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Rabbit Hutch Fox Proof - If you're a rabbit farmer, then you know that keeping your rabbits safe from predators is essential. And one of the biggest predators that your rabbits may face is the fox. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to fox-proof your rabbit hutch. Here are five suggestions: 1. Make sure the hutch is well-built and sturdy. Foxes are strong animals, and they can easily break into a flimsy hutch. So it's important to make sure that your hutch is made of strong materials and is properly secured. 2. Install a heavy-duty wire mesh over the opening of the hutch. This will help to keep foxes from getting inside. 3. Place the hutch in a sheltered spot. This will provide some additional protection from foxes (and other predators). 4. Keep an eye on your rabbits. If you see any signs of a fox around the hutch, take action immediately to protect your rabbits. 5. Get a dog. A well-trained animal can be a great deterrent against foxes (and other predators). Plus, it's always nice to have some extra protection around the farm. By following these suggestions, you can help to keep your rabbits safe from foxes. fox proof rabbit hutches rabbit hutch fox proof fox proof rabbit hutch fox proof rabbit run rabbit hutch locks

Rabbit Hutch Fox Proof (2023)| Fox Proof Rabbit Hutches | Rabbits | Predator | Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch Fox Proof – As a general rule Foxes will prey on rabbits they can be very aggressive. Suggestions 1) Locked latched Rabbit Pens 2) Predator proof fencing 3) Ultrasonic protection 4) Scent Repellents 5) Sound Repellants 6) Electric fencing Fox Proof Rabbit Hutches… Read More »Rabbit Hutch Fox Proof (2023)| Fox Proof Rabbit Hutches | Rabbits | Predator | Rabbit Hutch