Can Cows Actually Swim? Here’s Proof

Can Cows Swim - Here's Proof

Yes, cows can swim; They have been seen swimming across rivers, swimming in the ocean, and also instances of swimming great distances in the Great lakes. Their Cousins Water Buffalo, Swamp Buffalo, and River Buffalo, and Their Hybrids spend much of their time in the Water.

there was an occasion when a ship loaded with cattle sunk in the Detroit river between Detroit and Windsor, and all the cattle swam safely to shore, some to Canada, and some to Detroit” – Quora

When you get close to a full grown cow, dairy or Beef, in your mind you think that this is truly impossible. The Cow is just too big, their legs, are too skinny, they have hooves instead of webs, how will they ever tread water.

Do Cows like Water

Yes Cows like water, but to drink. Most all their lives are spent grazing and on land. That is their natural Habitat. They are not afraid of it but they do not willingly go swimming. Many times you will see cattle standing in knee-deep water. Cooling off and possibly munching on water Plants.

Agricultural Communities have a long time experimented in using aquatic plants for cattle feed. Fodder for Livestock. You can see a good report here, Opens in a new tab.but some of the difficulties are having the animals dining in the water. Water can greatly become contaminated and host to many waterborne diseases.

Are Cows Afraid of water

No, Cattle are not afraid of water. They are just land animals, that is where they spend all their lives. Their food is there, They Breed and have their calves there. They will cross it, they can swim if forced to. But they do not go for a Saturday afternoon swim.

The Water Buffalo, a cousins to our domestic Cattle, does spend a lot of time in the water. They are mostly found in India and Asia and China. They are used for agricultural Purposes especially in Rice Fields, which are many times flooded with water.

Water Buffaloes, still ruminants, love to eat all types of Aquatic plants. They are also called River Buffalo, and Swamp Buffalo

Water Buffalo Swimming

Reasons that Cows will Swim

  • Eating Delicious aquatic plants
  • Safety – Fleeing a Predator
  • Following the Herd
  • Getting to New Pasture
  • Crossing for Romance – Bull getting to cows in Heat
  • Farmers Driving them Across
Boy Swimming with his Cow

How do Cows Swim

Agricultural Scientist has done research on how Animals swim. It is quite interesting. They have filmed ruminants, many animals underwater. They are able to watch and see how the animals that, we normally would think have great difficulties, or even impossible are very adept at swimming.

Most Animals do the same swim stroke we were taught as children.

Doggie paddle. It is the best way to describe how cows’ legs are moving when they are swimming. Their large bodies have a tendency to help them float and then their small, or short, or skinny legs paddling propel across the water.

Many animals have been the unfortunate participants in a barge, ship, boat, or vessel carrying livestock has sunk. The animals have swum to shore to survive.

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Can Cows Swim in Water

Yes, Cows can swim in water Opens in a new tab.that is over their head. They can swim in Rivers, They can swim in Lakes, and have been seen swimming in the ocean, again only when they need to. Their cousins the water buffalo, are a different case they love water and spend a lot of their lives, in water environments, standing and munching on water Plants.

Cattle Swimming Across River in India

Can Cows Swim Underwater

Yes but like all of us not for very long…..Smile This test was done to see if cows could swim underwater. But this is only a test. All ruminants when they do need to swim holding their heads up to be able to breathe when they are swimming.

Can Cows Swim in Deep Water

Yes, Cows can swim in deep water, over their heads. Their large bodies help the be buoyant and then they doggie paddle to where they need to be. Actually, they can swim pretty fast.

Cows have been reported to be able to swim quite some distances. In Scotland, they have been reported to swim between islandsOpens in a new tab.

Can Cows Drown

Yes, Cows Can drown. The cow can like all animals, get exhausted from swimming and drown. They have been reported to swim large distances, across rivers, lakes, etc they will do fine, but if in difficult circumstances can drown from exhaustion, and also high waves. Sometimes they have drowned in fast-moving floodwaters. Torrential Waters can Trap Livestock that normally would be fine.

Cattle Drowning in Fast Flowing Flood Waters

Can Cows Drown Anally / Anus Submerged

No, The Question has been asked can a cow that has its anus, Butt submerged in water, can it drown that way. It cannot. Cows anus, like ours when we are swimming are closed to buy strong muscles that keep the outlet to your digestive system closed.

This prevents water, air, any other type of contaminant coming into our bodies from our back ends. The digestive system is a sealed system in the cow’s body from its mouth, until its but muscles, push cow pies out.

Can Cows Swim in the Ocean / Sea

Yes, Cows can swim in the ocean. By Necessity and not

Cow swimming in Ocean

Can Cows Float

Yes, Cows can float despite their large body size and weight. Like most large ruminants they swim assisted by their large body weight being supported from the Buoyancy when they are in the water.

Can Calves Swim

I could not find any evidence of this but It would be a good thought if the calf was past the age of being an infant would be able to swim like its mother. It would not be as strong as an adult, but the swimming that animals do seem to be natural, and a part of their innate survival knowledge

Moose and Calve swim across River

I was talking to my brother and an old farmer that used to live close to him told him of a cow and her calf. Every day this cow needed to cross a fast-moving river. She had to swim. She would put the calf on the current side of the river and they would swim across, the current pinning the calf against the mother while they swam across the River

What is a Cow Float Tank

Cow Float Tanks are a method to help a Down or Ill Cow heal from di=fferent physical ailments. Also called Flotation Tanks.

A University of California studyOpens in a new tab. showed that they had a 70-78 % Recovery rate from cows treated tor cow birth paralysis.

Vets using Cattle Float Tank
  • The cow is usually immersed to chin Height
  • Liquid Temp is same as Cows body Temp
  • Can be fatal for cows if they can’t get up

ExperimentsOpens in a new tab. that prove most Mammals can Swim

  • Elephants
  • Pigs
  • Giraffe
  • Bats
  • Babies
  • Apes
  • Kangaroos
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Baby Swimming

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Can Cows Swim - Here's Proof