have stopped laying eggs. Some people don’t find them worthy, but actually, they are. You can make money by selling stewing geese. Their meat will not be as tender as you get from meatgeece, but people want them for stew.

7.      Ornamental Feathers

You will be amazed to see the beautiful styles and colors of heritage chickens, which mostly come in roosters. Many crafters and fishermen love to make them in use. You have a big opportunity to cash their desires.

8.      Geece Manure

Goose manure is amazingly high in nitrogen and is famous as back gold. Black gold offers tremendous value for growing plants.

9.      Homemade Geece Feed

Commercial Geece feed is expensive, and many farmers challenge its quality. If you have a recipe, you can earn a handsome profit out of it.

10. Sell fancy Birds

You can sell fancy birds at high prices at an auction. If you have a small number of fancy birds, sell them to individuals at high prices; otherwise, go to auctions.

11. Write about Geece Farming Online / Youtube Chanel

Once you are a farming expert, you can make people learn from your writings. Create your website and start writing blogs on Geece farming. f you start a Youtube Channel on your adventure

12. Make or sell Sheds / Coops / Brooders

Maybe you are good at manufacturing geece coops or having old coops replaced with new ones. In both situations, you can earn a profit by selling geese coops

11 Ways to Make Money Geese Farm -Extensive Guidelines (2024) 4
Ways to Make Money by Geese Farming

Final Thoughts

When you want to earn money by geese farming, you must provide them with shelter, a safe home, and abundant food to gain weight and increase the number of eggs. Unlike hen, you don’t have to spend so much money, extra time, and resources for rearing the birds. These are the most promising and profitable birds that are providing a good return on investment to the farmers. Geese farm is becoming more and more popular because of increasing demand in geese meat and egg. You don’t have to worry about the mortality of the geese like hen until you are keeping a vigilant eye on their food and shelter.

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