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How Long is a Deer Pregnancy? | Deer

How Long Are Deer Pregnant for Whitetail?

Whitetail deer are pregnant for on average 200 days. They usually mate in the late fall during Rut. then give birth 200 days or 6 1/2 Months later in the spring. Giving birth to 1,2, or 3 fawns.

How Long is a Deer Pregnancy?

If you are interested in deer hunting, you may have wondered about how long deer are pregnant for whitetail. The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, including the time of year that the breeding occurred. In this blog post, we will explore the various aspects of deer gestation and give you an idea of how long deer are pregnant for whitetail. Keep reading to learn more! How Long is a Deer Pregnancy?

How Long is a Deer Pregnancy? | Deer 1
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What are the General Gestation periods for all Deer Species?

  • Whitetail – 200 days
  • Blacktail – 200 days
  • Mule – 283 days
  • Red – 283 days
  • Elk – 240 days
  • Moose – 245 days
  • Caribou – 240 days
  • Sika deer – 210 days
  • Rusa deer – 224 days
  • Elk – 240 days
  • Chital – 210 days
  • Axis deer – 240 days
  • Pronghorn Antelope – 285-325 days
  • Moose – 245 days
  • Gazelle – 240 days
  • Thomson’s gazelle – 205 days
  • Oryx Gazella – 245 days
  • Reindeer – 235 days
  • Farrow – 115 days
  • Barasingha Deer – 305 days
  • Sambar deer – 280 days
  • Cheetal – 210-240 days
  • Chinkara – 240 days
  • Blackbuck – 190-210 days
  • Gazelle – 240 days
  • Bawean Deer – 240 days
  • Brocket Deer – 280 days
  • Sambar deer – 280 days,
  • Calamian Deer – 260 days
  • Dusky Deer – 280 days
  • Tufli deer – 240-260 days
  • Rusa deer – 224 days.
  • Chinese Water Deer – 155 days
  • Père David’s Deer – 310 day
  • Eld’s Deer – 300 days
  • Fallow Deer – 290 days
  • Fea’s Muntjac – 190 days
  • Musk deer – 210 days
  • Indian Hog Deer – 240 days
  • Indian Muntjac – 190 days
  • Marsh Deer – 215 days

What are some Common Signs that a Doe is about to Give Birth?

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Some of the signs that a doe is about to give birth include:

  • The doe will become restless and have a decreased appetite.
  • She may start licking her vulva more often.
  • Her water breaking may occur, which will be evident by a wet spot on the ground.
  • The doe’s udder will fill with milk and may become swollen.
  • The doe may start giving birth within 24 hours of these signs appearing.

What should you do if you see a Fawn Lying by itself in the Woods?

It is best to leave it alone and let the mother deer come back for it. If you touch or move the fawn, the mother may not return. The fawn is probably just resting and will get up and leave when it’s ready.

A Fawns spots will start to disappear as it gets older. How Long Are Deer Pregnant for Whitetail?

How can you tell if a Fawn has been Abandoned and Needs help?

If you find a fawn that appears to be abandoned, there are a few things you can do to determine if the fawn needs help:

  • Check for injuries. If the fawn is injured, call a wildlife rehabilitator immediately.
  • Look for signs of dehydration. Dehydration can be fatal, so if the fawn seems dehydrated, bring it to a rehabilitator.
  • Watch the fawn for a few hours. If the fawn does not move, it may be in trouble. Bring it to a rehabilitator if you think it needs help.

What are some of the Reasons a Fawn might be abandoned?

  • Mother Sick
  • Mother Killed from hunting
  • Mother hit by a car
  • Fawn Falls out of the nest prematurely
  • Lack of food – due to drought, for example.
  • If you find an abandoned fawn, it is important to bring it to a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible. Many fawns that are brought in for care can be saved.
How Long is a Deer Pregnancy? | Deer 2

Are there any Dangers Associated with Raising a Fawn Yourself?

There are a few dangers associated with raising a fawn yourself.

One is that the fawn may not be properly socialized, and may become fearful or aggressive when confronted with people or other animals.

Another danger is that the doe may reject her fawn if it is raised by humans instead of being allowed to nurse from its mother.

Fawns that are rejected by their mothers may not be able to survive on their own.

Finally, it is important to make sure that the fawn has access to water and food, and that it does not become infected with parasites or other diseases. If you are thinking about raising a fawn yourself, please contact your local wildlife rehabilitator for more information.

Final Thoughts – How Long Are Deer Pregnant for Whitetail?

Whitetail deer are pregnant for on average 200 days.


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